Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two sides to all stories

So many people have asked me who is going to win the election and the angels say that it is up to the free will of the human beings voting up to the last minute. Sometimes they say "God will win" because in all cases, God is in charge, no matter what mankind thinks. God allows us our free will to learn our lessons but ultimately love wins. If we could stand above space and time I t hink we'd see the same classes repeated over and over and over again in world history. Generations come and go, but those who raise their vibration evolve into the higher realms in heaven at the end of their lives. Those who engage in greed, manipulation, dishonesty, etc. regret their decisions to push God away at the end of their lives. They see what they have lost. The worlds gains and losses are temporary - the spiritual gains and losses are much more important.

The angels have repeated time and again, "Vote for the candidate you are willing to pray for, no matter what." I suspect the next several years are going to be times of intense upheaval and change, in terms of both civil affairs and earth changes and so we must pray for whoever gets in office and we must stand in our own integrity. As Ghandi said, "Be the change that you seek."

I hear so many people slamming both politicians for being critical of one another and yet their criticism is more scathing. I hear people fearing for the country if one or the other candidate gets in office, and yet is is our own behaviors that most directly affect our own lives. I see people paying more attention to their stocks and possessions than their families, and yet I know others who have little materially but have all the love in the world.

I see people sighing in despair about the state of the world and yet I hear the angels singing that it is high time that things changed, greed got exposed, and people remembered good old fashioned core values. When there is a devastating earth change, we mourn those who are lost while they celebrate their return home to heaven.

Many people ask me how I can be happy when the world is such a mess and I answer - I work at it. I maintain my spirit by constantly praying. I invite God into my day in the morning and ask Him to raise my vibration and awareness at night. I choose to be around positive and uplifting people and I use my recreational time to either be in nature or watch programs that restore my faith in the human spirit (Extreme Home Makeover is a latest favorite - where thousands of people in a community donate a week of their time to build a house for a family in need). I read and reread inspiration books, and I take time, if only a little, to be still. I get up early to do a little stretching so my body can stand the energies moving through it. I try to remember to breathe. These things don't take much time but they have huge return. These days we can't afford to neglect our bodies or spirits. We have to listen to them.

There are always two sides to every coin. The glass is always half full and half empty at the same time - our choice how we choose to look at it. I choose to look at the fact that God is bringing all the issues to the surface so we can really see where we stand. Its time for clarity now in our own hearts. Take heart, fill your self with positive energy in any way you can and know that God is still in charge.