Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catch the inspiration waves

I sit down every week to channel the angel messages without a clue as to what will be said. I have been trying to do them earlier in the week so I do not have to do my newsletter late at night on Thursday or Friday and miraculously, I'm finding bits of time to get this accomplished. This one for example, happened very early Tuesday morning after my meditation and before my clients arrived. It was one of those moments where I had to run to the computer and 'catch the wave' of information flowing through me.

We all have to 'catch the wave' when inspiration hits us. We get a good idea but say we'll do it later and then we lose momentum or forget about it entirely. The angels told me years ago to keep a little journal and jot down the good ideas I have in all areas of my life - for work, for entertainment, etc. In this fashion, when I have a spare moment, I can look at the list to see what appeals. Sometimes if we don't take advantage of the inspirations in our life we lose them. Last weekend when a friend asked if I wanted to go to the Hindu fire ceremony on Easter Sunday, it appealed. It was not the norm for me. It was not even my tradition. But the idea felt right and so I committed and within two days I had a car full of friends ready to go with us. Even though I woke up before my alarm rang at 3:30 am I was wide awake. The drive was easy. We got perfect seats across from the dear woman who presided over the ceremony and is known as an incarnation of Divine Mother in India, and is affectionately called "Amma" which means mother. It was an amazing ceremony, that lasted 4 1/2 hrs but seemed to go by much more quickly. A small fire pit was set up in front of her chair. The alter area was beautifully decorated and many of us sat on the ground around this area. Each section of the ceremony was dedicated to praying to various aspects of God - the protector, the ultimate light, the masculine aspect of God, the feminine aspect of God, the abundant aspect of God, etc. In each section, mantras (like the hymns I grew up with, only in a different language) were sung 108 times. It was kind of like the way we Catholics recited the prayers in the rosary, only in this tradition the sounds in the mantras have an energy that builds and builds as you repeat them. I felt the energy continuing to build as we prayed in silence while singing, even though I didn't understand the words. As the songs were sung, Amma threw various items in the fire. The fire represents the light of God and the things thrown into it were offerings to God's light - sweet honey, fruits, foods, flowers, etc., all representing offering what is good and true about ourselves and life to God. The smoke blew in our faces for 4 1/2 hrs but surprisingly it didn't bother me at all. I kept inhaling it and it seemed to purify my body, mind, and soul. Amma acknowledged the celebration of Easter as well as the one of her own tradition, and afterwards the crowd in attendance received a surprise when the hosts announced they would be feeding us a delicious Indian meal. It was a beautiful ceremony and I could feel the presence of God and Christ there as strongly as I felt Him in all other true and deep spiritual gatherings and religious ceremonies that I had attended throughout my life.

When you get an inspiration, it may not be something that sounds like "you" because we all think we know who we are to some level. And yet it seems there is always more to discover. Be willing to branch out and try new things if they appeal - it is here that we keep ourselves, alive, open to new opportunities, and willing to be guided. In being open to the new in life, you slow down the aging process, and learn more about yourself. Have an adventure every now and then even if it is trying a new meal - it shakes up old stuck energy, creates movement in your life and may even be the first step in answering your prayers!