Saturday, July 18, 2009

Relax, breathe, ask for help

I didn't expect the angel message that came today. Some weeks I know ahead of time what they will discuss and other weeks I sit in total trust and am awed by the energy that comes through with the message. With today's message there was such tenderness. The angels want us to know that we don't ever need to feel suffering if we can only ask to feel God's love. That doesn't mean we won't have challenges, problems, etc., but you know how much easier everything is when we feel loved. Feeling God's love makes anything do-able.

The other night I was running on very little sleep. For some reason I hadn't got good sleep the previous two nights and was finally drifting off into a beautiful slumber. Just as I started to slip into deep peace, one of my dogs got me up. I love them so I got up and let them out. Half an hour later I was drifting to sleep again when the other dog got me up. Same story... Anyway I finally fell into a deep slumber until 3:30 when I heard one of my doggies pacing and woke up to find that the dear little soul had an accident on the rug. I was exhausted and didn't feel like cleaning house at 3:30 am. I let the dogs out and had a tantrum all by myself for about five minutes until I woke up enough to realize that this wasn't going to solve anything. After cleaning up, I sat and prayed. "God I want to feel the peace that surpasses all understanding, please. As soon as possible too please. I love my dogs, but I am so tired I can't do this without you." And I sat, breathed, and waited. The peace came over me very quickly - a deliciously sweet sensation that feels a bit like sitting in a jacuzzi with soft bubbles from the inside out. My body relaxed, my breathing deepened and I felt a profound love for my dogs, my life, my home, and even for being awake in the middle of the night. I cleaned the house, let the dogs in and drifted into an hour of the deepest sleep I'd had in ages and woke up feeling awesome.

I practice asking for this love all the time so I can get out of the way and receive it when I need it. Little accidents in the middle of the night may seem like a big deal but they're small compared to the bigger upsets in life. And yet if we practice breathing and relaxing and asking to feel God's love when we're calm, then it is much easier to get our 'little' minds out of the way when we really need the help. The love is always there. The breath helps us calm down and open to feel it. If we're so used to hearing the voice of our own ego complaining or worrying, we can't feel it. We're tuned into a different broadcast. So practice breathing and calming and waiting to feel God's love when things are calm. Each of you will feel it in your own way. For some it is a quiet peace, for others an electric aliveness. You'll know. There's no substitute for this feeling. There's no situation, thing, or person on earth that can make us feel this good and this alive. Its worth practicing several minutes until you can tune into it more easily. I'm still working on learning to do this more quickly. I'd like to experience that love every minute of my life. So, as the angels say, back to relax, breathe deeply, and wait...