Saturday, February 09, 2008

Peace in chaos

Before I share my article, my heart and prayers go out to the
victims of the recent tornadoes in the US south. I ask God to help
hold and comfort and care for all who have been affected. If you
are inclined, please pray with me.

Whenever opposing energies meet, there is great, sudden, and often violent movement. This happened in the case of the tornadoes. Unseasonably warm air clashed with the cold winter air and the result was chaos. Out of chaos, angels say, there will always be greater order and greater love. I cry too watching the news but at the same time the angels remind me that the ones we lose, they find and bring into the comfort and glory of God's love in heaven.

As above so below.

I didn't realize that there were going to be tornadoes in my own psyche this week. I have been in bliss ever since our prayers requesting that the asteroid pass by worked. After spending that entire weekend practically either out of body with the angels, or communicating with wonderful people about prayers, I felt my soul. I felt expanded and joyous and the only challenge was grappling with feeling so big and at the same time so human! Somehow the mundane stuff seemed less interesting after the profound love I felt moving through my heart and the hearts of so many in prayer, and there is always a little loneliness that sets in upon coming back to earth. The nearest thing I can describe is what Near Death Experiencers feel - one minute you're flying with angels in the Oneness of creation and the next you're on earth thinking about grocery shopping! It is quite the dichotomy. I managed to balance out again and felt better than ever.

Monday I had a fantastic, productive, and restful day. I finished work early, had time to goof off, do crafts, and even spontaneously jump in the car with my camera to chase rainbows around town and grab a few photos. I felt like I was in heaven and went to be giving thanks for my life.

So it was a total surprise when I woke up the middle of Monday night plastered with a nasty vibration that felt like electric shocks and static combined, after having horrid dreams of explosions derailing a train I was on, and various people betraying me and trying to throw my work off track. My stomach felt beaten, and my head was aching. I've been through this before, and I knew this was a vibration that seeks to pull us away from our good. This is an energy that tends to rise up when the world is stirred up. It feeds off chaos and is attracted to any tiny shred of doubt, fear, or upset that it finds within us. Like the opposing forces that caused the tornadoes, this is the dark that seeks to tango with the light within us. Dark energies don't know they're part of God and so they act independently trying to feed off the discordance they cause in others. They have no real power except what we give them.

Rather than doing battle, getting upset, or reacting (which only feeds it) I went within and asked the angels how I allowed for this. I knew that I've had a much higher vibration of love flowing through me than ever before, and I also know that this comes with greater accountability for my thoughts. Its easy to get off balance until you stabilize and get used to a new vibration and I knew that this increased flow was new to me. Walking in a stream is easy. Wading in a river requires more concentration and balance until you become accustomed to the current!

The angels pointed out that I had been having tiny shreds of doubt about whether or not it was ok to goof off in my spare time instead of beginning a new book. It was true! I DID have those ridiculous thoughts on Monday. Never mind that we steered an asteroid away from earth with our prayers a few weeks ago, or that I counsel several hundred people a month between readings and emails - nope, I forgot all that in a moment of doubt and felt like I should be doing more. That false sense of urgency - total spiritual insanity - allowed the world's chaos to creep right into my energy field during my sleep!

Luckily I've been through this before. I banished my doubts, affirmed that God blesses both my work and my play, and called in archangel Michael to clean up my aura. Flaming hot energy shot up my spine and my body instantly felt better. I took a salt bath, cleaned the house, and did laundry just to clean off the reside and went about having a very good day.

The world was stirred up this week, without doubt. The asteroid's ripples in the energetic pond are being felt, the tornadoes wreaked havoc in the southern US, presidential candidates were duking it out for positions, and the news announced we "are officially be in a recession." Many of my psychic friends and clients reported feeling a little 'off kilter,' cranky, and not quite right in their bodies. If you felt odd, you're not alone! And if you didn't, thank heaven!!

The good news is that we are in charge of our own energies and nothing can disturb us or keep us off balance when we stand in the truth of God's love, and in our own light. As I watched the news of the storms and saw the pictures, I was amazed that every now and then one house was left standing amidst total rubble and chaos of the others right next to it. Why that one? Maybe it had a firmer foundation and stronger walls. Maybe the vibration and prayers of those who owned it were powerfully faithful... Maybe both.

When you suddenly feel different than the day before, or when you feel off with no apparent reason, you may be feeling the world. In these cases, go within, reaffirm your goodness, banish any doubts about your life, yourself, and what you are manifesting, and refuse to believe in anything less than the truth of God's love for you, as you are now. Rest, eat right, meditate, and go back to basics. In no time, you'll be in charge of your own energy again and you can let the world do what it needs to do to learn while you live in peace.

Have a blessed week.
Love and hugs,