Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mystical experience with the Whales

I am discovering new levels of choice in my life, and new experiences as a result. A dear, dear client gave me airline buddy passes that she couldn't use and two weeks ago the urge to go to Sea World was so strong I called a friend, and rearranged my weekend to fly out to San Diego and honor the urging. As we stood above the whales in between shows, I silently asked the whale if she could merge with my energy. She swam beneath the two of us, turned belly up and began to transmit an energy so breathtakingly blissful and beautiful I can barely put it into words. My friend felt it as well. Energy shot up our spines, adjusted our necks in tandem and as I shut my eyes I was privvy to beautiful visions of what the whales are accomplishing with the work at the park. I melted into oneness and felt such incredible love. A few hours later my body went into such pain I couldn't descsribe that either!! The angels told me I asked for a lot of love to come in and then jammed it up by subconsciously feeling it was too much good for too long. I can't relate with my mind to that but I believe them based on the experience. The angels, through my friend Summer, advised me to imagine breathing through a blowhole on the top of my head. Immediately the pain in my body was gone, I found I had a new motion when I hiked (like a flipper moving in my body!!), and I am breathing better and more deeply than ever before.

The merging experience didn't end there. For a week following the experience I barely felt human. When I was driving, I felt as if I was swimming through the air. I craved fish. I wanted to be swimming in all my spare time. I longed to fly through the air and splash in the water. I even went through a deep and serious craving to quit my entire life as I know it, and start over in order to work with whales - and I mean I LONGED for this, as much as a soul longs for God or a person longs for a long lost love. I even looked into the requirements and figured out that by the time I met the commitments and did the training I could be the first whale trainer to start flying off the whales in my mid fifties. I haven't felt the kind of passion that would turn a life upside down for years - since I first felt Reiki. If I hadn't had my house and dogs, I might have moved already and been enrolled in marine biology classes, and working with a swim trainer. My brain was ticking fast... All I'd have to do is get lasik, overcome my discomfort in cold water, go back to school, move, get in incredible shape, do readings nights and weekends while volunteering with wildlife. It all seemed SO possible. My friends, who are accustomed to my weirdness just waited to see what would come of this.

I know better than to turn my life upside down after an extreme mystical experience. I always wait it out a bit to see what emerges. In time I felt mostly human again and while I long for the feeling of swimming and leaping through the water, and although I know it WOULD be fun to work with whales, I realized I crave the intense and deep experience of oneness, flow, passion, joy, abanadon, and purpose that these magnificent creatures experience as their reality. I thought I had life figured out pretty well - now a whole new window of possibility for joy has been opened up in my awareness.

In the legends it is said that angels from the star system Sirius incarnate in the form of enlightened whales and dolphins to teach us. I can't prove it but I did feel the whales urging us as a human race to BELIEVE that we can be more, that earth can be a paradise again, that if we focus on the good, anything is indeed possible. Merging with them marked a turning point in my inner life. I have known play must be an essential ingredient in my life, now it is not optional. I have known we are always to focus on the solutions we want rather than the problems - now it is easier. I am picturing peace on earth. I am picturing the economy turning around. I feel such JOY in my heart. I feel like their energy has woven into my awareness and has become part of me.

And although I love my work, doing anything day in and day out for thirteen years can become normal. I was praying for renewed inspiration in my life, and it is so much fun to be exploring a whole new world of frequencies in a deeper way than I ever understood it before. I feel like I'm in kindergarten again. I love NOT knowing things, opening up to new experiences, and learning again.

Within two days my entire hard drive on my computer crashed, and had to be wiped and rebuilt - what a metaphor!!! I think my brain's hard drive was erased and rebuilt lately! As the Sea World show Believe says... "There are moments in our lives when we are changed forever - when we stop wondering and start to Believe." This experience has helped me believe how God can create new inspiration and wonder in our lives in just a moment. If you intend, choose, focus, and BELIEVE in God's abundant universe you can indeed tap into any energy you choose. Why not pick the ones you'd love?