Saturday, March 07, 2009

Heaven and Earth

I often feel I was put on this earth to help people realize that we are perfect and divine even in our so-called imperfection and humanity. I love God. I seek God inside myself at all times. Nothing else matters more to me. And yet I'm SO profoundly human. I get cranky, tired, off balance, sad, and sorry for myself at times. But if there is one thing the angels have taught me that sticks finally it is that we are always loved, always perfect in God's eyes, and always growing into something more. No matter what we are feeling, we are no less worthy of love. And if you know this, you can go through any emotion that arises with grace, knowing its just a phase and that you're just learning and growing into greater love.

There are times when I feel God's love so thoroughly inside of me that nothing else matters. Two weeks ago I had the priviledge of attending a session with Panach Desai, a man who transmits divine energy. The peace, love, compassion, and expansive Oneness I felt in his presence was bliss! "I-Ann" disappeared and "I Am" appeared in me and through me. I was touching people the week after and zapping their colds, transmitting God's peace and feeling on top of the world. One small glitch occurred when I forgot I live in a body this weekend and hiked ten miles after being a veritable couch potato all winter. It was lovely, and I was SO happy that I was sharing my secret canyons, nooks, and crannies with other hikers. However, my body reminded me very quickly that while my heart and mind were in heavenly bliss I couldn't ignore my humanity. Oops ! I was near crippled on Sunday!! Luckily epsom salts, rest, and meditation restored me to good humor, but it was a good lesson. My physical energy will not go without care as well.

I was reminded by the angels that I am "taking" the class I will be teaching with my good friend and spiritual instructor James Walker in two months! While brushing my teeth two weeks ago I heard loudly, "TEACH A CLASS CALLED HEAVEN AND EARTH." No missing that voice! So I called James and asked if he wanted to teach and upon getting the green light, called the Sedona Creative Life center and rented the room." Then the angels proceeded to share what we were teaching!! Talk about surrender and faith :)! We are going to share our understanding of how bringing God into every aspect of your life does indeed create a life of heaven on earth. James reminds me not to forget to bring God into my physical existence and I remind him not to forget to bring God into his emotional existence. We're currently getting the heavenly downloads on exercises and discussions and we're both in the 'boot camp' that instructors who "walk the walk" go through before teaching.

It is exciting because I haven't taught in over two years. I had to go through my couch potato phase, and my emotional purge these past few months to be ready to teach again and now I can't wait to share all I've learned. By then I think the angels will have convinced me not only to bring heaven into my mind and heart, finances, career, and relationships, but also to remember my body as well!!

So, no matter what emotions are coming up lately remember, they're all part of your unfolding understanding of God's love. If you're pissy, you're learning new boundaries and when you get comfortable with them you won't be upset so easily. If you're sad, let it out. If you're excited, breathe and ask for guided action. Its all God talking to you from the inside out and if you don't resist it, those emotions flooding you will carry you on the River of God's love straight into a more heavenly existence!