Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mystical experience in the airport

I just came home from a trip back east to attend my brother's wedding and spend time with family members I have not seen in ages. While I was there we were too busy to watch television or read the news and so while the world was in turmoil over the economy, I was blissfully ignorant of the chaos. Instead I enjoyed the cool weather and gentle rains, the tall oak trees and the lush green growth all around. I enjoyed the humor of my aunt and uncles whom I hadn't seen in ages, and the joy of my brother and his new wife. And I celebrated the fact that my parents and I, who have had our share of difficult times over the years, have now found that there is nothing left but love.

In Chicago O'Hare International airport waiting for a connecting flight I suddenly slipped into a trance like state and saw the phenomenal growth my parents and I have shared, the lessons we set up for ourselves before we incarnated, the great love it took to know how difficult it would be, and the sense of accomplishment we share as a soul group for finding the love between us. We are three very different people and yet we have found common ground. We've worked hard to communicate more kindly, listen more intently, and learn more tolerance. We're not always perfect, but the fact that we now seek to love instead of wanting to 'be right' feels like heaven.

And as I had that feeling, the angels came into my heart and illuminated it so brightly I felts God's love possess me and in a brilliantly beautiful vision, saw His light burst outward in all directions as He wove a frequency of love around the planet. I saw tendrils of light, like roots weaving in and out amongst the masses, seeking human hearts who were softened and ready to receive this love. Sadly this light had to go around those who did not believe in this love and were not willing to receive it. I felt the light in those who were willing to receive God's love spread outward in similar fashion until the light became very bright and I felt the hopefullness and celebration of the angels who know that in the end, God's love will seek out every human heart who is willing to receive it, and wait patiently for those who are not. I woke up rather surprised to be sitting on the floor of the airport in front of my gate, just in time to hear the gate had changed... I quickly came back to this reality as I walked briskly with a few hundred other passengers to the new gate.

To be a loving person and to feel God's love in our lives is the bottom line of everything we seek. When I have these intense moments of feeling God's love, there is nothing I could ever want for. There is no lack, no loneliness, no difficulty in dealing with others. In the midst of a chaotic airport, among hundreds of stressed out and tired souls, I felt peace and joy.

It IS possible to be in the world but not of it. We have to work at it. It doesn't come easy. I pray like crazy every day to feel God's love and to share it. I pray to experience God's peace and to help others find it as well. We CAN feel abundant no matter what the bills or the world's problems if we know God's love. This is the abundance that never goes away, the peace that surpasses all understanding, the love that is without condition. I don't feel it all the time either, but I do know that when we pray with a sincere heart, and make room for the possibility that we can feel it, somehow, suddenly, when you least expect it, God will burst inside of you and suddenly you'll know the truth - that this love is all we could ever ask for, and yet it is also the seed for all we could ever dream of having on this earth.