Saturday, August 30, 2008

The little everyday miracles

We look for God's love in the grandiose things in our life, the big relief we get when we solve a problem or work through an issue, the reward we take after working hard, the appreciation of others, and yet the angels have taught me to see God's love in the smallest of ways. A bee buzzing around a flower is a miracule if you consider the delicacy of the wings, the intricate colors, the mechanics of his little legs, and the way he gathers nectar. The flower is a miracle too with its papery petals, and glorious textures. And how about the sun that shines down on both of them? And the rain that waters them? The angels say we take so much for granted, and yet miracles are all around us. Scientists don't even know all the wonders of the human body yet! And yet we walk around in one every day.

Ask and you shall receive we are told. It is true. Every day I wake up and as the angels have instructed me, add to my prayers, "God I am ready to receive your love. Go before me and make my day smooth. Bring me joy and miracles, and wonderful surprises." When I remember that prayer with sincerity the days are full of unexpected surprises if I listen to my heart, rest when needed, and take time to do my work and chores consciously.

Miracles can even be the unexpected answer to a question. I turned the news on the other night and as always it was rather dismal. I prayed for the world, then asked God if it would ever get better. Forgetting the question I went out back to do a little yard work, just in time to see a beautiful rainbow forming in the heavens... God's promise of dry land after Noah's flood - and in modern days, a promise that light is always present in its glorious spectrum, even amidst the storms. I LOVE it when heaven puts on a display like that.

So ask for your miraculous experessions of God's love and expect the unexpected answers. Life can be magical if we honor the little things - not just the answers to our big prayers, but the wonderful ways in which God's love is always present for us to know.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cultivating your dreams

I like to garden. I have a very, very tiny strip of soil on one side of my house. I don't have much time to tend it. Its not an ideal spot regarding light and shade, and the soil had to be augmented with a great deal of sand to avoid flooding when we get our monsoon rains. Nonetheless, things grow there. I don't follow any rules whatsoever, but what I do manage is to listen to my intuition about when to plant, water, weed, and love the tiny plants after I put them in. This spring, even with the arizona soil, I got enough tomatoes to keep me from buying any for months and a few stragglers are still coming in, in spite of the heat. My basil crop promises to provide me with pesto to last the winter months, and an adorable little eggplant is currently forming for my dinging pleasure. I get just enough jalapenos to supply my salsa craving and enough other herbs to make tea and spice up my dinners.

Gardening is a lot like manifestation. When you put a seed in the ground, its like planting your intention. You do it in the dark soil of life. You don't have a clue how your manifestation will grow or when it will pop up to the surface. You water it with love, weed out your beliefs, and wait. If you keep taking God's pulse to see if He heard you its like digging up the seeds to see if they're growing! Doubt delays the process. If you pick the fruits or veggies too soon, its like settling for less than what you want rather than waiting for your manifestation to arrive in its ripe full glory. So gardening, like manifesting, takes just a bit of work, and a lot of patience. The more you water and nourish your veggies, the riper they will grow. The more you water and nourish your dreams with faith, the riper they will grow too. The more you weed the more space the plants have to grow. The more you weed out your negative beliefs, the more ways in which God can make your dreams come true.

So during this time on earth when truly so many feel stuck, plant the seeds of your dreams with intent, water them with faith, weed out the beliefs, and wait for your dreams to come pushing into the light!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Big faith and trust

Hope you are having a fantastic week. After a rather lengthy round of growth I have come back to center and am feeling absolutely blissfully fantastic. In May I asked to be a conduit of love for three million listeners of a radio show I was on. Oprah once said that when she prayed to have more courage and compassion, God gave her opportunities to be that. Likewise, when I prayed to funnel amazing amounts of love to the planet, I was given opportunities! These rounds of growth are not always easy. Over the course of the last two months I've been asked to love a spirit that hated me and beat me up (I got him into the light); to open to greater love (from the whales) than I've ever felt going through my body; to surrender to a higher will and learn more deeply that I am not in control of the fate of any of God's creatures, and to scour out the depths of my spirit and release some pretty deep seated old unconscious beliefs. Needless to say I've been busy in my spare time.

Spiritual growth is not for the faint of heart. When we ask for a direct experience of God's love, we are opening ourselve up first to being cleansed of all our darkness, illusions, fears, angers, etc. A dear soul whom I greatly respect said recently, "Those who dare throw open darkened doorways are rewarded with great light."

We don't always know we've thrown those doorways open. We pray to God to illuminate our lives and bring us greater manifestation. But before we can have these prayers answered whatever lies inside of us that resists or blocks God's love, concsiously or otherwise must be let go. A example would be when someone prayers for money but believes they must burn themselves out to earn it, rather than allowing God to provide a better solution. Yes, you must do what you know to do, but prayer, faith, and allowing God to guide you will put you in partnership with God rather than operating independent of this love.

God's love is constant but our deep seated subconsious beliefs limit how much of it we can experience. We might be put through lessons to develop greater faith in order to have what we want. We might have to get rid of old sadness, anger, wrong thinking, etc. We might have to cultivate patience and trust. Whatever it is inside of us that blocks the flow of God's love will be revealed so we can receive the manifestations we are asking for. I often hear the angels say to people, when you pray for more, trust that EVERYTHING that happens after your prayer is part of the answer to that prayer.

That is some kind of big faith and trust and yet it IS possible. Two weeks ago, in the throes of emotional turmoil and chaos, the observer in me knew that this routing out of the old was necessary to bring even more light into my life and to help me learn to be stable in that new flow. Its easy to wade in a slow flowing stream. Its harder to be stable in a fast current. That is why, as we go farther along our spiritual path, staying in impeccable integrity with our own hearts is required in order to stay in balance. The greater the flow, the greater the effect of each thought, word, and deed.

The spritual path is not for the faint of heart. It is often misunderstood. The peace, love, light, and joy DOES come if you do your homework, but if you ask for more light, there will always be times of digging deeper, looking inside of self and scouring out all that does not believe in the eternity of life, the support of the creator, and the immsense love around us at all times. Letting go of our human illusions of separation is not easy, and yet it is worth every tear shed, every difficult but honest moment of self-reflection, and every tough lesson learned. To help others deal with their own fears, I must embrace my own. To help others surrender to God's plan I must surrender to my own lessons. In order to assist others who are angry, sad, or feeling ashamed, I have had to look at these things without judgment inside of myself. As we release judgment against ourselves, we release others from judgment as well. As we surrender more deeply to what is in front of us and inside of us, we find a greater appreciation of God's plan unfolding in our lives. It is a time on earth for releasing old illusions and accepting greater light. God does not cause pain. Our illusions do. And they can be pretty tough to get past at times, but we can get past them.

The angels remind me that God has a much bigger perspective than any of us do. They once said that we can, at times, be like children screaming because we can't have a cookie, and yet God is like a mother who is busy preparing our favorite meal - an experience that would be ruined if we got our cookie first. We don't always see the good coming after a difficult lesson. We don't always understand the bigger picture of a trial we undergo. And yet if you can trust that when you are ready to learn it, God will reveal it, and trust that all in life is part of the lessons we came to embrace on this school called earth - then, and only then, will peace return quickly, and eventually prevail. When you become serious about manifesting your dreams, you may face some big challenges to get rid of some big blocks to receiving and sharing God's love. But why not? That is, after all, why we are here!

I'm feeling amazing - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually blissful once again. And you will too if you can surrender to what is in front of you, confront your own fears, illusions, sadness, anger, and see them as the lies they truly are. God loves you. That's the truth underlying all our lessons. Receive it, bask in it, and be blessed by it :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Slow down, grow fast

I can vouch for the fact that slowing down helps you grow faster. A few weeks ago after my whale experience I prayed for God to incorporate more of their joy, play, and passion into my life, and prayed for God to remove anything getting in the way of that. I forgot to ask for the growth to be joyful and gentle...oops.

This past weekend I made time in my schedule to 'do nothing' - meaning I had no plans except to sit, read, rest, and contemplate life Saturday morning. I was SO excited, but as often happens when we do something positive, any old patterns inside of us that don't agree come to the surface. And so the first few hours of my weekend off were very blissful but slowly as I started wondering if I shouldn't do something more productive, unbeknownst to me I was damming up a very beautiful flow of energy through my body and my life. As a result my neck slipped off kilter putting me in the most unbelievable pain. This is the same thing that happened to me a few weeks ago. I had a blissful experience with the whales, somehow stopped the incredible flow and my body just hurt! When you ask a river to run through you, its best not to put up the walls of unworthiness!

So there I was in total and complete self pity because I hadn't yet gotten the lesson. I wailed because it hurt so much, crying to the universe that I was JUST starting to do what I wanted with getting more relaxation and now THIS! In total self pity I felt the universe was the one pushing me back everytime I took a step towards relaxation (It has been a pattern!) Of course I knew better, but some tantrum-throwing part of me needed its release first. Then anger came up from within. A mighty rage flew through me as I thought of all the time I spent hurting physically this lifetime. After that ran its course, I realized that some part of ME was angry at ME for putting up with it and creating it by not listening to my spirit. I asked God to get that old anger and old unforgiveness out of me NOW, and all of the sudden my back popped into place, the neck released a bit and I felt better. I realized that deep down within me I had some subconscious old belief that God cared about me spiritual growth but not my happiness as a physical human being. Well as usual when you feel something about God, you can substitute the word "I" and see the truth of it... I was the one who hadn't cared about myself as much at the human level. It wasn't God's fault. I felt better.

The lessons on spirit and flesh were not over yet. The pigeon died this weekend. I had a premonition that he had a destiny for a short life. As I sobbed again, I asked to see his soul, and this white ball of light appeared in front of me and flew straight into my heart where it burst into the most glorious and grateful love. More tears - this time happy ones. The angel that was the little birdie's soul kept coming back to me, this time to nurse ME t hrough my own lessons the next few days. He talked to me about how I had not felt that God cared about my well being in the past and yet look at him - a simple pigeon, considered a vermin by so many, who received so much love in this lifetime. He was mirroring me, and showing me that love and care were always there if you trust God, as all creatures except for mankind, do. He told me that while he knew going out into the yard was a risk of death, it was fun for him, glorious freedom and his life was richer for the experience even if it was shorter. He told me I could stay in my comfort zone constantly working and helping others, or I could take more down time and daydream more about what I wanted in life, not just as a spiritual teacher, but as a human being. He did, while he was alive, begin the process. I sat with him for at least an hour a day at various times, just being silent. I learned to get up earlier and go to bed earlier, something I've not been able to do my entire life. I learned to enjoy simple quiet moments with another being instead of always doing something for them. And while I've done this to a degree for the last many years, this bird really taught me to just 'be' in a deeper way.

I'm embracing more joy as a result. I'm spending a lot less time at the computer which gives me more time to swim and exercise. That makes me feel a LOT better of course. I'm spending time just being instead of running around all the time. I'm able to give more in less time and it feels GOOD. The whale energy is still working with me and I'm waiting to see what comes of being present to such an uplifting and loving consciousness. I'm swimming with them in my sleep feeling their power and grace, and exuberance for life. And my body is feeling a LOT better.

Its amazing what can happen when we sit still! Most of the time we run around fulfilling obligations and such but in our quiet moments God can really work His magic, routing out the old and making room for the new. Growth is not always easy. A the angels were telling a client today, pulling out the roots of old beliefs is hard, and yet... so worth the work! Joy always follows one of these growth episodes - more freedom, and definitely a renewed sense of childlike wonder. As the whales at Sea World teach... Anything is Possible :)