Saturday, September 06, 2008

Love includes me and you too!

I love to love. It just feels good. Smiling and saying hi to strangers and watching them light up feels like being a fairy godmother. Being kind to a clerk who just dealt with the cranky person in front of me and watching them breathe a sigh of relief reminds me that we can be angels to one another. Holding the hand of a friend in need or touching my dogs helps me feel the spiritual energies flowing through me. It feels good to be kind to other people. The real journey has been learning to be more and more loving to myself.

Over the years as I moved further out into the public eye I've been given opportunities to love more and more. I've been attacked by skeptics, harranged by zealots, and in very nasty emails told I was mentally unstable, unfit to assist others, not courageous enough to kill myself, filled with egotistical fluff, and the list goes on! I used to respond lovingly and kindly to these attacks which was a huge improvement over the stewing and steaming I would have done in my younger years. It just felt better. I thought I was doing well to respond so kindly, and I was, but the angels suggested there was an even more loving way to handle unkind behavior - ignore it. They told me I was being kind to the unkind which was good but if I were to include myself in this equation, the truth was I didn't want to give other's negativity ANY energy of my own.

So now, when a person says something sarcastic or unkind, I remain silent and turn away. When I receive an angry email, I simply bless the person in prayer and delete it. When something unpleasant must be handled (like a computer problem!) I do it with as much patience and love as possible after praying for God to bless the situation and everyone involved.

Everyone on earth is entitled to their opinions, and as the saying goes, "Life happens," but when we bring love into even the so-called negative situations, whether or not the situation is transformed, we will be transformed by our own love. And that is what our journey is all about :)