Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pray like you mean it

I prayed some serious prayers this week. After the dog episode, a week of dear but intense clients in need, and scores of emails, coupled with the fact that most of my dear friends are also going through challenge now (seems many are!), and some big bills suddenly coming in, I got a little off center. I know I'm off center when I am not clear and focused in the moment about what it is my heart wants. My mind was starting to yak and take over. I knew I needed to realign with God, and to reclaim my power over my own life, rather than feeling out of control. So I did something that always works for me - I set time aside and prayed.

I began with a prayer to the guardians of the four directions - they are angelic beings that help with thought (east), physical manifestation (south), emotion (west), and wisdom (north). If you want to learn more about the metaphor of the medicine wheel, you can read this article on my site.

I prayed for everything I wanted to transform inside myself, for clients, friends, dogs, and finally I sat in front of a beautiful crystal sphere that looks like earth and took it into my hands and prayed vehemently for the well being of mother earth. A seismic wave of emotion came back up from the earth through my feet and flooded my heart. Tears welled up from my depths as I felt the love of our planet stream back into me. She knows when we're praying for her and like any mother acknowledged, returns the blessings tenfold. I knew she was about to change. I knew she was ready to shake and quake. I knew we were all in for change. I blessed and thanked her, blessed my angels and guides, and gave thanks and praise to God for my life and the lives we all live - no matter how challenging they are, for in this space of being connected with earth, the four directions, and all aspects of my life, even the challenges looked like blessings,

Slowly I came back to normal awareness, extinguished the candles I'd lit after imagining absorbing their light into my heart, and went to check on the dogs. My injured one who had prior been sluggish and somewhat depressed, got up, ran over and licked my nose happily. She has been doing great every since. Suddenly I am motivated to work on another book. My friends lives are shifting.

I am back in spiritual truth, ready to love and give more. Its amazing what happens when we take charge, when we do whatever it takes to get back into our power and to connect with God in serious and sincere prayer, KNOWING and TRUSTING, that He hears us. Ceremony is one way. Church service, for some is another. Meditation works. Anything that gets you feeling connected to God again will get your life moving in a positive motion. We are not separate from God or one another... ever. It is only when we get tired or mired in illusions that our lives start to take on a lackluster survival quality. God wants more for us. We have to own that we are worthy of it. Our prayers should not be the supplications of a pleading child who feels unworthy of love but rather a call to the loving creator from a spirit who knows that he or she has a valued place in the universe and is worthy of love, attention, and support.

Praying like this works. It has never failed me. If we pray as if we don't deserve the answer to our prayers, we immediately negate them. When we pray inauthentically we negate our prayers. When we pray with deep and sincere conviction, from the depths of our being, knowing we are worthy of an answer, the universe cannot help but answer in its own perfect time.

This week, get real with your prayers. You are not powerless or unloved. Pray as if you know you are loved, know you are supported, and know God cares about your heart. Pray as if you are setting the entire universe in motion with the very act of your praying. Pray as if you are a starving man praying for food, not pleading and begging in unworthiness, but rather commanding the very source of abundance itself to share with you what you know you have on the inside.