Saturday, January 17, 2009

Give God an inch...

Sometimes I have big dreams. Othertimes, my heart's desires are far more mundane. Last weekend, I wanted peace. I came home from running errands to find my male dog covered in blood in several areas. My female dog looked happy and playful and I was at a loss to figure out what had occurred. My neighbor filled me in. She heard a fracas and looked over the fence to see the female ripping into my sweet and gentle male dog who was apparently cowering in the corner while he got beat up. I lost it. I cried my heart out and couldn't even look at the guilty little girl without bursting into tears. I fed her and took care of her but was so upset and sad I couldn't even say much to her. I told her I was mad and we'd work it out later. I told her biting was unacceptable. She may be a dog, but she understands every word I say. In spite of my feelings, I was careful not to take out the anger at her, so she just pouted while I cried.

I prayed my heart out to find peace again, and of course the angels always support that sincere intent. They came in droves and calmed my heart and finally I got up, hugged the little angry dog, and told her we'd move beyond this. At that moment of finding love again, I felt great. Two seconds later a wreath in my house came flying off the wall. That did it. I have had some upset spirit hanging around in my spare time since Christmas morning that I haven't been able to get rid of or send into the light. He or she wouldn't reveal themselves honestly. As always, they stay away during client sessions because the angels stand guard during those. But in my spare time, I have to deal with my own energetic lack of boundaries that occurs when I don't keep my vibration high. Its part of my training - my ongoing quest to be love so I attract only love. Instead, of remembering my lessons, I melted into a puddle of tears feeling totally sorry for myself. "Waaa, normal people don't have to deal with spirits bombarding them with ugly energy during their Christmas vacation. Waaaa. I know I shouldn't have tired myself out before the holidays and opened up to this. Waaaaa. When will it go away God. Michaaaaael. Help." I always call on Archangel Michael when I've got myself in a mess. "Help me get back in TRUTH now," I pleaded. I feel good - no matter what - when I stand in spiritual truth that all is simply love and lessons. "Help me find my light again now!"

Michael always bails me out of my own mental messes when I ask him to help me make the changes inside of myself. "Look at all the beauty around you," he said. "The woman who lives here puts care and love into everything she does," he said, referring to me. I stopped snifflng and looked around the house. I looked at the ornaments on the tree that I had made years ago, remembered painting the walls with great love, saw myself elated at the thrift store finds that made my house a home, and marvelled at the fact that I had once been so determined to have slipcovers that I figured out how to make them myself. At the angel's urging, I sat and contemplated the countless hours of love I’d put into each item in my home to make it beautiful. And I thought about all the love I shared with others in this home. I looked at the Christmas tree that was still up, and saw ornaments given to my by friends that loved me and I remembered - finally remembered - what it felt like again to know the truth of my own soul. I felt my own heart. I felt the beauty of my own soul. And slowly, I walked around the house getting reacquainted not only with my stuff but with me, the woman who took the time to save, to remodel, to refinish, recover, and make over so much to make this house a home - not just for me, but for friends, family, and clients. And I felt peace in my heart and the spirit of Christmas once again. For this is the true meaning of Christmas, to bring the light of truth and the light of God's love into the darkened spaces of our own hearts, and into the humblest areas of our own lives. And even though Christmas has come and gone, and the new year is here, I want to keep that spirit of light alive inside my heart no matter what - whether I feel good or not, whether my furry kids are behaving or not, whether the bills are paid on time or go on credit - I want this year to reamain steadfast in God's love and truth. Its a worthy goal, not easily achieved, but worth trying for every minute of our lives.

In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, God is there for us, with us, and in us. We only have to give ourselves a little love to tap into the amazing flow of the creator's love. We only have to give ourselves a little respect to feel His great respect for His own creation. We only have to be thankful for the abundance in our own hearts to tap into a greater flow of abaundance.

So when you're tired, down, not feeling like yourself, sit and find things to appreciate about yourself. Give God an inch of opporunity to love you, and He'll take over your heart once again. It feels good to know we are never lost. Love is only one good thought away.