Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a very happy holiday and got a little rest. I know many of you are feeling restless to get on with life. In 2008 the words I heard most often from people are, "I feel stuck. I feel without direction. I feel exhausted." These comments came in from thousands of people this year. It was indeed a year of going within. It was a year of clearing out the past, learning greater faith, and conserving our energies. I have had years of experience learning to just 'be' with the moment and although I'm by no means perfect at it, it sure made this year easier. I just didn't feel like writing or teaching much so I didn't write and I didn't teach. Instead I worked full time with clients, cleaned out the house, did home repairs, and focused on my spirit. I didn't worry about "producing" or "moving forward." I focused more on enjoying each moment and remaining true to the guidance in my heart.

Sometimes you have to trust that even when you think you are getting "nowhere" the inner work you are doing is preparing you to accomplish things in the future in a much easier manner. The angels say, "When you're on a raft in the river, you're not paddling, but you're still moving."

An orange tree sits in my backyard. Every other year it has a huge crop of fruit and there there are years when it produces very little. This was one of the 'off' years. All summer I didn't see a single orange on the tree and didn't expect any fruit. However, as the seasons changed, all of the sudden several of the fruit started to turn bright and all of the sudden I could see I'd have a small crop after all. The fruit was there all along. It just wasn't ripe and I couldn't see it. Life is like that. We do a lot of growing some seasons without seeing results, and then all of the sudden God jumps in your life and everything moves in the direction you were hoping for. The harvest has been growing all along, but you just didn't see it till now. Trust, that if you have been working hard on your spirit, doing what you know to do in life, and resting when tired, then God will bring you the harvest that you have been preparing for all along as well. Be it a job, a relationship, a more meaningful life, if you do the inner work, the outer will adjust.

I look back and feel like I've learned a lot this year. I learned to have greater faith in God's ability to take care of me. I learned to live in balance and take better care of my physical body, and I learned how to love even those that hate me. That was perhaps the thing I've prayed for the most. Its easy to love the people that love you. But when that angry spirit beat me up in May and scared me to pieces, it took a lot of anger and tears before I could turn to love. We have to love ourselves first under all circumstances - there is no compromising on that one. I had to love myself through the anger and pain to find the deeper truth within - that I want all souls to know there is a kind and loving way to live. And it was when I had THAT discussion with the angry soul that he went into the light. I told him how mad I was and how frustrated and how all I wanted was to live in peace and to have him know the true and wonderful nature of his soul. I felt love for his wounded soul and in that moment of me seeing him differently, he saw himself differently and went into the light. He is now a dear friend and spirit guide to me. Doing the inner work led to a profound change in my outer world. I have a whole new level of energetic boundaries, based on love - for myself and others. I feel only love from the spirit world now and there is no longer any mischief.

I've never been happier. I want to choose love because being upset feels bad. I want to choose balance because I function more efficiently. I'm not forcing myself to do anything I do not feel like doing. It's still fairly new for me to live this way, but I love it.

I can't wait to see wha 2009 brings. I feel a lot of change coming. I'm calling it the year of FLOW because I believe we will want to give and receive as never before. We will want to allow God's love to flow into our lives in many forms and then out into the world as an act of grace and sharing. It might not be an easy time for the world, but if you rest in faith and in the understanding that you are loved, you can indeed walk in grace.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We are the lights in the world

The angels often surprise me with the messages. One morning this week, bright and early after very little sleep, my email wouldn't work. The cable wasn't behaving, and I couldn't make it work no matter how many times I tried to reboot it. So as often happens when things don't go my way, I sit quietly and ask God to show me His way. All of the sudden I felt like sitting down to channel the newsletter. I no sooner finished it when the email started working once again.

It has been like this all year. My own plans have been laid to waste time and again and so I've just surrendered, sat quietly, and prayed. "What do you want me to do God? Show me your plan for my life, or better yet today." I pray every morning for God to fill my life with grace and go before me, then I listen to my heart and honor what I find inside. It works. It gives me strength.

The world is very stirred up right now. These past few weeks my body has been tighter than a coiled spring and I can be very dense at times. I went to a healer who has always been right on target who reminded me that I was feeling so much more energy going through me and had to learn new levels of detaching from the world. This happens time and again. I get happier, feel awesome, love more, feel more, then have to learn to detach more!! I kept asking God, "What do you want me to do about this." "Rest," was the answer. Being human and having a lot of things I wanted to do for the holidays, I didn't exactly heed the message. And so, ouch!!! I hurt more. Finally I surrendered. Ok, God, got it! I realized that in my heart of hearts I love the world so much, I want everyone to feel loved, especially at this time of year. I want everyone to know that no matter how much or little they have, they are cared for. The angels reminded me once again that I am not personally responsible for carrying that message :) They may have to remind me of that my whole life. As I was resting, the energy started to flow through my body once again. And as the energy flows through me, they remind me, the energy flows more smoothly through the rest of the universe. I know its true. I just need constant reminders.

As you take care of yourself, and listen to your heart, and surrender to God, you truly open up to receive the love and the lessons that are there. And even lessons lead to greater love and a more joyful life. One soul will thank God for the roof over their head and the soup on the table and feel God's love, while another cries that can't buy the latest cell phone and feels only lack. Its all in our perspective. When my email didn't work, although its a simple thing, I assumed that God loved me and had other plans. When I get hit with a big unexpected bill, I still assume God loves me and is teaching me faith so I can share it with others. When I get hit with physical pain, I understand God is telling me to slow down. The adversities in life are not there because we messed up or aren't loved. They're there so we can start to surrender more to the life God wants us to live, so we CAN learn we are loved and cared for.

We are the light in this world. We are the hands, the eyes, the mouth of God, the angels remind us. We are the ones who, by taking care of ourselves, and then sharing from a full cup, can remind others that God's love is very much alive and well in spite of the circumstances we see around us.

The holidays are a time of giving whatever you do have, be it a smile, a dollar, or a heartfelt prayer. When I gave a tiny tin of cookies and a card to the folks at the postal store, you would have thought I gave them gold. No one thinks to thank them during this busy season. The holidays are also a time of receiving. When a man I would have run from in my past held the door at the gas station, and gave me a compliment the other day, I smiled back and thanked him as if he had given me gold. And he had - because he shared what little he had to give at the time, but is God's love ever little... ? Not really. So give what you have to give, and receive when love is shown to you. This is living with the true spirit of the season. Intentions are fine, but then surrender and allow God to work his magic. Expectations cause pain, whereas a joyful surrender to what life hands us, knowing that it is all love, makes for a true holiday spirit.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gifts from the hear

I love the holidays. I feel like I come alive in a whole new way since I love sharing, baking, giving, the lights, and children's movies. I have to curb my desire to give because I'd go nuts if I didn't. It feels SO good. This year I've tried to focus more on what the angels say - gifts of myself. A friend referred me to a website called '' where people can post wishes and total strangers can answer them. And while you have to beware of people asking for stuff and money and use extreme discernment - so many people are asking for simple cards for their kids, or letters of encouragement. And so I've been writing a letter a week, and for 42 cents a week, been able to share inspiration anonymously with total strangers. How fun is that?! Its like playing angel and it feels good.

I also did what the angels suggested last year and asked for suggestions for a gift for my mom and I heard 'lemons - send her lemons'. Now that sounds like a crazy gift but my mother loves lemons. They help with her health. She loves the smell and taste and so when I sent the lemons I might as well have sent her a box of gold bars she was so happy! It was better in fact. This year, I offered a friend who has been through hardship, a day of coming over and helping her unpack and get organized in her new house. We'll have a lot of fun together and she'll receive some help with an unpleasant and overwhelming task.

I know many people are lonely at the holidays but the quickest cure for that is giving to others. Volunteer somewhere for a few hours, or write a card to someone in need. Bake cookies for the clerks who serve you at local postal places and grocery stores, or give away dollar store candy canes to strangers with a smile. If you start to give a little, just a teeny tiny little bit, even if its just a note of appreciation to people who get overlooked, you get so much back. I'm going to give a little thank you card to the ladies at the local postal store who are always smiling. They make my life happier :)

When I have extra love and energy I share it. When I don't I surrender and receive it. To be in this flow of giving and receiving is what makes you feel the grace of God. I have friends who can't give anything this year and I've begged them to just please receive my love and help. I don't have excess to give much materially this year so I share my cooking, my time, and my heart. Don't overdo it these holidays. Don't feel the pressure to give more than you truly have. Instead, get clever and give from areas in your life and your heart that are full. And if you don't feel full, maybe its time to be honest with others and say, "I don't have much to give this year except my love." THAT is the greatest gift of all and truly the gift of the original Christmas and Hanukkah where in different ways God miraculously brought light into this world.

Monday, December 08, 2008

I know most of us are on a budget this year. Well the angels always
say that giving of yourself is the best. So if you want to gift
friends and family with say hugs, or a gift of your time or help,
I made up fun little gift checks that you can print and fill out.

They would be great stocking stuffers!

Click here to view and print the pdf file.

Its a pdf file so you can print right off the web, or download
to your computer if you know how to do that.

Happy Holidays,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Don't wait to share love

In past years my friends have called me 'Anta Claus.' I love to give and makes wishes and dreams come true. When I was a kid and my family finished opening presents, I would run to the basement and wrap up anything I could find so I could give more to the familiy - even a bag of dried beans one year. I'm sure my folks thought I was nuts but the joy of giving has never left me. As time has gone by however, my friends and family and I have realized that the greatest gifts are the simple ones. When my parents had a hallmark birthday this year, the best thing I could give them was a letter from the heart sharing how much I honored and respected them and the journey we had taken together. There was no material 'thing' that could have meant more than that. They don't need stuff. But like all of us, they need love and to be appreciated. I take the time at Thanksgiving to do the same and express gratitude for those closest in my life. I try to let people know what I'm feeling when I see them.

Too often, in my work talking to those on the other side, I hear someone who has passed remark that the kindness shown to them during their own funeral was mind blowing. Many souls don't even know how much they've affected others' lives. What if we didn't wait until people were dead to say the kind things we could say? What if we told them how special and precious they were when they were alive? What if, even if they were difficult, we could say, "You know we disagree on everything, I know you think I'm a pain and frankly I feel the same about you at times, but I love you anyway." People sense what you feel about them. That would be more honest :) I've done it.

I do believe the angels are right - don't wait to share love with the people in your life. Give the compliment that is on the tip of your tongue to a stranger and don't worry about what they'll think. Call someone out of the blue if they're on your mind and you want to talk to them. Send a letter or email to someone who has been estranged, just simply asking for peace and completion. And if you don't want to send it in person, write it at home and read it out loud to their spirit. Some souls hear better than some personalities :) You CAN express love in some form, and I know from personal experience, the kind words are some of the most healing and uplifting gifts that any soul can give or receive.