Saturday, October 25, 2008

Relax and ask for help

The angels make me laugh. I know how many people write in to say these messages help them but frequenly I feel as if the angels are reminding me as well. I was in the middle of a very busy office day on Monday. My graphics card in the computer broke down last week, the lawn was seeded with winter grass and the pooches were tracking in dirt all week, I have a need for air conditioning repair, unexpected car maintenance, and a whole long list of errands today.

Nonetheless I felt pretty good and decided to escape and take a good long walk in the woods on Sunday. About two miles in, the angels lovingly suggested I turn around and cut the hike short and go home. I didn't want to but their voices were so loving that I listened and did so. I realized as soon as I turned around, that my body was pooped from a long week and that by going back I would feel good instead of exhausted. My heart really did want to go back - it was my head that tried to talk me into pushing things. And luckily I got back home early because I realized that the 'spill' I thought was water on the rug was instead a gift from my dogs. All night the smell got worse! I love my dogs, but I couldn't stand it. I stopped, prayed and asked for guidance. Drag it outside, hose it off, use enzyme, then douse it with vinegar I heard. And so there I was in my pajamas at 4:00 am dragging one very heavy stinky rug out of my family room and draping it over my metal patio furniture to be cleaned. Inside again, I disinfected everything including ME then got back in bed and slept a little.

Surprisingly I'm in a good mood as I write this. Its amazing how the guidance can come, frustrations can be soothed, and prayers can be answered when we just stop and sit still and ask for a little help. God has better things to do than help me clean house, but God is God - the great all-that-is, and so He's got time for my little problems (big to me that night!) as well as the world's grand messes.

So don't hesistate to ask for help on all things great and small. There is no need to solve any problem on your own. I don't anymore. I don't even worry about being worthy, 'bothering' God, or whether or toughing it out. I sit still and ask for help, and then I go about my business trusting that help will come.

God really does care but you can only receive the help if you are willing to believe it is there, take the time to receive it, and trust that the answers will come in right timing.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two sides to all stories

So many people have asked me who is going to win the election and the angels say that it is up to the free will of the human beings voting up to the last minute. Sometimes they say "God will win" because in all cases, God is in charge, no matter what mankind thinks. God allows us our free will to learn our lessons but ultimately love wins. If we could stand above space and time I t hink we'd see the same classes repeated over and over and over again in world history. Generations come and go, but those who raise their vibration evolve into the higher realms in heaven at the end of their lives. Those who engage in greed, manipulation, dishonesty, etc. regret their decisions to push God away at the end of their lives. They see what they have lost. The worlds gains and losses are temporary - the spiritual gains and losses are much more important.

The angels have repeated time and again, "Vote for the candidate you are willing to pray for, no matter what." I suspect the next several years are going to be times of intense upheaval and change, in terms of both civil affairs and earth changes and so we must pray for whoever gets in office and we must stand in our own integrity. As Ghandi said, "Be the change that you seek."

I hear so many people slamming both politicians for being critical of one another and yet their criticism is more scathing. I hear people fearing for the country if one or the other candidate gets in office, and yet is is our own behaviors that most directly affect our own lives. I see people paying more attention to their stocks and possessions than their families, and yet I know others who have little materially but have all the love in the world.

I see people sighing in despair about the state of the world and yet I hear the angels singing that it is high time that things changed, greed got exposed, and people remembered good old fashioned core values. When there is a devastating earth change, we mourn those who are lost while they celebrate their return home to heaven.

Many people ask me how I can be happy when the world is such a mess and I answer - I work at it. I maintain my spirit by constantly praying. I invite God into my day in the morning and ask Him to raise my vibration and awareness at night. I choose to be around positive and uplifting people and I use my recreational time to either be in nature or watch programs that restore my faith in the human spirit (Extreme Home Makeover is a latest favorite - where thousands of people in a community donate a week of their time to build a house for a family in need). I read and reread inspiration books, and I take time, if only a little, to be still. I get up early to do a little stretching so my body can stand the energies moving through it. I try to remember to breathe. These things don't take much time but they have huge return. These days we can't afford to neglect our bodies or spirits. We have to listen to them.

There are always two sides to every coin. The glass is always half full and half empty at the same time - our choice how we choose to look at it. I choose to look at the fact that God is bringing all the issues to the surface so we can really see where we stand. Its time for clarity now in our own hearts. Take heart, fill your self with positive energy in any way you can and know that God is still in charge.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life happens one moment at a time

I could not think of a single story to share with you all when I sat down to write. So finally I asked the angels what to write, and they said, share that and talk about how you feel these days. I'm wildly happy for no external reason. I still have bills to pay. My expenses have gone up along with everyone elses. There is total nonsense on the news. But I feel the love of God in my heart and there is just nothing like that. I have been working very hard this year with some tough spiritual lessons of my own, but with a lot of prayer and constantly trying to make more loving choices, I've been able to choose love under some circumtances that would have driven me into the pits for months in my past. I've chosen love when people attacked my character, when an angry spirit beat me up last summer, when people I cared about were upset. I've chosen love when people refused to take responsibility for their own lives, and I've worked hard to choose love even watching the insanity on the news. It feels better to choose love. I ask and pray for the strength to do this every day. Sometimes it is easier than others, but without fail it makes me feel SO good.

I've been having random gratitude attacks too. All of the sudden I'll think of someone and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the contributions they've made to my life - even ex-boyfriends who were hurtful and difficult are now seen as individuals who taught me to stand in my power. The stocks in my retirement account leftover from my engineering days are taking a nose dive and I feel nothing but exhiliration for the fact that I'm able to place my security in God and not get sucked into the panic that is running amuck.

The simple pleasures have sustained my soul this year rather than large projects. Making a meal can be an act of grace if you take time to see, touch, taste, and smell the ingredients and to think about where all the food comes from and the huge web of humanity that contributes to just one bite of a dish prepared with love. Trimming my yard, no matter how challenging physically can be an act of grace when I thank God for the bounty of life and flowers. Cleaning my house can be joyful when I focus on the gratitude for having a home. I remember when I had to do it on crutches and give thanks that my two feet work now.

Life happens every single moment and we can either miss it by thinking about the past or fearing the future, or we can live it by immersing ourselves fully in each moment and choosing to give thanks.

I don't know if I'll be able to do this all the time because I'm human. I certainly hope and pray I can, but for now I'm enjoying the small moments of grace that add up to a whole lot of joy. I hope you have a week filled with many tiny magic moments.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mystical experience in the airport

I just came home from a trip back east to attend my brother's wedding and spend time with family members I have not seen in ages. While I was there we were too busy to watch television or read the news and so while the world was in turmoil over the economy, I was blissfully ignorant of the chaos. Instead I enjoyed the cool weather and gentle rains, the tall oak trees and the lush green growth all around. I enjoyed the humor of my aunt and uncles whom I hadn't seen in ages, and the joy of my brother and his new wife. And I celebrated the fact that my parents and I, who have had our share of difficult times over the years, have now found that there is nothing left but love.

In Chicago O'Hare International airport waiting for a connecting flight I suddenly slipped into a trance like state and saw the phenomenal growth my parents and I have shared, the lessons we set up for ourselves before we incarnated, the great love it took to know how difficult it would be, and the sense of accomplishment we share as a soul group for finding the love between us. We are three very different people and yet we have found common ground. We've worked hard to communicate more kindly, listen more intently, and learn more tolerance. We're not always perfect, but the fact that we now seek to love instead of wanting to 'be right' feels like heaven.

And as I had that feeling, the angels came into my heart and illuminated it so brightly I felts God's love possess me and in a brilliantly beautiful vision, saw His light burst outward in all directions as He wove a frequency of love around the planet. I saw tendrils of light, like roots weaving in and out amongst the masses, seeking human hearts who were softened and ready to receive this love. Sadly this light had to go around those who did not believe in this love and were not willing to receive it. I felt the light in those who were willing to receive God's love spread outward in similar fashion until the light became very bright and I felt the hopefullness and celebration of the angels who know that in the end, God's love will seek out every human heart who is willing to receive it, and wait patiently for those who are not. I woke up rather surprised to be sitting on the floor of the airport in front of my gate, just in time to hear the gate had changed... I quickly came back to this reality as I walked briskly with a few hundred other passengers to the new gate.

To be a loving person and to feel God's love in our lives is the bottom line of everything we seek. When I have these intense moments of feeling God's love, there is nothing I could ever want for. There is no lack, no loneliness, no difficulty in dealing with others. In the midst of a chaotic airport, among hundreds of stressed out and tired souls, I felt peace and joy.

It IS possible to be in the world but not of it. We have to work at it. It doesn't come easy. I pray like crazy every day to feel God's love and to share it. I pray to experience God's peace and to help others find it as well. We CAN feel abundant no matter what the bills or the world's problems if we know God's love. This is the abundance that never goes away, the peace that surpasses all understanding, the love that is without condition. I don't feel it all the time either, but I do know that when we pray with a sincere heart, and make room for the possibility that we can feel it, somehow, suddenly, when you least expect it, God will burst inside of you and suddenly you'll know the truth - that this love is all we could ever ask for, and yet it is also the seed for all we could ever dream of having on this earth.