Friday, June 06, 2008

Tend to the garden of your life

I had an amazing experience last Monday. I was asked to be included in an upcomging film entitled, "Gifted Children of the World." My heart sang with this because I adore the children coming into the world. They are amazing angels bringing hope, inspiration, and wisdom, and they teach us who we are capable of becoming. I've had the privilege of seeing many of them and their parents over the years and I love to do what little I can to help them blossom. Filming was funny because the angels took over and tied my tongue whenever I tried to speak on my own! At one point I just surrendered, the words poured through me and I watched the entire room fill with white light and the faces of the people around me turn to pure gold light. It was like stepping into the heavenly dimensions temporarily and I was filled with great passion and joy.

I had the privilege of watching the next segments of filming in which Shannon Lee Simpson was interviewed. She is a child and family counselor whose life changed when she met Pablo. Pablo is now a thirteen year old boy who was originally diagnosed with all sorts of mental disorders and drugged. Shannon diagnosed him with seeing spirits and helped him learn how to dialogue with them. The purity and beauty of this gentle boy was beyond words. He talks to spirits who teach him how they fold the fabric of space and time, teach him how to be centered in his heart, and talk about chakras now. His 'issues' are gone. And in a very touching moment he told us about his encounters with Archangel Gabriel. I was humbled and awed by his grace, and by his family's commitment to understand and support him. His mother is now writing a book about his journey. Shannon is working on a book to help parents discern if their kids are intuitive and how to assist them. And the angels started dumping another book through me the same night. I couldn't stop the flow.

I've been resting for months, other than radio shows and hundreds of emails, dinking away on nearly ten books I've started but not finished but the fire has been lit in my soul and I now have direction again. There have been many times in my life when I've been without direction. There have been many times in the past that I've struggled to find it, but over the years the angels have taught me to do what I know to do, then rest, wait, and trust when I didn't know what to do next. And then it never fails! Inspiration comes when you least expect it. Purposes get clarified in a moment. You get awakened out of bed to jot down an idea and it changes your life.

I think of our growth like tending to a garden. You stir up the soil of your old entrenched belief. You weed out the ones that don't work for you and inhibit your joy. You wait while the seeds that God planted in your heart begin to grow and then you tend to them and enjoy the harvest.

So if you are in a phase in life where you don't know what to do next, do what little you do know and wait for further instructions from God - because when God and the angels want you to know something they will not quit until you get the message. You won't miss God's direction in your life. Its not subtle when He's ready to talk!

Have a blessed week, filled with rest until it is time to create movement,

For those of you who are interested Shannon's website will be available soon:Intuitive Kids.

Pablo's site is Strength by Love if you'd like to learn more about this remarkable young man.