Saturday, May 02, 2009

Swine flu - no worries

I haven't been watching the news and so when my mother asked if I was worried about swine flu, I asked why I should be. She filled me in and I have since learned what a production is being made of this. As I often say, history repeats - same stuff different day. There have been all manner of plagues throughout history, and yet the world has not come to an end. The angel message is particularly pertinent at this time in my life. My body has been very demanding lately. It demands that I move move and so I'm doing tai chi again. It has wanted more grains, veggies, and fruits, and so I've adjusted my shopping and cooking accordingly. It has wanted me to sloooooow down and so I've been taking time to be still. And I feel better than I have in ages. I can feel the energy breaking through new channels as I stretch, and opening up new gateways of understanding.

I used to ignore and push my body totally. I'd be hungry but keep answering emails. I'd want to exercise and move but wouldn't take time. I'd want to rest but convince myself there was too much to do. Now I listen to my body and have more time and energy as a result. We forget this. The tyranny of the mind has bullied the body for far too long and finally I'm not standing for it any longer. I believe this new round of panic and flu is just nature's way of reminding us to be in balance. I'm not going to get sucked into it. I only get sick when I don't listen to myself. So remember, as my dad used to say, you're bigger than the bugs, and your spirit is stronger than the bugs. And that goes for any so-called negative energy out there, be it a flu bug or an angry person in traffic. Our light is stronger than any dark if we stay in that space. Love drives fears away. And so bless what you fear, thank it for its purpose and then tell it that it can go. In this way, friends have cured cancers. I've driven out bugs once I got their usefulness.

Last weekend, I was in total crampy pain. I tune into the female pain on earth once a month, and although I've been trying to kick that subconscious habit, I'm not there yet. I caught myself relating to every hurting woman I've ever known and I stopped. I thanked the cramps for reminding me that women have suffered, but then told them that I no longer wanted to relate to this suffering; that instead of keeping misery company, I wanted to stand as a beacon of hope that women (indeed all people) everywhere could feel safe, powerful, and loved. And then I went to answer emails and there in the batch was one from a dear female client who had suffered in many ways her whole life. At the end she included a prayer and a note of love and gratitude. As I read her email, the full force of her gratitude and love hit me, God's divine energy washed through me, and the cramps were gone... instantly. The more I embrace everything, the more I love it, acknowledge its purposefulness, thank it, then ask it to move on, the quicker things wash through. I'm not perfect at it yet. I will always be learning, but it sure is worth trying because it works!