Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let your light shine

After my past life regression* a few weeks ago, my soul has felt lighter by the minute. It is amazing to get outside of a lifetime and see it through the eyes of your soul and the love and wisdom of your guides. It is miraculous to know the absolute value in even the most desolate and frightening of times. It is freeing! And so these past few weeks, I have felt the love of God flowing through my heart even more strongly than ever before. In fact, I can't even watch TV now. All I want to do in spare time is listen to uplifting music, or be out in nature, and exist in this heavenly bliss of knowing the goodness of my own soul, minus all the baggage of undeserved guilt and shame I've carried around for centuries. I know in time the experience will integrate and I may be able to enjoy other forms of entertainment besides the music or the glorious symphony found in the silence of my own soul, but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying this phase! Post mystical experience bliss can be both uplifting and at the same time soul-shaking.

The soul shaking part comes from the fact that its terrifying at times to surrender to such a HUGE force of love. We all want it. We all want to feel God's presence. But the more we do, the more the ego starts kicking and screaming. "I'm not in control!" It never truly was, but now it knows it is dying and something more beautiful is being brought to light inside. I sit in meditation and feel a force so strong it shakes me, and I know that this shaking is only coming from the part of me trying to hang on, to stay in charge, to plan out my life. The force of love wants to take over and carry me along the path God wants for me. So I sit, breathe, relax, receive, surrender, and let go more deeply. And then warm bliss spreads throughout my being.

THIS is the feeling of being "in love" that we all crave. This is existing IN God's love - in a space of knowing who you are and what you are made of. I have no delusions about staying in this space every minute of my life but while I'm here I love it. I'm working very hard to memorize it, and allow for it to continue to flow in my life. It colors my existence. I want to be loving to everyone else in this space. I want to focus on all that is good, and even the challenges in life aren't a big deal in the moment. I took a walk in nature Saturday and saw only God's miraculous beauty. The cold water of the creek washing over my toes, the rustle of the autumn leaves, the crisp scent of fall in the air - it felt like a slice of heaven.

I am human. I know there will always be challenging times, new things to look at inside of myself, and new ways to grow, but I can vouch for the fact that for every time I've gone through a dark night of the soul, for every time I have felt life challenge the very notion of what I'm made of, I've always come out into greater light.

If you are in a challenging time, having a little whine is fine, but then really dig in and look at what you are learning. Really embrace the inner growth rather than balking at the outer challenges. Surrender - you are where you are. Ask how can you make the best of it, be the most loving, ask for the most help? How can you embrace the fact that earth is a school and we are eternal beings here, learning to dissolve the illusions that hold us bound.

Many of you on this list have told me you love hearing about how I handle challenges, so I hope you don't mind hearing about how I handle the blissful challenge of feeling such huge love! I share it because I know some of you have already been there, and for those who aren't yet, I want to share hope because spring always follows winter and a glorious dawn always follows the dark.

The angels said to a client this week, "God is simply ripping away all that you thought you were so you can discover all that you truly are." I have had all that I thought I was ripped away over the last 15 years of my life and I give thanks for that. I thought I was my job - but instead of being an avionics engineer I discovered I was a mystic and a creative soul. I thought I was a pious little religious girl, but instead I discovered that was only a small expression of the truly loving and spiritual being that I am. I thought I was a make-nice, do-good er, but instead discovered that walking in truth - be it pretty or painful - is nicer and more blessed. I am not my income, my circumstances, my title, or even the results of my life. I just simply AM. And so are you.

God bless you all on your journey,
Your souls, even in the dark times, shine ever so brightly.

Love and hugs,

* My guide into my past lives was Robin Miller in Sedona, AZ. He is both an acclaimed New Age Musician and a skilled earth angel who can assist you easily into other dimensions. Because of the purity of his channeling in these sessions it is as if the angels themselves are guiding you through the darkness, up and into the light.
Check out his site here

Others who can guide you in regression in the Phoenix and a few other areas are listed here.