Saturday, February 21, 2009

Guided actions

BOY do I know the lesson about taking guided action very well!! If I even ignore my heart for the slightest instant there can be dire consequences and if I listen, life flows smoothly. I was on the freeway with a friend a few weekends ago when a car in front of us started behaving strangely. Everything in me wanted to pull off the highway rather than trying to figure out what this car was going to do, so I did, just as they began to weave in and out of traffic, slowing and then speeding up. I knew the person in front of me was terribly drunk and that the energy that seeks to sabotage would have used them to really mess up my day. And so I sat on the side of the highway for a few minutes allowing this car to get a bit farther ahead of me. Eventually I was able to get back on the highway and pass them safely. The friend that was with me confirmed that the drive was draped over the wheel, barely awake. We said a prayer asking God to spare their life and the lives of those around them.

On several instances, listening to my feelings and the little voices in my head has kept me out of trouble. Once I was on the highway following a truck when a very calm voice said, "You might want to change lanes." I did so and avoided the tire that popped off the truck two seconds later and would have flown into my windshield. Another time I wanted to go make bank deposits but was too tired to do so, and found out later there was an armed robbery at the ATM that night. Still another time, I felt a huge urge to veer off the freeway and avoided being rear ended. SO many times, listening to my guidance has saved me from big trouble.

Regarding the difference between laziness and surrender, I get asked about that a lot. The world might say I've been "lazier than usual" the last two years. I have continued to see regular clients and answered hundreds of emails a week, but haven't taught or wrote a thing since 2007. I've spent a lot of time resting in fact just to keep my energy up for the work I am doing. Couch potato and TV watching time isn't something the world values very much, but I needed the rest. And, as always happens, after a time of rest - when you really surrender and really DO rest - the inspiration and desire for activity resumes. All of the sudden, I had the desire to drag myself out of of bed early and do tai chi. All of the sudden the inspiration to teach is coming back! Stay tuned!

God DOES love us. God wants us to know His LOVE. This love is available all the time, no matter what the outside circumstances. To choose to invite God into your life, to guide your actions and words, and to receive this love means we do have to learn faith, patience, and trust. It means we have to rest when we're tired and trust that inspiration will return. Feelings might come up when you're resting that are the very blocks to what you want to achieve. BE with them, send them love, and heal them. God knows what he's doing during your periods of "time out!"

If you invite God into your life it means you have to get up and act when guided to do so. If you wake up with the urge to clean your house, get up and do it. If you have the urge to call a friend, stop second guessing yourself and do it. If you have the urge to rest, stop pushing yourself and do it. If you feel like accepting an invitation, do it; if not don't. You don't need to figure out why you have the inspiration to do or not do something. You simply have to accept that if you invite God to guide you He will and you won't miss the signals.

This is a new way to live. It is a way that honors the heart and uses the mind as a tool rather than allowing it to be master. It is a life in which the divine masculine and divine feminine energies work in a beautiful marriage within us creating balance and greater ease. It is a life filled with grace.