Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let love be your business

Although the angel message this week might sound simple it is totally a discipline to put it into practice. I signed up to teach a class called Heaven and Earth and now life is challenging me to TRULY put this into practice! Sunday morning I woke up with a nasty bug trying to get me. I have been exposed to sick people now for weeks and rarely get a thing if I take care of myself so this totally caught me by surprise. My throat and lungs were starting to itch and feel congested, I couldn't breathe out one side, and my first thought was "No way!" I was not about to get sick. It is spring, my favorite time of year, I don't want to take time off so getting sick wasn't an option. I affirmed truth... "Well being exists inside of me now!" I just had to find it and focus on it. I proceeded to focus on the divine light and the HEALTH that was already there inside of me rather than focusing on "Uh oh I'm getting sick." I sat quietly and pictured and felt the light in my heart. I expanded it outward with my imagination and focused on the flow of God's love into me, through me, and out of me, as if I were the core of an apple and light was circulating in, through, and out of me. Then I focused on the side I could breathe through. I focused on how good it felt to breathe and I remembered times of vibrant health and set my sights there. I asked the angels to support me in this exercise, to help me focus on the health that was there and to dissolve whatever illusions were trying to grab me by the toes and make me sick. By the time an hour had passed I was breathing clearly, the scratchy feeling was gone, and I was ahead of the bug. I sent it love and thanked it for reminding me to own my truth. Of course I did the human thing and ran for my zinc, vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and .. yum, yum, raw garlic! By the end of the day - vibrant health!! No bug! I was so excited. I felt better than ever.

I'm experimenting every day with finding heaven within. Its already there. We just have to find whatever small parts we can feel, focus on them, and amplify that light, well being, and truth. I'm feeling the pain in my body that came from overdoing exercise right after pumping a lot of energy through my body, but then I focus on what feels wonderful and the more I do that, the more everything else relaxes.

If my day gets crazy, I focus on what is already right with it and how I can bring love into the situations around me. They change as if by magic. Focus always on what you DO want to amplify and create on your life for your focus is nothing less than the light of God illuminating the path in front of you.

People ask me all the time how I started my "business". They want to know how I advertised and marketed myself, how I got to speak with big authors, and get on big radio shows. The answer is I didn't market myself. I barely advertised. Instead I loved talking to angels, grudgingly agreed to be out in public and took it upon myself to give the absolute most love and wisdom that I could find within to each client. I started this newsletter because I had more to share than I could share with one person at a time. In time I got really, really busy and to this day opportunities present themselves when God wants them. I have no intention to ever do anything the 'conventional' way. Its much easier and happier to find the love inside, bring it to the surface and trust God will do the rest.

Think about it - wouldn't you rather go to a loving mechanic than one who is sour? Wouldn't you rather go to the convenience store with the friendly clerks rather than the one with the grumpy staff. Don't you love to support people who are on fire with joy? I do. I think its true - its our job to love and share what's inside of us. The boss (God) and His wonderful helpers (the angels) can manage the rest and let me know what to do and when :) Focus on the light within you - what is good and true - amplify it, and share it, and you will feel heaven on earth.