Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bless the mess, get on with the rest

Its quite a year. Although the news is all gloom and doom, many of the lightworkers I've talked to felt a strange sense of excitement at the beginning of the year. Its our time to give, to share, to shine, and to really bring the truth of Love into a world sadly in need of it. It is also a year when we better all trust in a big way that God is guiding our lives. I've received so many suggestions over the years on how I can become more financially successful, more well known, etc. And yet as I wrote to one friend this week, I did all that at one point in my life and all I got from it was "success" according to the way the world defines it... not happiness. Since I've started living by heart, rather than strategizing to plan out my entire life, I'm happy. And when I ignore my heart and my guidance, there are clear indications that I'm off kilter. Earlier this week, for example, I got sick for the first time since 2005. I kept getting guidance to rest, wanted to rest, and didn't rest, and therefore invited a bug in to help me rest! After a few days of solid sleep, I thanked the bug for helping to knock me out, told it that it had achieved its mission, and off it went. It could have turned into the two to three week virus that was going around but since I got the message and listened this time, it left quickly.

Life is like that. When you're living in the moment and listening to guidance, life flows. When you're not, things go a bit haywire. Of course we have to give up our need to control life. Things may not happen when we want them to. The more frantic we get, the more slowly things manifest. The more patient we are and the more we live in the moment, the more we get out of God's way and allow things that we want into our lives. I used to teach manifesting. I loved watching people put out their intent, let go if it, like releasing a balloon with a wish on it to heaven, and then going on with enjoying their lives on a day to day basis. Suddenly, like magic, the wheels of the universe turned and their dreams finally came true.

The angels once said manifesting is like placing an order at your favorite restaurant. If you keep running in the kitchen asking the cook if he heard you and if he's making your dish - your fear and insecurity interfere with the process! You slow your manifestation down. Likewise in life, if you ask God for something and live in constant fear and insecurity that you won't have it, your ego, not the divine presence within you has possessed you and hijacked the manifesting process.

Lately I've seen a lot of ego-hijackings! It seems to be running rampant! Old parts of the self that are fearful, insecure, or upset seem to be trying to take over many people. These are old parts of the soul that can no longer cohabitate with the real true self. Its kind of like that show on TV "Me or the dog" instead, its "me or the insecure old parts of self" - they can't live in the same body anymore. One example stands out. A dear client who I've read for in the past very easily came to see me. I could not get a thing. I felt like I was running into a brick wall. And so I asked his permission to talk to whatever part of his psyche that was blocking me. He agreed. I tuned in and said, "Who inside of you doesn't want to talk to me?" "F-off!" I heard back. "No one cares. Nothing works. This is all a bunch of #@@$! God doesn't care about me." Woah!! I had tuned into an old wounded part of his spirit that was trying to possess him. After we talked he admitted that lately he felt like all his desires were useless dreams, and that nothing was every really going to work in his life and that he should just give up and settle for mediocre. The angels gave him homework - to contstantly tell this part of himself that he wasn't going to let it run... or ruin his life. And he left with his true divine spirit in charge once again.

The truth of you is magnificent beyond imagination, powerful, loving, compassionate, and wise. The truth of you loves and trusts God as his presence is revealead within you. The true you is patient, trusting, guided, and safe. The false selves are falling away and some of them go kicking and screaming, but the good news, is that they are losing ground. God is coming to the surface within all of us, and this is driving the darkness up and out into the light.

Celebrate the purge that is going on - on the earth and within each of us - because these old beliefs, patterns, and fears are the demons that have darkened our light, made us forget who we really are, and prevented us from being the truly powerful and loving beings that we really are. God is in charge! Surrender to love. Surrender to truth. And if/when you don't and you manifest a minor mess, bless it, learn from it, and get back into truth. I don't beat myself up for my goofs anymore. I just learn from them. And this makes them move on quickly and fairly easily.

As the angels joke, bless the mess, learn and get on with the rest!! Truth, trust, faith, and love are the qualities that we want to embrace these days! Truly, nothing else works!