Saturday, November 08, 2008

You matter

Election day seemed so peaceful. There were so many worries about what was to come, whether or not people would get ugly in line, etc. and yet, instead people lined up so peacefully for the most part, that CNN wrote a whole article about it, stating that people united in a 'we' mentality rather than a 'me' perspective. I think it is because when we have such passion to express ourselves we once again feel the country we started out to be. We feel a bit like Americans again because our voice counts. And your voice does count - whether it be in an election or just the kind word you share with a stranger. Your expression when voiced with love is God's expression in the world.

YOU matter to God.

Instead of fearing what changes might come in our world, realize that we'll handle them when we get there. Instead of trying to second guess the future, and 'protect' yourself, live in the present and you'll know what to do and when. Instead of putting faith in others to rule your destiny, put your faith in God's ability to care for you no matter what. This is what the angels have taught me and it works, in all things from finances, to health, to getting good parking spaces.

As long as we look to the outside world, or to others for our happiness, its a gamble. And while it is in our nature to grow and evolve, I think the trick to enjoying life is to be present, here and now, giving thanks for what we do have, taking responsibility for what we can, and giving the rest of our future hopes and dreams over to God. He'll let you know when its time to take action. If you pray for it, you won't miss the signals when God says its time to act.

For example, I've been praying the last four years to feel good in my body. After my foot fiasco in 2004 (never do kung fu moves your instructor tells you not to do!), one side of my body has been stronger than the other. This has led to almost constant physical pain that I just got accustomed to having. I have not woken up one day in the past four years without stiffness and yet I've been profoundly grateful for the fact that my foot healed, the nerve damage was not permanent, and I'm generally healthy. I was enjoying each day and certainly wanted even more health.

The guidance first addressed the emotional issues that had me get off balance to begin with. While the broken foot taught me to DO less and BE more, I had to reinforce those patterns of balance over and over again. I got really serious about taking care of myself in August when I discovered some rather large lymphatic lumps growing where lumps shouldn't be. The lumps went away within a week after I got the message, but the lesson was drilled into my brain 100% - no more neglecting my own well being. Got it! God sometimes uses rather drastic measures to get our attention. The broken foot happened because I wasn't listening to all the warning signs. This time I was.

At the beginning of October I got really serious about wanting to get rid of this pain. I decided to stop focusing on the pain and start focusing on feeling healthy and fit. I prayed and started to envision perfect well being. The urge to stretch became very strong so I started getting up 20 minutes early to stretch in the mornings. I started craving what I call "the Dr. Peebles cocktail* that balances your pH and sends healthy oils deep into the tissues. I started to get the urge to sit and breathe deeply in the evenings for several minutes at a time to release the static I pick up as a result of my job. I got some guidance to take certain other concoctions that work for me. And the urge to hike returned as well so every few weeks I'm getting out to do that. I feel GREAT! I have no pain, no stiffness. I am getting strong and flexible again and as a side benefit I've started losing a little excess weight. Its just miraculous, but when you get serious and intentional and committed to your own well being and your own dreams, you find yourself swimming in a universal flow that supports them. As long as I was focused on the pain and whining, I was in that flow - not such a great current to be swimming around in!

So this week, truly embrace the changes you want to see in your life. Own them as if the universe is yours to command and at your service because the angels ARE at your service if the desires are sincere. And act when the urges and impulses come. Change CAN be fun. It might be a challenge, or a bit of work, but when you're working on your own goals and dreams, its worth the effort.

And as for the global changes, don't fear them. You only have to focus on your life, your family, your own expression of spirit, and your own well being. If you DO that your cup will be full and you'll be able to assist others and be an anchor of peace in the world. The outside world will always shift and change, but if you find your center in God, then you'll weather the changes with grace.