Saturday, April 19, 2008

Free meditation to heal the earth

Once again the angels have me near tears as their message pours through me. I have been walking in two worlds as of late and this fact was highlighted in the most humorous way the other night as I flipped between two television channels - one playing the movie, "Ever After," which is a modern version of the Cinderella fairy tale, and the other playing the movie "Volcano" showing scenes of panic, death, and destruction. The angels have often told me that both joy and pain exist at all times on this earth, and it is up to us to choose which one we want to tune into. I tuned into both, because at this time on our earth, both exist.

SO many people have been erupting with their truth as of late. So many people are being more honest with themselves and others about what is in their hearts. So many are being moved around by layoffs, relationship changes, and other life circumstances. So indeed the volcanoes are going off not just in Hawaii, Columbia, Indonesia, but in our own hearts as the truth deep within us comes to the surface. Not only are swarms of quakes shaking the seas near the northwest coast and other areas of the world, but also we are shaking off old beliefs and fears from our past. It is indeed a time of great change in our lives.

I believe in fairy tales as surely as I believe in the destructive aspects of life. In a fairy tale it is always the wicked witch or stepmother or wizard that doesn't believe in magic who tries to manipulate and take matters into their own hands, and work for selfish gain. It is always the innocent, naive child who believes in magic who prevails, and it is always the one who listens to the heart who lives happily ever after. Darkness exists, but so does love, and I for one will always focus on the love in the world.

Take this example - the angels said through my friend Summer Bacon, who is a phenomenal channel, ( that they ask us to pray to strengthen mother earth and bring her together. They said that creatures from the depths of the oceans would be rising up to speak the language of the heart. That's all but I heard volumes in my heart when that was spoken. I saw that there are governments blasting underwater ripping holes in areas of the ocean floor that don't need to be shaken. I saw that the ocean creatures are crying out for reprieve, and the earth herself is shaking and quaking and trying desperately not to fall apart in certain areas. I saw fissures in the matrix of the earth's energy field that really need repair. And I started to fall into a big anger at the systems and individuals who would perpetrate such monstrosities against our home planet. And the angels called me on my hypocrisy. "If you attack anyone with anger, dear one," they said, "you are bombing them as much as they bomb the earth." "If you seek to tear them apart with your thoughts and words, then you perpetuate the ripping of the earth's matrix because all are part of her who live upon her. Love those individuals. Pray for their awakening. Pray for the earth. Mother earth does not want you aiming your own emotional missiles at even the most ignorant of her children. Love them." Needless to say I cried a little as I felt their love flow through to me and to all involved in this. I strive to be loving and I am, but it seems that there is always more to learn about love.

And so I prayed. I prayed for the souls that would think it is ok to blast under our oceans. I prayed for the souls who seek indiscriminately and unjustly to find fuel no matter what the cost of human life or environment. I prayed for the earth's creatures, the oceans and all who live within them, and I went into a deep meditation asking the angels to show me how we could help repair the earth's matrix. I have put up a free meditation on for all wishing to join in. All you do is go to this page and download it, then you can listen to it on your computer:

(Scroll to the bottom to find the free meditation)

I know the earth is quaking and spouting right now. I also know that the only thing that can help heal her is love. If those of us on this list could pray for the effects of an asteroid to be minimal earlier this year, I feel we can pray and use the meditation above to help heal the earth's heart too, and in doing so the love that is returned is nothing short of mind blowing. I felt mother earth's love come back to me so powerfully at the end of the meditation that I can't even put it into words. The comfort she offers us is needed by us as well, as we weather these times of change.

So this week, believe in magic, believe in love, believe in innocence, and join with me in that love and magical space of creating a kinder reality for this planet we live upon.