Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life happens one moment at a time

I could not think of a single story to share with you all when I sat down to write. So finally I asked the angels what to write, and they said, share that and talk about how you feel these days. I'm wildly happy for no external reason. I still have bills to pay. My expenses have gone up along with everyone elses. There is total nonsense on the news. But I feel the love of God in my heart and there is just nothing like that. I have been working very hard this year with some tough spiritual lessons of my own, but with a lot of prayer and constantly trying to make more loving choices, I've been able to choose love under some circumtances that would have driven me into the pits for months in my past. I've chosen love when people attacked my character, when an angry spirit beat me up last summer, when people I cared about were upset. I've chosen love when people refused to take responsibility for their own lives, and I've worked hard to choose love even watching the insanity on the news. It feels better to choose love. I ask and pray for the strength to do this every day. Sometimes it is easier than others, but without fail it makes me feel SO good.

I've been having random gratitude attacks too. All of the sudden I'll think of someone and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the contributions they've made to my life - even ex-boyfriends who were hurtful and difficult are now seen as individuals who taught me to stand in my power. The stocks in my retirement account leftover from my engineering days are taking a nose dive and I feel nothing but exhiliration for the fact that I'm able to place my security in God and not get sucked into the panic that is running amuck.

The simple pleasures have sustained my soul this year rather than large projects. Making a meal can be an act of grace if you take time to see, touch, taste, and smell the ingredients and to think about where all the food comes from and the huge web of humanity that contributes to just one bite of a dish prepared with love. Trimming my yard, no matter how challenging physically can be an act of grace when I thank God for the bounty of life and flowers. Cleaning my house can be joyful when I focus on the gratitude for having a home. I remember when I had to do it on crutches and give thanks that my two feet work now.

Life happens every single moment and we can either miss it by thinking about the past or fearing the future, or we can live it by immersing ourselves fully in each moment and choosing to give thanks.

I don't know if I'll be able to do this all the time because I'm human. I certainly hope and pray I can, but for now I'm enjoying the small moments of grace that add up to a whole lot of joy. I hope you have a week filled with many tiny magic moments.