Saturday, August 08, 2009

Presence pays off

I have been practicing the present of presence far more than I thought was possible lately. I can actually sit and relax in stolen moments and not worry when they will end. I can be more in the moment with my tai chi and feel the energy even more than ever before. I have been more present with clients and the spirits in the many different dimensions that come with them. Its been fun.

However the present of presence REALLY pays off when you get challenged. Last week in the middle of my last reading, the dogs started banging on the bedroom door indicating they needed to go outside fast. I quickly excused myself to let them out. Lucy, my labrador with arthritis, stepped on her foot wrong and got in so much pain she started snapping uncontrollably. My other dog reacted. I got in between, separated them and got repeatedly bit on my right arm. She didn't puncture far, but boy was I bruised! When I put her back in the bedroom I discovered a 'present' had been left for me. I went back to the reading, breathed a few times, got present and focused on my client. The rest had to wait. After the workday was ended, I cleaned up the doggie gift, threw the towels underneath it in the wash, breathed into my monthly cramps which decided to kick into full gear, Reiki'd the hurt dog, called the vet to schedule an appointment, fed the dogs, and iced my arm. I surrendered to a ten minute pity party then emailed my best healer friends for help, and proceeded to eat dinner and actually relax for the last half hour of the evening. Being in the present enabled me to handle the drama without yelling at my poor hurt snapping dog, without making my own injuries worse (almost all better except for some color on the arm), without messing up the reading, and without spiraling downhill into the old 'why me?' scenario.

Later that week, we got to the vet, got doggie drugs, researched better alternatives on the web, and did one honkin' prayer ceremony, immediately after which my dear doggie perked up and felt better. Now we're on a schedule for meds, supplements, Reiki, paw-dicures, and doggie massage - much more responsibility for me, but a better life for the furry kids, and therefore a more peaceful and happy house.

Being present does indeed help you enjoy life's joys immensely, and it certainly helps you handle life's challenges with greater ease. I keep telling myself... I can only do my best, one moment at a time. I can only do what I can do. If I can't handle something alone, God will be there to provide help and assist me. If I can't help another, God will provide someone else who can. God is in charge. I am only required to listen to my guidance and my heart and follow these compasses one moment at a time.

So if you catch yourself in bliss, surrender to and enjoy the moment. If you are in challenge surrender to and handle the moment. That is, after all, all we have. Tomorrow becomes our new today. Today becomes our new yesterday. Now is where life happens.