Thursday, May 29, 2008

We're all one heart

That last paragraph from the angels really struck me again, although they've said it to me many times. When we see unthinkable tragedies, like the schools collapsing on the children in China and the grief stricken mothers wailing outside the rubble, and when we undergo our own personal tragedies, it is easy to forget that we have a loving God. It is hard, thinking judgmentally as we humans are apt to do, to see the light in the dark. And yet through every dark night of the soul, there is a birth, and a greater light emerging if only we give ourselves time to see it. If we judge someone's circumstances, behaviors, or even the state of the world, we may not be patient enough to see the light of God unfolding within it.

I've been really following the news on the earthquake in China for many reasons. First of all I felt the vibration right as it happened, but more importantly our government and theirs has been in such a touchy relationship for years, that the rifts and separations seemed very deep. And yet here we are, human beings on one side of the world, watching human beings far away, and seeing that when it comes down to the basics - beyond ideology, race, religion, or creed, we are one in the same. We hope. We dream. We want purpose, a roof over our heads, protection for the children, opportunity. We want security. We want our loved ones to be safe. And the light in the human spirit is the same no matter where we live or what we believe. We seek that light out in times of darkness, because we must or we will be overcome by despair. That light of God within us is our salvation... for all of us.

I ran across a video by a group of young Chinese singers. It is entitled "Never be Beaten!- MV China Wenchuan earthquake" and the info on simply says, "Please pray for all victims in Sichuan." I do not speak Chinese nor do I understand a word in the song, but my heart comprehended what my head could not, and I was brought to tears, because the desire to hope, to prevail no matter what, to love, to reach out and connect was so strong that the language of love beyond the words in this song transcended all cultural, and language boundaries. If you get a chance to see it, your heart will be moved to tears. If you get a chance to comment, tell them we are all praying for them and their loved ones. To connect, even in such a small and seemingly insignificant way, can offer comfort and hope to our fellow human beings so they know they are not alone.

So many have written to me wondering what your purpose is. Although there are many variations on this theme, all of us share one common purpose which is to love. Check out this video if you are inclined and feel the energy beyond the words. If you can, offer a little love today to these souls via your comments - love has meaning and value beyond any wordly accomplishment. This video deserves to be seen.

If you can, please pass this video on to your lists and ask them to offer a prayer too... We can make a differnce. We can be ambassadors of peace and love. Why not start now?

Click here for video.