Friday, March 14, 2008

Surrender to your natural rhythms

It never fails. When I surrender to the moment, the angel messages are so much easier to allow through me. This one hit me before breakfast on Thursday morning. I "accidentally" set the alarm clock an hour early and had more time. I was simply answering emails when it dropped in.

I have really learned, per the angels' teachings, to surrender to the natural rhythms within me. For the last many months I've been resting and resting. I told God that I thought I'd be ready to go back out in the world, this time according to His terms, after mid-Feb. I also told God that I wanted to share his love and inspiration with a lot of people in the world without burning myself out. Well, when I have more info I'll let you know but it appears that in the not too distant future I'm going to be on a radio show with over 3 million listeners :)!!! I am beyond excited. I get to share spiritual information with a lot of people without burning myself out!! I had a chance to be on this show, last minute, last Friday but I had an out of town friend in that I had promised to take out for dinner for her birthday and couldn't cancel on her so I've been told they'll get back to me with new dates. I will let you know soon as I know :) It could be a few months or a few weeks. I'm surrendered and excited.

All of the sudden as well I've had this surge of energy to start finishing projects I've started...thus the new CD, and yet one more book on the drawing board. I have no idea which book will be finished next - I cannot seem to write them in any order. I just go with the one that calls me when I sit to write. Sooner or later one emerges as the passionate project and gets finished. This is how I've cranked out four books and numerous CDs in the last few years. Sure it is a lot of work, but as I live according to my own rhythms, its happy work and doesn't feel like struggle.

I know we all have schedules. I have schedules where I see new people every hour several days of the week. There's not much room to give during those times, but it is in my unscheduled time that I allow the rhythms of my heart to surface. If the housecleaning doesn't get done on its usual day because I need rest, I rest. If all of the sudden I feel like doing a project when I had planned to do something else I change gears. My friends have gotten used to me being 'flaky' Ann and not always being able to schedule things till last minute, and the ones that need more rigid schedules have dropped away for the most part because we simply want different things.

This isn't the only way to live, nor the right way, but it is a way that makes life very carefree and guided because in a way, I've given my life and heart over to God and said, "Hey you drive!! I trust you'll get us where we want to go!" and sure enough, my life takes more wonderful turns than I could have planned on my own.

We are individuals and yet we are part of something so much greater - the entirety of God and his creation. And being made in his image and likeness, we are each perfect buds of expression waiting to bloom. Like the bee in the picture above, the more we allow ourselvse to BE who we really are, the more beautiful sweetness we find in life.