Saturday, September 27, 2008

God knows what he's doing

I went up to Flagstaff with a friend this weekend. I've been really wanting to drive up north, and finally got a day to escape. Coincidentally while cleaning my desk out last week I found a gift certificate for breakfast at a sweet little Inn in Sedona. A friend and I took off and headed for an early breakfast by the creek. We surrendered the day to God intending magic and miracles and leaving our expectations behind. The breakfast was a delicious gourmet buffet by the creek at Briar Patch Inn ( which, we discovered, is truly a place that might just be heaven on earth. I thought I died and went to heaven! The canopy of trees swayed in the wind, the creek gurgled by, and the coffee was better than any I've ever tasted. I need to thank Alba who is a fantastic massage therapist at the Inn, and also a mystical artist whose portraits turn into angels and fairies, for the experience. You can see her art here (

We continued our drive up the creek and all the way to Flagstaff for a walk in the aspen forests. I've been craving the still majesty of the aspens for months now. In the summer, the grasses grow a foot tall under towering trees with white bark and leaves that rustle at the slightest breeze. Blue Lupine flowers were giving us their last show of the year, and the squirrels were busy stashing pine cones that dropped in abundance from the ancient conifers interspersed with the aspens. We saw mud wasps building a hive in the ground, getting ready for winter, a horny toad, butterflies, hawks, finches, and even some deer! It was pure magic. At the end of the day we were breathing easier, totally relaxed, and feeling energized once again. Needless to say we've both been amazingly productive since then.

The angels always remind us that "God knows what he's doing." And while we laugh, and say, "Of course" it is a trick here on earth to constantly remind ourselves of the truth of that statement. I think that is why getting out in nature is healing for the soul, because nature is so beautiful and in such amazing balance it reminds us in a way beyond words, that we are connected with all of life.

When I look back at my life, every problem I've ever had has been solved. Everything I've ever feared has been handled. Things I thought were insurmountable obstacles are gone. Like nature, all things have their season and when we look back, spring always follows winter, and good times always follow tough ones.

This year has been tough for a lot of people. But for those truly surrendering to the moment and their own hearts, miracles are happening. There is timing to everything and if we surrender our need to control how and when things happen, God has a way of making sure they happen in perfect timing. I had a lot of work I should have/could have done instead of going out doors, but the work got done more quickly because I was happy and energized.

Listen to your hearts, even if they don't always make sense. If you feel you MUST get something done, and it isn't truly urgent, and your heart isn't in it, sit still and ask your heart what it DOES want to do. Then do it soon as you can. God really does support all the things we want and all the things we must do, but there is a timing that makes everything easier if you listen :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Building faith takes work

I got an email on Wednesday asking me how the economic downturn was affecting me, and talking about the AIG bank failure. I flipped on the news to hear Donald Trump talking doom and gloom, while other economists talked about what this all means. And I witnessed for the umpteenth time the human tendancy to make what is happening today mean something all too certain about the future. We've all done it. If we things are going well, we feel more certain about our future. If we feel bad we project that out in front of us as well. If we are unsure how to pay a bill today we can easily slip into fear of not having enough in the future, and if we have a buffer we may develop a false sense of security. I turned the news off. Gloom and doom is not the reality I choose to tune into.

The truth is, life can change on a dime. Look at the thousands of people affected by Hurricane Ike. One day your life is normal and the next the floodwaters claim your home. Or conversely, one day you are swept into the ocean when your house collapses, tossed about by 25 foot waves and whipped by 100mph winds, convinced you are going to die, and the next day you sit in the sunshine at a picnic bench expressing gratitude that you are alive. The things we call our security don't really provide security. The leaders, banks, walls of our homes, etc. don't provide true security. God provides security and that's the only security you can truly count on. We do our best to be prudent and wise in the ways of the world, and we should, but until we put our faith and trust in God we never really truly have the security we are seeking.

Being self employed, my income is never guaranteed. Even though I have enough clients to book a full schedule, there are people who don't show up and don't call to let me know, people who can't afford a session and need discounts, and unforseen circumstances such as home repairs that necessitate flexibility and faith. And yet I have worked hard over the years to develop faith and now I know beyond doubt that God will take care of everything I need in a timing that is often better than my own.

You can't develop faith by simply saying, "I have faith." Building faith is like building musle. It is an inner workout that definitely makes outer circumstances run more smoothly. Faith comes by choosing one thought at time. We either indulge fear or profess faith, but we can't do both at the same time. Faith comes when you face your fears and see them for the lies that they are, affirming God's truth. Faith come when you decide you've had enough worry.

So rather than puttting your well being in the hands of economies or political leaders, or circumstances around you, remember, if you rest your faith in God, then nothing external in the world is more powerful.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

No rushing

When I sat to write this message I was in a hurry as usual before work. I wanted to get the newsletter done in the morning so I could rest after work. As I sat to channel the angels' messages I had to laugh. Once again they caught me 'rushing so I could relax.' Its a common problem in our society. We want to get our to do lists done so we can then reward ourselves with a moment or two of relaxation. We work like crazy to take a vacation. We rush and ignore friends and family so we can 'spend more time' with them. And yet the angels constantly remind us, that life occurs now, now, and now again - in each moment.

I've worked very hard to become more present. For years the angels told me to 'slow down' and over time I've realized that they didn't mean that I should get less done, but rather that I should become more present and immersed in the moment. I should slow my FOCUS down and bring my mind back from the future, up from the past and into the moment in which I was living at this time. When I do that, amazingly I get a lot done and I feel less hurried than ever before. When I forget, and focus on the past or the future, I am scattered, accomplished less and feel more tired.

As I write this now I am focusing on every word, not at all worried about clients later today, or stuff I didn't do yesterday. I am all here, all with you. And when I do this I feel the energy of God flowing through me, like a prayer to and for all of you. How beautiful! When I live this way, I feel God's flow through the universe, because I am all here, open to receiving and open to sharing. And suddenly writing the newsletter is not a chore but a blessings, a great joy because I receive as I give. If I focus on 'getting it done' I miss the gift and the blessing it offers.

The same goes for washing the dishes, taking care of the dogs or the kids, the house, the job. We can slow our focus down to be where we are at, with the people in front of us, and suddenly we see clearly, feel God's love and are able to share it in each situation in which we find ourselves. People transform in that light. Difficult souls get kinder or leave when we are focused on truly BEing with them rather than getting away or getting something from them.

Try this week, and I will too, to be fully present as much as possible in each moment. Your body will feel better, your mind will be calmer, and suprisingly, you'll get a lot accomplished as well!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Love includes me and you too!

I love to love. It just feels good. Smiling and saying hi to strangers and watching them light up feels like being a fairy godmother. Being kind to a clerk who just dealt with the cranky person in front of me and watching them breathe a sigh of relief reminds me that we can be angels to one another. Holding the hand of a friend in need or touching my dogs helps me feel the spiritual energies flowing through me. It feels good to be kind to other people. The real journey has been learning to be more and more loving to myself.

Over the years as I moved further out into the public eye I've been given opportunities to love more and more. I've been attacked by skeptics, harranged by zealots, and in very nasty emails told I was mentally unstable, unfit to assist others, not courageous enough to kill myself, filled with egotistical fluff, and the list goes on! I used to respond lovingly and kindly to these attacks which was a huge improvement over the stewing and steaming I would have done in my younger years. It just felt better. I thought I was doing well to respond so kindly, and I was, but the angels suggested there was an even more loving way to handle unkind behavior - ignore it. They told me I was being kind to the unkind which was good but if I were to include myself in this equation, the truth was I didn't want to give other's negativity ANY energy of my own.

So now, when a person says something sarcastic or unkind, I remain silent and turn away. When I receive an angry email, I simply bless the person in prayer and delete it. When something unpleasant must be handled (like a computer problem!) I do it with as much patience and love as possible after praying for God to bless the situation and everyone involved.

Everyone on earth is entitled to their opinions, and as the saying goes, "Life happens," but when we bring love into even the so-called negative situations, whether or not the situation is transformed, we will be transformed by our own love. And that is what our journey is all about :)