Saturday, June 14, 2008

Deeper levels of integrity

It seems to have been a wild week in the global energy field. The angels said there were forces clashing on the planet and within us - desire for change and resistance of change, and they were talking more about undercurrents in the energy that out pictured in various ways. The tornadoes were a clashing of weather fronts. The flooding represents the torrents of emotions being washed up from the depths, and the earth continues to shake and quake in various locations. It is not a time for fear they say, but rather a time to be still and rest.

Rest - that word is one I used to be afraid of but not have come to love. In my earlier days, I could not sit still. And so after saying I needed to rest the last two weeks (but not doing it) my body decided it was mandatory. Saturday I woke up out of the blue fighting a case of laryngitis. Not cool. I had two radio shows scheduled Sunday and Monday and was looking forward to them. Moreover, I had a to do list that was a mile long. Nonetheless, when my body speaks, I listen because I know it wouldn't be acting up if I had listened earlier. So, I ditched the to-do list, meditated, and got the hint to go get ginger and make ginger tea. As I was driving to the store, a car with the license plate GINGER pulled in front of me! The tea worked, as did copious amounts of sleep, Reiki, and prayers from friends, and I was better quickly, with a voice intact. I had to go inside and really examine why of all things I created laryngitis because there were many ways the body could insist on rest. It wasn't rocket science - I've been speaking up a lot more lately and more strongly and that has opened me up to both praise and some incredibly nasty criticism. My skin isn't totally thick yet and it still hurts when someone lambastes me as a result of their own pain. And so, some part of me that wanted to shy away from such public exposure almost shut down my voice! Thankfully the angels talked sense into me :)

Integrity happens on so many levels. There is the obvious level - being truthful with others. Two plumbers did hard labor in my yard for an entire day in the heat last month and the bill was steep and therefore ended up on my charge card. However, when the MasterCard statement arrived I was undercharged by $1000. Integrity demanded that I call the plumbing company, point out their error, and pay the balance. If I had not done so, my bank account would have been better off, but I would have been putting my faith in lack instead of God's economy and ability to pay my bills. As is, the split bill gave me a little more time to pay it off, so the universe still gave me a gift. I treat others the way I would like to be treated.

Then there is the integrity of the heart that involves being truthful with yourself. I'm usually good at this one, but I do slip up from time to time. When your heart demands something and you listen, you are in integrity. I was out of integrity by not resting when I knew my body needed rest. I would have been out of integrity with my soul if I let fear of attack keep me from speaking in public. If we are honest with ourselves and take actions consistent with our hearts, life is magical. As soon as I got back on track, life started working wonderfully well again. I reached out to friends and risked 'bothering' them because I wanted some support. I got my ginger tea. I dropped all the chores and did Reiki on myself. And magically what could have turned into a nasty cold that lingered for weeks was gone, and I got my rest.

Watch yourself closely this week and strive to be in integrity - by simply being honest with others and with yourself. And watch how much easier life flows!