Saturday, December 20, 2008

We are the lights in the world

The angels often surprise me with the messages. One morning this week, bright and early after very little sleep, my email wouldn't work. The cable wasn't behaving, and I couldn't make it work no matter how many times I tried to reboot it. So as often happens when things don't go my way, I sit quietly and ask God to show me His way. All of the sudden I felt like sitting down to channel the newsletter. I no sooner finished it when the email started working once again.

It has been like this all year. My own plans have been laid to waste time and again and so I've just surrendered, sat quietly, and prayed. "What do you want me to do God? Show me your plan for my life, or better yet today." I pray every morning for God to fill my life with grace and go before me, then I listen to my heart and honor what I find inside. It works. It gives me strength.

The world is very stirred up right now. These past few weeks my body has been tighter than a coiled spring and I can be very dense at times. I went to a healer who has always been right on target who reminded me that I was feeling so much more energy going through me and had to learn new levels of detaching from the world. This happens time and again. I get happier, feel awesome, love more, feel more, then have to learn to detach more!! I kept asking God, "What do you want me to do about this." "Rest," was the answer. Being human and having a lot of things I wanted to do for the holidays, I didn't exactly heed the message. And so, ouch!!! I hurt more. Finally I surrendered. Ok, God, got it! I realized that in my heart of hearts I love the world so much, I want everyone to feel loved, especially at this time of year. I want everyone to know that no matter how much or little they have, they are cared for. The angels reminded me once again that I am not personally responsible for carrying that message :) They may have to remind me of that my whole life. As I was resting, the energy started to flow through my body once again. And as the energy flows through me, they remind me, the energy flows more smoothly through the rest of the universe. I know its true. I just need constant reminders.

As you take care of yourself, and listen to your heart, and surrender to God, you truly open up to receive the love and the lessons that are there. And even lessons lead to greater love and a more joyful life. One soul will thank God for the roof over their head and the soup on the table and feel God's love, while another cries that can't buy the latest cell phone and feels only lack. Its all in our perspective. When my email didn't work, although its a simple thing, I assumed that God loved me and had other plans. When I get hit with a big unexpected bill, I still assume God loves me and is teaching me faith so I can share it with others. When I get hit with physical pain, I understand God is telling me to slow down. The adversities in life are not there because we messed up or aren't loved. They're there so we can start to surrender more to the life God wants us to live, so we CAN learn we are loved and cared for.

We are the light in this world. We are the hands, the eyes, the mouth of God, the angels remind us. We are the ones who, by taking care of ourselves, and then sharing from a full cup, can remind others that God's love is very much alive and well in spite of the circumstances we see around us.

The holidays are a time of giving whatever you do have, be it a smile, a dollar, or a heartfelt prayer. When I gave a tiny tin of cookies and a card to the folks at the postal store, you would have thought I gave them gold. No one thinks to thank them during this busy season. The holidays are also a time of receiving. When a man I would have run from in my past held the door at the gas station, and gave me a compliment the other day, I smiled back and thanked him as if he had given me gold. And he had - because he shared what little he had to give at the time, but is God's love ever little... ? Not really. So give what you have to give, and receive when love is shown to you. This is living with the true spirit of the season. Intentions are fine, but then surrender and allow God to work his magic. Expectations cause pain, whereas a joyful surrender to what life hands us, knowing that it is all love, makes for a true holiday spirit.