Friday, March 21, 2008

Love the angry ones

So many people are experiencing outbursts and upsets as of late. Everything hidden within us is coming up and out. Even mother earth is bursting at her seams as evidenced by the frequency of earthquakes and such going on these days. Growth is in the air. It IS time for a resurrection of our spirits and the death of old illusions as the angels said. It IS time to bring the light within us to the surface. It IS time to choose love - no matter what.

For some reason it has hit me lately how precious and truly how short our lives are, even if we live to be really old. It has hit me how ridiculous and a waste of precious time it is to stay upset for long. Better to fix a situation or move on, choose love or leave. Grow or Go, as the angels say. Choose love. Choose it again and again no matter what. It feels better. This is the blossoming of the soul - to release the sweetness of God's love out into the world without condition.

The reality is we are eternal beings. We come to this school called earth to learn about love. We play these roles for one another that can really hard at times. But in the long run, after we transition, we are thankful for our tough teachers, because they helped us find something deeper within ourselves if we take the lesson to heart. And they help us come to know ourselves as more loving beings if we strive to find the love. If we do our homework, they help us see ourselves as the angels that we truly are.

I know I'm going through a big growth phase lately because people from my past are showing up in either meditaiton or in my life. Its kind of like a mini life review and a completion. It means I'm growing into greater joy and leaving pain behind. I recently did a LOT of work to release old fear and tightness within my body (through prayer, energy work, etc.) because although I do not feel afraid in my mind or emotions, my body still had a tendency to scrunch up when around people I used to find scary. After one particularly intense prayer when I felt huge release and relief, I knew I had finally let something old leave me once and for all. The next day I got an email from a man I had not seen in 18 years. He apologized for sexually harrassing me at work when I was in my young twenties. He had found my website and wanted to make peace. I thanked him, told him truthfully I had let it go along time ago and cried my eyes out with gratitude and relief the love that now flowed once again between our souls. He was a friend before the hurtful behaviors. I'm not talking about feeling warm fuzzies, but rather feeling a respect for the difficult dance we shared and the lessons learned. I was glad for both me and him because it showed that he had grown and found peace, and I had grown and released the old fears.

We are all one human family. We all support one anothers' growth and even the hurtful souls (who are hurting within themselves) are helping us seek out greater love and compassion. They help us acknowledge and finally own that we are worthhy of kindness, and if we dig deep enough, they can also motivate us to find a love and compassion we didn't even know we were capable of feeling.

When Jesus said "Love your enemies" he didn't say you had to like them. Its not ok if people mistreat you or hurt you. You can walk away or create good boundaries at the human level, but LOVE them because they teach you. They teach you that you are capable of greater compassion for yourself. They teach you that you are capable of forgiveness. They help you if you allow for it, look deep within and ask yourself what part of you is in need of healing. They help you find greater love for yourself. And when this life is over you will appreciate the fact that they catalyzed your growth into greater light.

Life is too short to stay angry. If someone has wronged you, let it go. Move one. Make a resolve not to allow that again but let it go. Its time to say no to holding on to anger (ok to feel it, but then do something about it; don't let it fester), and to say YES to love.

Love is, after all, our deepest truth.

Happy Easter, Happy Mayan New Year, Happy Spring,
Happy Full Moon, Happy life!