Saturday, December 06, 2008

Don't wait to share love

In past years my friends have called me 'Anta Claus.' I love to give and makes wishes and dreams come true. When I was a kid and my family finished opening presents, I would run to the basement and wrap up anything I could find so I could give more to the familiy - even a bag of dried beans one year. I'm sure my folks thought I was nuts but the joy of giving has never left me. As time has gone by however, my friends and family and I have realized that the greatest gifts are the simple ones. When my parents had a hallmark birthday this year, the best thing I could give them was a letter from the heart sharing how much I honored and respected them and the journey we had taken together. There was no material 'thing' that could have meant more than that. They don't need stuff. But like all of us, they need love and to be appreciated. I take the time at Thanksgiving to do the same and express gratitude for those closest in my life. I try to let people know what I'm feeling when I see them.

Too often, in my work talking to those on the other side, I hear someone who has passed remark that the kindness shown to them during their own funeral was mind blowing. Many souls don't even know how much they've affected others' lives. What if we didn't wait until people were dead to say the kind things we could say? What if we told them how special and precious they were when they were alive? What if, even if they were difficult, we could say, "You know we disagree on everything, I know you think I'm a pain and frankly I feel the same about you at times, but I love you anyway." People sense what you feel about them. That would be more honest :) I've done it.

I do believe the angels are right - don't wait to share love with the people in your life. Give the compliment that is on the tip of your tongue to a stranger and don't worry about what they'll think. Call someone out of the blue if they're on your mind and you want to talk to them. Send a letter or email to someone who has been estranged, just simply asking for peace and completion. And if you don't want to send it in person, write it at home and read it out loud to their spirit. Some souls hear better than some personalities :) You CAN express love in some form, and I know from personal experience, the kind words are some of the most healing and uplifting gifts that any soul can give or receive.