Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recreation is necessary

Re-creation is a regular part of my life. At least one day a week I take some time to refill my spirit. It is absolutely essential with the work I do, that I fill myself up with the present moment and the positive side of life. Chores can wait if they must - the care and maintenance of my soul is my first priority. If I neglect this time I am easily drawn into the fear, grief, sorrows, and pains of my clients. If I take this time, I can bear witness to all these dear souls go through while offering not only the love of the angels but my own heart as well.

I used to feel guilty or anxious when I took time to play. Perhaps it was the old Catholic School upbringing. Or maybe it was echoes of the mantra repeated in my first job - "Time to Lean. Time to Clean," or maybe it was just the good old fashioned work ethic that seems to be ingrained in us from the moment we're born. In any case, the angels have taught me that recreation time is as important as the care and maintenance of our physical bodies. It rejuvenates the soul.

There are so many things that fill my soul, I don't think I'll ever get bored. An hour floating in the pool, a good long hike, talking with a friend, or taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon all feel like a vacation to me. I lose time when I do something crafty or when I chop veggies for a good meal. And I can occupy myself with spiritual play in even the most boring situations (in line at the post office) by allowing my imagination to carry me above the clouds in flight, or by imagining that I'm swimming with whales dolphins. It doesn't take much to amuse myself.

If we're serious about maintaining our spirit we can always take a little time to find ourselves again, to center in our spirit, and to have a little joy in our lives – no matter what is going on. When I have big bills, I can do something free to satisfy my soul. A walk outdoor doesn't cost a thing. A trip to the 99cent-only store with a $5 bill can buy me enough vegetables to make a glorious pot of soup. Petting the dogs doesn't cost a thing. And when I didn't have dogs, I volunteered at a wildlife refuge. We don't have to have a lot of money to fill our spirits. The best things in life really are free.

If you don't know how to play, try something new. The libraries have free lectures. There are inexpensive classes and gatherings of all kinds to explore ( There are new recipes to be tried, new trails to be walked, and new videos and books to be rented from the library. There are spiritual exercises to try, self help programs to watch, movies that can be rented for a night and $1 from the little kiosks springing up in grocery stores and convenience stores. There are places where you can volunteer with animals, concerts to attend, and dance classes to be taken. There is a never ending supply of activities available if we get creative and explore like little children do, following the trail our own hearts set up for us.

I know finding time is also another issue, but we take the time to clean our homes and put gas and oil in our cars, so we can carve out, even a little time to replenish our souls. Fifteen minutes of reading a good book can be a sweet little escape. Taking a class or going to a gathering you love for one hour a week gives you something fun to look forward to. And although my dogs would like three hour massages they'll settle for a good five minute butt rub in between clients! The wonderful irony of taking time for recreation is that you get happier and get more done afterwards in less time.

This week, take time to re-create your spirit and you'll see how much more productive, happy, and giving you can be!