Saturday, February 14, 2009

You are loved!

I hope you are having a happy valentine's day and if no one is giving you chocolate and flowers, that you are choosing to do something that honors the bright and beautiful spirit that you are! I planted my own roses, buy my own chocolates, and give thanks for the love of God. As the angels say, "Why wait to feel God's love?" It is here now, all over the place, waiting to be taken in and received with gratitude.

If the angels have taught me one thing over the years that has stuck, it is that God loves us - no matter what. When I am singing praises for the wonder and glory of creation or whether I'm ranting and whining God loves me. When I'm being nice or when I'm being cranky God loves me. And God loves you too - always and forever, and no matter what is going on in your heart, your mind, and your life. As they said above, the question is never, "Does God love you," but rather, "how much are you willing to receive this love?"

I forget to sit still and receive at times. I get busy. I try to solve my own problems and forget to ask God for help at times, and yet more and more as the years pass, I take the time to sit and receive. I take the time to ask God for help solving problems great and small. I take the time to let myself feel whatever comes up inside of me and know that I am no less loved because of it. This type of love makes me feel as if I have an eternal companion in God and truly we all do. I go to God to celebrate, and I go to God for comfort. I talk to God as my best friend. And my angels are with me as well, whether I feel them or not. They are with you too - in the dark and the light times of your lives. They care about you.

The question is not about whether God or the angels love and care about us. It is more appropriate to ask ourselves how much we truly care about our own hearts.

Its ok to ask for help and love even in the little things, because truly, our lives are largely comprised of the little things that add up to either make a grand life or a mediocre life. "Do you like the soap you use," asks Alexandra Stoddard, an author whose book, "Daring to be Yourself" affected me deeply years ago when I was learning what it meant to even BE me. I try to make sure I ask for the best in all the little moments of my life, and I know God does care.

Take last weekend. I wanted to take a road trip with a friend, a small thing really, but the skies were cloudy and it poured rain all the night before. More rain was in the forecast. But rather than giving up, I prayed. "God I'd like to take this drive but if you don't want me to go make it obvious. If you think we'd have fun and the weather can take a breather, make it obvious." Within half an hour the rain started to clear. I called my friend and we embarked on our journey a little later than planned, but with peaceful hearts knowing God had given us the green light to enjoy our day. We drove under one rather wicked squall and then out from under the ominous clouds, into the light. The pitch black sky in the rear view mirror looked like something out of the movie "Twister." It was an interesting metaphor. When we set our sights on God's love and trust that He cares - we leave the darkness of our own illusions behind and move into the light of truth.

That does not mean we always get our way. Had it rained, I would have surrendered to a different type of love - a restful day at home and whatever magical surprises that might have brought. We have to assume that if our prayers are not immediately answered, God simply has better plans or better timing than we might come up with.

We are all loved beyond our capacity to comprehend. We can touch upon this love and feel it in deep silence. We can witness it in the magnificence of the skies, or the beauty of a sunset. I can see it in my dogs' eyes and a child's smile. You can feel it in yourself when your heart wants to reach out to another from a place of joy, compassion, and inspiration. God's love includes you, your life, your cares, your concerns. As we leave behind the illusion that we are not loved and embrace the truth that we are, we start to be more loving to ourselves. We start to take our own dreams more seriously. We start to realize we are nothing less than co-creators of our own lives. And it feels really good.