Saturday, November 15, 2008

Give thank, have faith

As many of you know I've been feeling pretty good lately. But life is still life. I've had an inordinately crazy string of unexpected maintenance items this month and have been handling them very well. However, before 10am on Monday, after two more repairs and a need for a third, I had a moment of freak-out as I watched the money roll out the door. Truly, I'm human. The heart was pounding, the insanity was setting in... but I realized quickly that was nuts. This didn't feel good!

So I did what I always do when I get spiritually insane. I sit, breathe and ask God to remind me of truth. As I breathed slowly and deeply I prayed. "God you've always taken care of me and you always will. Get these mutant thoughts out of my head." And little by little humor returned, truth came back, and I realized that what the angels said to one client applies to all of us - There is no limit on the miracles God has in store for us when we get out of the way!

We are all human! We all have our moments of getting sucked into fear and the financial fear on this planet right now is like a black hole that is all too easy to step into. I refuse to do it. Feeling faithful feels too good. Getting sucked into fear feels miserable. And the results with faith are much better.

So give thanks for what you have and I for one give thanks for all of you, the beauty of the leaves this year, and the fact that Arizona has cooled down and feels like Fall :)