Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saving a life

I had one of those guided moment again last week. I was planning to run multiple errands and my mind was saying it made sense to do everything else first and then go to the grocery store on the way home. Nonetheless, I had a strong urge to go go the grocery first - even though it would mean running home again so the food didn't melt in the car, since our temperatures are now regularly over 110 degrees! So into the grocery story I went just in time to see an elderly lady turning pale and wavering while gripping her shopping cart. In a faint voice she cried out, "I feel sick. I need a chair." No one else was paying any attention to her, other than giving her a quick stare and avoiding her aisle. I was mortified.

I ran and found the only chair in the store and held her while we eased her down into it. She was too weak to even let go of the cart. I put my hand on her back behind her heart and ran energy to calm her field down while I asked her if she was alone. Apparently her caretaker had run to get the car after she started feeling bad. "What happened?" I asked, and reassured her I'd stay with her till the caretaker arrived. "I just got out of the hospital, she said, and pushed her collar aside to show me the incision where a new pacemaker had been inserted into her heart. My daughter is going to be mad. She told me not to go out, but I made my caretaker bring me here." "You're a little stinker," I told her in a calming voice. "Don't worry, we'll take care of you." Meanwhile some totally unconscious shoppers got a little irate that we were taking up space in the aisle. "She's feeling sick," I told them gently, "Can you please go around us this time? I can't move her by myself"

I was praying for guidance and assistance when another woman showed up, asking if we needed help. "Yes please," I replied to both her and another man who offered once he saw what was going on. The new woman, it ends up, worked with elderly people and had a gift for calming the sick lady down, who by this time was quite worked up since the only way out of the store was to hoist her onto the seat of her rolling walker and wheel her out. Carefully we lifted her. The gentleman held her upright. I bent over and held her legs up since they didn't reach the floor, and the other woman coached us while we walked and rolled her to the car. Another woman gave her some water. The woman who knew what she was doing got the elderly lady in her car. I asked the caretaker to please get help and call the doctor when they got home, no matter how much her charge protested. She promised she would. I proceeded to get my groceries.

Back in my own car, the gravity of this woman's situation hit me. I shudder to think what might have happened had I listened to my head instead of my urge to shop first. She could have fallen, or worse died. I just met a woman whose first pacemaker didn't work and she almost died and had to go back and get a new one. I started bawling and realized that somehow I had tapped into a load of broken hearted sadness the older woman was feeling over the loss of her husband. I hadn't felt psychic in the store but it hit hard when I was done. I felt like God used me as a pressure release valve to help her live. After the tears, I thanked Him for the gift of being able to help someone like that.

You never know why your urgings are as they are. You may not know this lifetime why you chose a left turn over a right, why you went to one errand first vs. another, why you have the urge to call an old friend. But when those urges hit, just listen. It may be a small gift that spirit wants to give you - like witnessing a beautiful cloud formation or a rainbow, or getting something on sale, or it may be a matter of helping someone avoid an accident. It may even be a matter of helping someone live. You never know, but God knows what He's doing. We just have to listen :)