Saturday, November 29, 2008

The million eyes of God

A few weeks ago I was in a group meditation. Usually I just go into a deep and relaxing space of no thoughts, and just floating around in the oneness. Every now and then I'm treated to a new experience. This time Jesus showed up in front of me. "Look into My eyes," I heard God say as I stared into Jesus's eyes. Then all of the sudden a thousand faces whirled around me and thousands of voices, ALL GOD's voice, but expressed through each of these people said, "Look into my eyes."

God was saying this - Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes in the form of a black woman, a native american man, a Chinese child, the boyfriend who was hard on you, your mother, your father, your dog, the pigeons in the yard... it just went on and on. And as I looked into the eyes of each soul in this vision, I saw God in His many different forms appearing to me. I saw how every day we look into the eyes of God both in souls who realize they are part of His creation, and in so many who are not aware of the fact. I saw again that there is no lack of God's light in anyone - some soul's just forget. I tried to anchor this feeling, this phrase, and this understanding in my awareness so I could carry it forward into my life.

What would our lives be like if we truly took the time and made the effort to see God's light in the eyes of everyone we ran into? What if WE knew each soul to be an expression of God's creation, whether the other person did or not? I think it would be an amazing world. People wouldn't rush each other in traffic, growl at store clerks during the holidays, or dread seeing family members who were unaware. People would just look at each other and even see the cantankerous ones as the ones who just forgot - innocent but ignorant.

This is my latest endeavor - to practice this and to try to see God in everyone's eyes. It isn't always easy but it sure is fun. It reminds me of my first grade friend's little brother. He asked her, "Is God Everywhere?" "Yes," my friend replied. "Is he even in this here water of mine," the little guy asked. "Yes," again came the reply. The little guy put his hand over the water glass, like you would do if you caught a bug, and said in a very loud voice, "I GOT YOU GOD!"

When you try to see God in everyone, you DO have fun because you feel like a child saying, "Oh there you are God," and "There you are again." "There You are are all around me." Sometimes the greatest blessings are too obvious to see.