Sunday, January 04, 2009

Integrity, flow, and balance

Like many of you I'm excited about 2009 - not necessarily because the outer circumstances will be immediately easier, but more so because the changes being inspired in human hearts are why we decided to come to earth to begin with. Its time we walk in faith. Its time we choose love. Its time we trust that God cares about all of us. And most of all its time we all listen to our hearts so we can live the magic and the wonder God intended for us.

When I asked the angels to comment on 2009 - they said Integrity, and Flow, and for me added a reminder to stay in balance :)

Integrity is above and beyond honesty - it means being in alignment with your own spirit. If I say "yes" when I mean "no" I am out of integrity. If I don't feed my body what IT wants I'm out of integrity. Being in integrity means living with impeccable honesty with yourself. It means listening to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, and trust they know what they're doing - rest when tired, eat when hungry, get some recreation periodically, and spend a few minutes a day at least connecting to God through prayer, meditaiton, or some other practice.

Flow is my best friend. I ask for what I want and I give away things I'm done with. I receive when I want what is offered and give when my heart feels the joy of giving. I take the time in stillness, prayer and meditation to receive God's love so I can share more with the world. I have to live in integrity to know truly when I want to receive and to give. When I do, I feel God flowing through my heart and my life.

This is easy to say but hard to do! The Tuesday before Christmas I was ecstatic about being on vacation. I had great clients and when 6:30 came up I was SO excited to have some time off. That's when I got the call from Coast to Coast radio inviting me to be a guest on the show that night. I was totally tired, handn't eaten, and had been planning to wrap gifts and bake for the company I had coming over the next day. By all rights I should have declined. But it was such an honor, and only an hour, and oh all those old voices came pouring through - "Just do it. Everyone needs inspiration this year. They really want you to be on it. The producer is nice. George is a great guy. Its only an hour... " etc. And so I said yes, when my body was screaming at me, "not tonight." The show turned out great, but as always happens when I open up to an audience of any type, my body feels intense energy flowing through it and out to all those to whom I'll be speaking. The best I can describe the sensation is like feeling of fire hose running water up my spine and making me feel extremely dizzy!! To make a long story short, the show went well but my body was thrashed because I hadn't prepared for this as I usually do. And being so tired opened me up to feel all sorts of draining spirits on my vacation!

I know better than to not listen to myself, but even with the angels coaching me all day, every day, I sometimes forget. I know it all comes to good anyway and I got to meet many of you reading this, but I also know the more I listen to my own body, mind, and heart, the easier and more energy I have to help others. The angels, being angels, worked hard to cheer me up when I was feeling worn out and fighting a cold a few days into vacation. They woke me up early one morning and told me there was a great sale at a specific craft store - and while you might not think material stuff would be important to angels, they knew I'd sit still crafting if I got some inexpensive pretty paper. And while I was sitting still, happily making greeting cards, I remembered to stop beating myself up for ruining my own vacation by ignoring my body. No surprise to the angels, the vacation was redeemed somewhat and I learned my lesson ... again :)

So this year I commit along with you to try to listen to my heart more consistently, to be in better balance, to embrace new levels of integrity, and to celebrate the flow of God into my life and out to all of you!