Saturday, January 26, 2008

Special request for prayers

I debated and debated about sending this email but I finally decided to do so because I believe our prayers can affect change in ways we can't even imagine. If it does not resonate with you, please just delete it. The regular newsletter will be sent on schedule :)

As you know my personal focus in life is sharing the angel's wisdom in ways that affect our practical day to day lives - relationships, purpose, etc... however, everynow and then guidance comes to pray for something that could affect many on our planet and so I am reaching out and asking you to join me in prayer. This is certainly not intended to inspire fear; our prayers are powerful.

The pieces of a puzzle started coming to me over a year ago. I was guided to read a rather lengthy and boring book on how comets and asteroids affected our ancient civilizations. Six months ago I couldn't sleep and was told to turn on the tv and there was a special show on how asteroids and comets affected our planet. Two weeks ago I was dreaming of tidal waves. One week ago a friend mentioned a comet and asteroid that were flying nearby earth next week, and just two days ago it came together when another friend shared some information about TU24, an asteroid that is scheduled to bypass the earth at rather close range - about one and a half times as far away as the moon.

It is not scheduled to impact us but the angels say there is a 50/50 chance that it could cause mass disturbance and destruction. They did not elaborate. When I googled to read up on how this could be, there are controversial websites describing how the thing could be like a magnet, which, if lined up right would cause a lot of electromagnetic disturbance, to say the least. It passes the closest to earth at 12:33am pacific time on Tuesday morning 1/29.

SO, the angels suggest with love that w pray for it to pass by us without effect.

So (and I don't talk about this stuff much) I went into a deep shamanic semi-trance like prayer last night and flew out of body to have a chat with the consciousness of TU24. Whoever or whatever that is - it was very mad at humanity. It views humanity as an irresponsible collection of beings trashing their planet and sending destructive forces out irresponsibly into the universe (our scientists DID blast comet Tempel 1 a few years ago 'to see what it was made of'). It did not seem to understand our individual human consciousness very well. It sees us as "one" responsible group. It wanted an apology for the pain we are causing on our planet and at times, in the solar system. So I apologized on behalf of humanity, sang my prayers, and asked it to consider that there are many good people here too.

If you are inclined, please pray this passes without effect, and if you are as weird as I am and willing, see if you can connect with the consciousness that propels this asteroid on its path and apologize for the behavior of humanity. Share your heart and tell it there are good people upon the earth who care about the environment and not trashing space. I know this sounds odd but if you are inclined, I know the angels would be grateful. We have free will and there are certain things they are not allowed to intervene with unless we pray. Then God can direct them to act on our behalf.

Thanks for listening. If this does not resonate with you just delete it. I hear a lot of these things and ignore them but my dreams have been intense as of late, and now with my friends coming to me over and over I felt it was time to exercise our right to choose with our prayers :)

Listen and Trust

I've really been in integrity lately with my own heart and it has been impossible to ignore the urgings within. A few weeks ago I got off work on a Friday and felt the usual sense of need to go to the bank to make my deposits before running my usual errands. This was my pattern. However, that particular Friday I had NO urge whatsoever to leave my house. It was dark and cold out and instead, I had a desire to be cozy, fix a nice dinner, and rest. I listened to myself and stayed at home. The next day at the bank's ATM I overheard a conversation. Apparently someone was held up at gunpoint there the night before. I looked at the older gentleman who was repeating the news and told him I usually go there on Friday nights. He looked at me intensely with that look people have when God is speaking through them to me and said VERY strongly, "Young lady, you better never come here at night alone!!" I took his advice, changed my schedule and avoided what could have been a horrible situation.

God watches out for us on all things great and small. I was ready to run errands again just the other day, when I got a huge craving for a cookie, right before leaving the house. Having learned to listen to everything, even the smallest details, I stopped, put down the purse and keys, grabbed a cookie and some milk, then left a few minutes later. I passed a traffic accident that had just occurred. My cookie craving saved me from what could have been a big headache or least an upsetting too-close-for-comfort occurance.

You never know what God is up to when you get an urge to do something differently. Try it, just listen to your own heart, and trust.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

You never know what is important

After my adventures last year speaking at conferences with famous authors, I've been daydreaming of ways I can continue to help the world without burning myself out as many before me have done. I've taken a LOT of time to let my mind wander and look at possibilities. I dream of a life where I help share heavenly wisdom with the world in a way that gives me an inspiring and balanced life too! As a result I've passed up numerous opportunities that just didn't feel right for me at the time they were offered. As a result of being honest with myself, I feel JOY that I'm living my life NOW, in balance and harmony with my own spirit, rather than sacrificing my joy in the present to get some mythical somewhere in the future. It has taken me a lot of internal work to get to this point, but it was well worth the effort.

As I daydreamed over the holidays I realized in my ideal life I live in a house without excess or clutter, and so I acted in alignment. I realized in my ideal life I do not eat the 'casserole of the week' as I've done for years, but rather have easy tasty gourmet meals so I got a toaster oven to cook smaller portions. I realize in my ideal life I am profoundly positive again so I've been on a mission to kill off negative thoughts by simply telling them, "Nope, that's not what I'm creating. Come into the light in my heart or leave. I am focusing on what I DO want," and then I proceed to daydream about something wonderful. I am finishing old projects, making time for hobbies, and having a life. And I'm trusting God to let me know what's next. Its SO much easier than trying to push myself, control my heart, wrack my brain for strategies, etc.

Well, God is up to something here, as I finish my cross-stitches, clean out my closets, and make healthy meals for dinner...

I just found out that the documentary I will be appearing in, although my part is very short, has been picked up by the producers of "What the Bleep" and will soon be shown in theaters nationwide, starting in Arizona, then distributed on DVD! This is HUGE! I'll give you details as they become available to me. The movie is right up my alley because it merges science and spirituality and I am so excited to be a tiny part of something so big! Whenever I do something for the love of it, love comes back. I cannot wait to see what comes of this.

There are times in our lives when we are simply floating on a raft on the river of God's love. As the angels say, we are not "paddling," but the currents of God's love are still moving beneath the surface of our lives. At these times I often find that people think they're not doing anything useful. Finishing a cross stitch project I started fourteen years ago doesn't sound earth shattering, but it is important to me. Cleaning out the closet may not have world significance... but if it frees up my time to do something better in the future when God is ready for me to act, it just may. Getting a toaster oven is so totally mundane, and yet a happy, well-fed Polish girl has a lot of energy to give others!!!

So when you don't think you're doing something important, think again. You never know what God is up to in your life. If your urges are grandiose, listen to them. If they are mundane, listen with equal reverance. Our lives are composed of many pieces of a grand puzzle - all equally important in the big picture, whether we can see that at the time we live them or not. If your urge is to clean out a drawer do it. It may be an energetic foundation for next step on your career path!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spiritual Cleansing

Oh Wow, that felt good! Some days I sit down to channel and just feel so inspired as the angels words flow through me. I resolved this week to start channeling the angel messages during the week rather than doing them after work on Friday nights.Although I DO love the angels, there's a million other things I'd rather do with friends or even just resting on Friday nights! So much to my surprise, after an incredibly productive weekend and office day, right before I was about to make dinner on Monday night, the urge to sit and write this hit and hit hard! Their words just flew through! I love it when I am unplugged.

I've been heeding their advice this year very strictly. After cleaning out my excess I decided I needed to finish up some tasks that have been hanging over my head for a long time - things I put off because I don't like to do them. I spent over 22 hours updating my web store this weekend so it is finally PRETTY which makes me happy and organized, which will make my life easier in the future as I add new products (which weren't going to happen till I got organized)! The weekend turned out to be a lovely cold and rainy affair and after the web was done, I woke up Monday on my 'office day' and ACTUALLY felt like doing my taxes, at least as much as I could do without all the paper work. I hate this task. I usually have to wait until at least late February or early March before God blesses me with the urge to get it done, but today, as it poured rain outside, I got through it in record time! I stopped to moan about how tedious and boring it was and the angels were rather no nonsense. "Then take a break!" they said. Duh! I got up, got in the car, got a coffee, and ran all my errands in the beautiful crisp cool air, then came back refreshed and ready for round two. I even got an article written for a book that I had promised another wonderful soul.

It boggles my mind how much can be accomplished when we don't let the STUFF in life bog us down. I was SO exhausted last year I couldn't get off the couch much in my spare time during the last four months of '07. Now I sit on the couch voluntarily until I'm bored and then the energy gets cooking!

A few more work items to go then my body is getting in order next! I am loving life these days. Nothing like getting rid of what does not work!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy 2008!

I cannot believe we are in 2008 but I was never so overjoyed to ring in a new year! I spend New Year's eve in solitude with God and my dogs. I could have been with friends or family but this year I wanted to pray and spend time in silence. I truly believe it was my best New Year's yet. I went out under the stars wrapped in a warm coat and scarf, thanked God for my life and everyone in it, and prayed for everyone, me and the earth included. At 5 till midnight the TV went on, the champagne came out, as well as a plate of doggie biscuits for my furry kids. The dogs kissed me at midnight; the angels flew in and surround me en masse; and I cried for the miracle and joy of feeling alive and feeling loved. We are ALL loved that much.

I spent most of my break resting and clearing out my house, getting oraganized for the new year, streamlining tasks, and evaluating all my work and habits to make sure everything I do supports LIFE for me next year, rather than wearing me out, or draining my energy. I looked at areas where I had complaints and began to make changes. No more excuses, no more martyrdom, no more 'maybe someday I'll change." I decided to grow up and make changes now in all areas of life. I got rid of SO much stuff and pared back to the things I wear and enjoy the most. I organized everything to make sure I could find it without hassle. I got real about what I can honestly do in a day and created some changes to my schedule in order to make time to eat, exercise, and sleep every day. I'm prioritizing my well being even more this year because I know God wants me to give more... but not from an empty cup.

Taking time for yourself is never ever selfish. It creates the energy, motivation, and sanity to give from an authentic desire, and the clarity of mind to make good decisions and to life life efficiently. Clearing out stuff isn't always easy but it is oh so freeing to your spirit. So if you can, take a little time to rest once in awhile, and a little time to declutter and you will feel brand new!

Happy New Year and as the angels say, Happy New You!