Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gifts from the hear

I love the holidays. I feel like I come alive in a whole new way since I love sharing, baking, giving, the lights, and children's movies. I have to curb my desire to give because I'd go nuts if I didn't. It feels SO good. This year I've tried to focus more on what the angels say - gifts of myself. A friend referred me to a website called '' where people can post wishes and total strangers can answer them. And while you have to beware of people asking for stuff and money and use extreme discernment - so many people are asking for simple cards for their kids, or letters of encouragement. And so I've been writing a letter a week, and for 42 cents a week, been able to share inspiration anonymously with total strangers. How fun is that?! Its like playing angel and it feels good.

I also did what the angels suggested last year and asked for suggestions for a gift for my mom and I heard 'lemons - send her lemons'. Now that sounds like a crazy gift but my mother loves lemons. They help with her health. She loves the smell and taste and so when I sent the lemons I might as well have sent her a box of gold bars she was so happy! It was better in fact. This year, I offered a friend who has been through hardship, a day of coming over and helping her unpack and get organized in her new house. We'll have a lot of fun together and she'll receive some help with an unpleasant and overwhelming task.

I know many people are lonely at the holidays but the quickest cure for that is giving to others. Volunteer somewhere for a few hours, or write a card to someone in need. Bake cookies for the clerks who serve you at local postal places and grocery stores, or give away dollar store candy canes to strangers with a smile. If you start to give a little, just a teeny tiny little bit, even if its just a note of appreciation to people who get overlooked, you get so much back. I'm going to give a little thank you card to the ladies at the local postal store who are always smiling. They make my life happier :)

When I have extra love and energy I share it. When I don't I surrender and receive it. To be in this flow of giving and receiving is what makes you feel the grace of God. I have friends who can't give anything this year and I've begged them to just please receive my love and help. I don't have excess to give much materially this year so I share my cooking, my time, and my heart. Don't overdo it these holidays. Don't feel the pressure to give more than you truly have. Instead, get clever and give from areas in your life and your heart that are full. And if you don't feel full, maybe its time to be honest with others and say, "I don't have much to give this year except my love." THAT is the greatest gift of all and truly the gift of the original Christmas and Hanukkah where in different ways God miraculously brought light into this world.