Saturday, June 27, 2009

Inexpensive wealth

I love today's message. I struggled with faith early on in my psychic career. I wasn't making much. I had a boyfriend who had a habit of not being able to pay his share of the bills and blaming me for being upset when he told me at the last minute. I had not sufficiently healed from a divorce... and I was scared. After the roommate/brief boyfriend left, I sat at night in silence and cried for seven months. I was channeling angels by day, feeling their love and wisdom pour through for others, and beating myself up every night. It wasn't the easiest time in my life, but there were still moments of incredible brightness. And by focusing on what worked in those moment of brightness, I was able to dig myself out of a rather scary time in my life.

I remember going to the bookstore and asking God to guide me to a book on manifesting. Sonia Choquette's then recently-released book, "Your Heart's Desire" practically fell off the shelf. I bought it but got too busy to read it. Finally I got sick one weekend and knew God was saying, "Take out that book and use it." It spoke to me so much I called her staff and asked if I could share it with others. And in the sharing, I was forced to live it and practice what I preached. Soon my life, my joy, and my abundance was flowing again. It was in giving I received.

I still practice sharing to make myself feel abundant to this day. It is when I can cook dinner for a friend that I feel rich. When I can buy a surprise lottery ticket to give someone hope I feel like a philanthropist. When I can uplift someone who is hurting I know I have love in my life to share in great measure.

Everything we've ever wanted is truly inside of our hearts, waiting to be brought to the surface. Do you want a new car? Then love it with all your heart, celebrate everyone who loves their cars, daydream of the feelings you will have when you drive it. Speak of your dream to those who support you and be silent around those who do not. Share your JOY and feelings of certainty that in the right time and in the right way you will have it. This is such a different energy that whining and complaining about what we can't have or throwing tantrums because we can't have something we want right now. Can you imagine the energy if you could see it? In the first case, joy flows out into the universe becoming magnetic to people and situations that help you achieve what you want. In the second, people are repelled by your negativity and the universe must, by its very nature, echo back your feelings of lack.

We are here to help each other. We WANT to help people who are grateful, expectant, and uplifting. We run from those who drag us down. So although there is a real energetic component to manifesting anything, there is also a very practical side to it too - be the kind of person you would like to help and you will find life helping you out more. Share the joy you want to receive. Share the positive energy you want echo'd back to you.

I spent a day with a friend by a creek up north last weekend. The sky was blue with puffy clouds. Red rocks and neon green trees lined the waters. A rope swing offered some play. A blue heron graced us with his presence. And I didn't spend a dime. All the kings' ransom, as they say, was worth nothing compared to God's riches. But the greatest pleasure of my day was helping the crowds of little kids playing in the water to step across the stones that crossed the creek. As I held each tiny little hand and heard each sweet little thank you I remembered heaven. In giving we do truly receive. Such simple gestures of kindness, given freely, truly do bring so much grace.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recreation is necessary

Re-creation is a regular part of my life. At least one day a week I take some time to refill my spirit. It is absolutely essential with the work I do, that I fill myself up with the present moment and the positive side of life. Chores can wait if they must - the care and maintenance of my soul is my first priority. If I neglect this time I am easily drawn into the fear, grief, sorrows, and pains of my clients. If I take this time, I can bear witness to all these dear souls go through while offering not only the love of the angels but my own heart as well.

I used to feel guilty or anxious when I took time to play. Perhaps it was the old Catholic School upbringing. Or maybe it was echoes of the mantra repeated in my first job - "Time to Lean. Time to Clean," or maybe it was just the good old fashioned work ethic that seems to be ingrained in us from the moment we're born. In any case, the angels have taught me that recreation time is as important as the care and maintenance of our physical bodies. It rejuvenates the soul.

There are so many things that fill my soul, I don't think I'll ever get bored. An hour floating in the pool, a good long hike, talking with a friend, or taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon all feel like a vacation to me. I lose time when I do something crafty or when I chop veggies for a good meal. And I can occupy myself with spiritual play in even the most boring situations (in line at the post office) by allowing my imagination to carry me above the clouds in flight, or by imagining that I'm swimming with whales dolphins. It doesn't take much to amuse myself.

If we're serious about maintaining our spirit we can always take a little time to find ourselves again, to center in our spirit, and to have a little joy in our lives – no matter what is going on. When I have big bills, I can do something free to satisfy my soul. A walk outdoor doesn't cost a thing. A trip to the 99cent-only store with a $5 bill can buy me enough vegetables to make a glorious pot of soup. Petting the dogs doesn't cost a thing. And when I didn't have dogs, I volunteered at a wildlife refuge. We don't have to have a lot of money to fill our spirits. The best things in life really are free.

If you don't know how to play, try something new. The libraries have free lectures. There are inexpensive classes and gatherings of all kinds to explore ( There are new recipes to be tried, new trails to be walked, and new videos and books to be rented from the library. There are spiritual exercises to try, self help programs to watch, movies that can be rented for a night and $1 from the little kiosks springing up in grocery stores and convenience stores. There are places where you can volunteer with animals, concerts to attend, and dance classes to be taken. There is a never ending supply of activities available if we get creative and explore like little children do, following the trail our own hearts set up for us.

I know finding time is also another issue, but we take the time to clean our homes and put gas and oil in our cars, so we can carve out, even a little time to replenish our souls. Fifteen minutes of reading a good book can be a sweet little escape. Taking a class or going to a gathering you love for one hour a week gives you something fun to look forward to. And although my dogs would like three hour massages they'll settle for a good five minute butt rub in between clients! The wonderful irony of taking time for recreation is that you get happier and get more done afterwards in less time.

This week, take time to re-create your spirit and you'll see how much more productive, happy, and giving you can be!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moving past chaos

I'm typing this newsletter with two very crucial fingers on my right hand out of comission because I got sliced when a glass jar I was filling slipped out of my hands Saturday night. I started visualizing blue strands of energy fibers knitting the cut back together, and imagined an energetic zipper closing it up. The next morning it was already much better.

Nonetheless, when the accident first happened, it was hard for me not to fall into frustration. I have been feeling better in my body than I have in ages, my house was clean and organized, and I was enjoying an evening with friends. I had a gazillion things I was excited to do the next day and projects I was ready to tackle, that I didn't think I'd be able to do now.

Nonetheless, the angels have taught me well. When I got up Sunday morning instead of feeling sorry for myself, I sat still and prayed. "God this is your day. What do you want me to do with it? I had really wanted to do the newsletter and a few other things on the computer. I got the guidance that I could type after all and after sitting down for a few minutes and learning to use new fingers on different keys it worked. I was able to write this newsletter and get a few other things done on the computer that needed doing... without pain! That surprised me.

I had to wash the dogs to keep them bug free. I got guidance I could do that, just more slowly. The dog had an accident in the tub and we had to clean up and start over... again I could have fallen into serious despair over this mess, but there was no point in ruining my beautiful day so I just dealt with it and moved on. I ended up having a wonderful day, cooking a great dinner, and having fun with a friend who stopped by. I forgot all about the hardships, and even got guidance at night to pack my cut fingers with a paste made of slippery elm bark and water to help it heal. Both the slippery elm paste and the good attitude are working :)

Its so easy at times to spiral downhill when things go "wrong" in our lives. Its easy to slip into a negative vibration and dig a deeper hole. But if we just catch ourselves when we start to despair, allow ourselves to feel our feelings, then deal with the situation and move on, then we remain more present, powerful, and able to respond to life in a better way. The angels say with every breath we start our lives over once again. Beating ourselves up doesn't work. Had I beat myself up for dropping the jar my cut would not be healing so fast. Had I yelled at the dog it would have ruined his day and mine. Instead I gave him a hug, told him things happen when you get older and went on with life.

The angels once said, "Ann, if you are standing in the toilet, don't flush!!!" They were joking about not beating ourselves up if we find ourselves in a tough situation. It's SO true! So when you have those little moments in life (or big ones) where you're not too happy about what just happened, by all means let yourself feel, but then move forward. The next moment is a chance to reset your vibration and attract the comfort, help, guidance, and love that you need.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Time to flow

Last weekend I knew I needed rest so I did all my chores and most of my errands the week before. I did the newsletter early in the week, answered emails and grocery shopped during my lunch breaks, did laundry and housecleaning on Friday night, went to the vet early on Saturday for the furry kids and then cleared the schedule. Nothing to do and nothing planned! I was thrilled.

That used to panic me.

We all say we want more time for ourselves. Yet it has been my experience that when people have time on their hands with nothing to do, no schedule, no chores, and no obligations, that they freak out! Relaxing is a skill most of us have to remember. I like the word "remember" ... it signifies to me that we gather all the members of our inner committee in our heads back together again! When we remember to relax we become one person once again instead of the myriad of voices that clamor for attention during our busy days.

Our society trains us to think that if we're not being productive, we're "wasting time"... as if time is a commodity that can run out and that we must cram everything possible into, every living second. "Guess what, Ann," the angels often remind me... "You have eternity! What is the rush to accomplish so much?" We have only one NOW. Might as well make the best of it. So last weekend, I turned off the voices that programmed me to be productive, and I made a vow to myself NOT to do anything but listen to my heart, and flow with my spirit. Time seemed to stretch on forever. I exercised in the mornings, cooked for the week, relaxed in the swimming pool, read a book, played with the dogs, visited a thrift store and found the jelly jars I needed for the jam I wanted to make, made the jam, read another book, watched the baby pigeons try out their wings, clipped all the magazines that had been sitting on my table for months and scanned in the articles I wanted to save, puttered around the house organizing stuff, invited friends for dinner Saturday and cooked for them, and the list goes on... Time stretched on forever. Everything was done at a slow leisurely pace. I felt unrushed, unhurried, an joyously unproductive. Only when writing this paragraph did I realize how much DID get acomplished. To me resting is sometimes sitting still, but more so resting is living in the flow, one moment at a time, doing what I feel like when I feel like it. We can't live this way all the time. I schedule my weekdays in detail. But when I can carve time out to go with the flow, I feel rejuvenated, rested, and relaxed... and even get a lot done without feeling rushed at all.

Living in the moment, we don't miss our lives. We feel like we have more time. But when we focus on the future or the past, we do miss the moments, we miss our lives, we miss the opportunities for heaven that are right here and right now,
and time flies. Why not spend a little time here and there - when you can - savoring every sweet second :)