Saturday, September 13, 2008

No rushing

When I sat to write this message I was in a hurry as usual before work. I wanted to get the newsletter done in the morning so I could rest after work. As I sat to channel the angels' messages I had to laugh. Once again they caught me 'rushing so I could relax.' Its a common problem in our society. We want to get our to do lists done so we can then reward ourselves with a moment or two of relaxation. We work like crazy to take a vacation. We rush and ignore friends and family so we can 'spend more time' with them. And yet the angels constantly remind us, that life occurs now, now, and now again - in each moment.

I've worked very hard to become more present. For years the angels told me to 'slow down' and over time I've realized that they didn't mean that I should get less done, but rather that I should become more present and immersed in the moment. I should slow my FOCUS down and bring my mind back from the future, up from the past and into the moment in which I was living at this time. When I do that, amazingly I get a lot done and I feel less hurried than ever before. When I forget, and focus on the past or the future, I am scattered, accomplished less and feel more tired.

As I write this now I am focusing on every word, not at all worried about clients later today, or stuff I didn't do yesterday. I am all here, all with you. And when I do this I feel the energy of God flowing through me, like a prayer to and for all of you. How beautiful! When I live this way, I feel God's flow through the universe, because I am all here, open to receiving and open to sharing. And suddenly writing the newsletter is not a chore but a blessings, a great joy because I receive as I give. If I focus on 'getting it done' I miss the gift and the blessing it offers.

The same goes for washing the dishes, taking care of the dogs or the kids, the house, the job. We can slow our focus down to be where we are at, with the people in front of us, and suddenly we see clearly, feel God's love and are able to share it in each situation in which we find ourselves. People transform in that light. Difficult souls get kinder or leave when we are focused on truly BEing with them rather than getting away or getting something from them.

Try this week, and I will too, to be fully present as much as possible in each moment. Your body will feel better, your mind will be calmer, and suprisingly, you'll get a lot accomplished as well!