Saturday, June 28, 2008

Making room for magic

I loved this week's angel message! They kept showing me pictures as I channeled of the light in our hearts trying to inch its way to the surface of our skins and our lives through all these clouds of disbelief. The angels have asked us to watch our words and our thoughts lately, to be very clear that God is with us and to trust in that more than we ever have before. I continue to receive hundreds of emails from people feeling like they want more but don't know what to do next, people with anxiousness and weird physical feelings and people that feel stuck. It seems to be going around! Yet I know movement is coming for all of us, so we may as well do what they suggest, which is rest up, go within, and trust that God really does care about your needs.

If you want to know what God wants you to do, sit still, breathe deeply, and check in with your own heart... "What do you want me to do now, at this minute, God?” I ask this all the time. And the answer might be a growl in my stomach, which says, eat dinner, a heaviness in the eyelids that says sleep, the desire for support that has me reach out to a friend, or an urge to sit and write one good sentence for a future book. The desire might be to put aside a project I've been struggling with, or to sit quietly, have a good cry and ask the angels for comfort. Whatever small urges arise within my heart, I ask for them to be satisfied and I take the actions I know to take. I know God will give me the next step.

I had a nice long hike with a friend on Saturday. It was like life. We set out with a general idea of our destination but allowed room for spontaneity. As a result, we hiked leisurely and yet covered seven miles. We started out late because we stopped first for lunch, but as 'luck' would have it, if we had arrived earlier, there would have been no parking. Instead, we pulled right into a front row spot. We rested in the creek for a long time, walked slowly in the water, decided to turn back and then changed our minds and went further. We were truly in the moment. That is where the magic happens, not only on nice long walks in nature, but in life itself. If you push yourself, force yourself to make decisions before you feel completely ready, or force life to fit what you want in that moment, it leads to no good. If instead, you know somewhat where you want to go (joy, abundance, love, expression, etc) and you just begin with one step at a time, life has a way of working with you.

Patience is required because you may not get what you want when you want it, but when you do, it'll be better. Faith is required because God doesn't always offer proof that he's working in your life. Surrender is required, because there will be times when in spite of your best efforts, nothing seems to be changing. You may have to wait, or go through a circumstance that doesn't look like you thought it would. However, if you truly place your faith in God and take one step at time, guided by the heart, you'll have miracles that will appear in your life. The angels often say you can do things according to the way of the world (plan, struggle, effort), or you can do things God's way, in God's time, with faith in God. The second one is harder in our own minds, but easier in reality... and a whole lot more fun.

Make room for a little magic. Practice with small stuff. Ask God for something small that you want and trust every movement of your heart and see what happens. You'll develop more faith along the way. This week it was a long leisurely hike in a shorter amount of time than usual for me. And my spirit is full and I am able to serve more because I listened to my longing without giving up on it. Don't give up on your dreams. Just be a little patient as they are brewing.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Surrender to self, surrender to God

I tried to force the newsletter to come early, but the angels wouldn't budge as I stayed up late trying to hear them earlier in the week. So when I got to Thursday night, and nothing was coming, I surrendered to what I really wanted to do. I ate a leisurely dinner, baked a dish I'd been wanting to try, and then sat with a half glass of wine and watched the news, then finished off the evening by talking to some friends. Bingo - all of the sudden the angels were there and their message spilled onto the page. I am constantly reminded that God wants us all to honor our hearts - in all things, big and small. The angels want me to include myself in their directives to rest and relax more, and to refill my own cup so I can spill God's love over to the world.

I have never ever received so many correspondences from people feeling exhausted, purposeless, directionless, and unable to think clearly. Not everyone is in that space, but SO many are. The angels say that earth is readying itself for more change and that we are feeling that tension that builds up before changes. We are not really stuck, but so many feel that way. I think many people are feeling like a woman who is seven month's pregnant - change is coming but there's nothing we can do to rush the energy to move. All things in God's time. The angels said we must stand in truth. I know from years of experience that my security rests in God, because without faith in that, I'd have a mess in my life. He always comes through. When I have a bill, I give it to God. When I have a problem, I give it to God. When I have a concern, I give it to God. And I know that He hears me and answers, if only I believe without doubt that he will. And when I doubt, I am getting in God's way. I'm still working on that at times... we all are.

God is not only loving creator but the all-that-is. He has access to all of creation. When something seems impossible for me, it is merely because I have tunnel vision. He knows 6.4 billion people, and all possible interactions between them. He knows all opportunities, and He also knows the deepest recesses of our individual hearts as well because He is all that. As we continue to surrender our cares, and act as guided, life flows.

You wouldn't think guidance would involve wanting something as simple as eating a meal, baking a dish, and chatting on the phone with friends, but it DOES. God wants first to help you feel filled and happy so that you can share this with others. Guidance is as simple as going to bed early, or getting out of bed at 3am when you wake up to journal a bit. Guidance is calling someone who pops in your mind, or checking out an opportunity that attracts you. Guidance is simple and easy because you will know that what you are guided to do feels right, attractive, or inspiring. Chopping potatoes inspired me. I needed to be human after a day of helping people through their lives. I needed to feel like an earthy simple female instead of a spiritual leader. As the Buddhists say, chop wood, carry water, get enlightened, chop wood, carry water. Simple guidance leads to profound changes. I can write now. And I feel the energy flowing out of me to all of you as I write. Earlier I was empty. Now I am full.

Try to listen to the simplest urges of your heart rather than what you think you should or must do at all hours of night and day. True, many of us have to work to earn a living but even that is honoring your desire to pay bills. True, you may have family to attend to that is not always easy but deeply you desire to be a loving and caring soul even when others aren't. Its not easy, but it feels better when we can achieve that mindset. I work at it constantly. Being human, in a changing world, it doesn't always come easily but the more you exercise the mental muscle of faith and the emotional muscle of surrender, the more easily they support you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Deeper levels of integrity

It seems to have been a wild week in the global energy field. The angels said there were forces clashing on the planet and within us - desire for change and resistance of change, and they were talking more about undercurrents in the energy that out pictured in various ways. The tornadoes were a clashing of weather fronts. The flooding represents the torrents of emotions being washed up from the depths, and the earth continues to shake and quake in various locations. It is not a time for fear they say, but rather a time to be still and rest.

Rest - that word is one I used to be afraid of but not have come to love. In my earlier days, I could not sit still. And so after saying I needed to rest the last two weeks (but not doing it) my body decided it was mandatory. Saturday I woke up out of the blue fighting a case of laryngitis. Not cool. I had two radio shows scheduled Sunday and Monday and was looking forward to them. Moreover, I had a to do list that was a mile long. Nonetheless, when my body speaks, I listen because I know it wouldn't be acting up if I had listened earlier. So, I ditched the to-do list, meditated, and got the hint to go get ginger and make ginger tea. As I was driving to the store, a car with the license plate GINGER pulled in front of me! The tea worked, as did copious amounts of sleep, Reiki, and prayers from friends, and I was better quickly, with a voice intact. I had to go inside and really examine why of all things I created laryngitis because there were many ways the body could insist on rest. It wasn't rocket science - I've been speaking up a lot more lately and more strongly and that has opened me up to both praise and some incredibly nasty criticism. My skin isn't totally thick yet and it still hurts when someone lambastes me as a result of their own pain. And so, some part of me that wanted to shy away from such public exposure almost shut down my voice! Thankfully the angels talked sense into me :)

Integrity happens on so many levels. There is the obvious level - being truthful with others. Two plumbers did hard labor in my yard for an entire day in the heat last month and the bill was steep and therefore ended up on my charge card. However, when the MasterCard statement arrived I was undercharged by $1000. Integrity demanded that I call the plumbing company, point out their error, and pay the balance. If I had not done so, my bank account would have been better off, but I would have been putting my faith in lack instead of God's economy and ability to pay my bills. As is, the split bill gave me a little more time to pay it off, so the universe still gave me a gift. I treat others the way I would like to be treated.

Then there is the integrity of the heart that involves being truthful with yourself. I'm usually good at this one, but I do slip up from time to time. When your heart demands something and you listen, you are in integrity. I was out of integrity by not resting when I knew my body needed rest. I would have been out of integrity with my soul if I let fear of attack keep me from speaking in public. If we are honest with ourselves and take actions consistent with our hearts, life is magical. As soon as I got back on track, life started working wonderfully well again. I reached out to friends and risked 'bothering' them because I wanted some support. I got my ginger tea. I dropped all the chores and did Reiki on myself. And magically what could have turned into a nasty cold that lingered for weeks was gone, and I got my rest.

Watch yourself closely this week and strive to be in integrity - by simply being honest with others and with yourself. And watch how much easier life flows!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tend to the garden of your life

I had an amazing experience last Monday. I was asked to be included in an upcomging film entitled, "Gifted Children of the World." My heart sang with this because I adore the children coming into the world. They are amazing angels bringing hope, inspiration, and wisdom, and they teach us who we are capable of becoming. I've had the privilege of seeing many of them and their parents over the years and I love to do what little I can to help them blossom. Filming was funny because the angels took over and tied my tongue whenever I tried to speak on my own! At one point I just surrendered, the words poured through me and I watched the entire room fill with white light and the faces of the people around me turn to pure gold light. It was like stepping into the heavenly dimensions temporarily and I was filled with great passion and joy.

I had the privilege of watching the next segments of filming in which Shannon Lee Simpson was interviewed. She is a child and family counselor whose life changed when she met Pablo. Pablo is now a thirteen year old boy who was originally diagnosed with all sorts of mental disorders and drugged. Shannon diagnosed him with seeing spirits and helped him learn how to dialogue with them. The purity and beauty of this gentle boy was beyond words. He talks to spirits who teach him how they fold the fabric of space and time, teach him how to be centered in his heart, and talk about chakras now. His 'issues' are gone. And in a very touching moment he told us about his encounters with Archangel Gabriel. I was humbled and awed by his grace, and by his family's commitment to understand and support him. His mother is now writing a book about his journey. Shannon is working on a book to help parents discern if their kids are intuitive and how to assist them. And the angels started dumping another book through me the same night. I couldn't stop the flow.

I've been resting for months, other than radio shows and hundreds of emails, dinking away on nearly ten books I've started but not finished but the fire has been lit in my soul and I now have direction again. There have been many times in my life when I've been without direction. There have been many times in the past that I've struggled to find it, but over the years the angels have taught me to do what I know to do, then rest, wait, and trust when I didn't know what to do next. And then it never fails! Inspiration comes when you least expect it. Purposes get clarified in a moment. You get awakened out of bed to jot down an idea and it changes your life.

I think of our growth like tending to a garden. You stir up the soil of your old entrenched belief. You weed out the ones that don't work for you and inhibit your joy. You wait while the seeds that God planted in your heart begin to grow and then you tend to them and enjoy the harvest.

So if you are in a phase in life where you don't know what to do next, do what little you do know and wait for further instructions from God - because when God and the angels want you to know something they will not quit until you get the message. You won't miss God's direction in your life. Its not subtle when He's ready to talk!

Have a blessed week, filled with rest until it is time to create movement,

For those of you who are interested Shannon's website will be available soon:Intuitive Kids.

Pablo's site is Strength by Love if you'd like to learn more about this remarkable young man.