Saturday, February 02, 2008

The power of our prayers...

Now that we are over the asteroid fly by, I feel compelled to share the bigger picture.

The short version of this story is this -- your prayers worked! With many other prayer lists and friends praying we averted what could have been one of the largest disasters on record. THANK YOU!!!!

Here is the long version of the asteroid story if you are interested. There is much to be learned from this adventure. It sounds like science fiction in parts, but it is the truth as I know and have experienced it. If it resonates take it in, if not embrace the truth in your heart. That is all God ever asks of us.


As I shared previously, I've been getting nagged by the heavens to learn about the effects of comets and asteroids for over a year now. I’ve been guided to read books on how comets wiped out civilizations. I've been awakened in the middle of the night and told to turn on the TV ony to see a lovely program on how a meteorite impact wiped out the dinosaurs, etc. I had no clue what this was about. In mid-January I started dreaming of tidal waves in the northwest, and the dreams were urgent. The pieces of the puzzle did not come together until a friend shared information from a reading he had with my dear friend Summer Bacon.

Summer, as many of you is a deep trance medium. A beautiful spirit - Dr. James Martin Peebles - speaks through her while she is in trance. Dr. Peebles was a naturopath, a medical doctor, a spiritualist minister, and a great orator among other things while he lived on the earth. When he died, his guides suggested that he become a spokesperson for the angels and he agreed and starting coming through trance mediums worldwide. After years of deeper surrender, Summer has become one of the clearest trance mediums of our time ( The guidance and information from the angels, via Dr. Peebles, through her has been extremely accurate in both personal and global matters.

In 2005 Dr. Peebles explained to many of us through Summer that if NASA went through with its plans to blast a comet named Tempel 1, there was likelihood of serious repercussions in our world - fire falling from the sky, planes being disoriented as a result of disturbances in the electromagnetic fields, earthquakes, massive tidal waves, etc. We prayed but apparently not enough of us because the impactor did blast a 14 story crater in the comet. While NASA originally advertised that the purpose of ht emission was to learn more about the nature of the universe, later reports confirmed my feelings that they were also practicing to see if they could deflect a comet or asteroid, should one come too close to the earth.

All would have been well if comets were indeed hunks of inert ice and rock as they propose. However, the angels said through Summer that science would discover eventually that we live in an electromagnetic universe where all beings and things are interconnected and one change affects everything. Comets, said Dr. Peebles were the nerve signals in the cosmos and there were beings on this one that took our hit as a direct attack. The viewed our human actions as insanity - to them the strike was like severing a nerve in your own leg, or blasting out the power grid in your own city. When I first made contact with these beings in a deep meditation/out of body experience it was clear they viewed humanity as a collective consciousness. It was unthinkable to them, as it is to many other-dimensional beings that we humans can live on a planet and not ALL realize that earth is our home, and the universe our neighborhood. The beings associated with Tempel 1 were not pleased and were intent on teaching earth a lesson that what goes around comes around.


Asteroid TU24 showed up on the radar only three months ago. According to calculations it was as tall as the Sear's Tower in Chicago and a lot wider. It was not scheduled to hit us at all but rather to pass by us at 1.4 times the distance of the moon. According to the angels it WAS fallout from the 2005 blast on Tempel 1 and it was populated by a group of interdimensional beings that were very upset with what they felt was humanity's unprovoked attack.

The problems come in with the fact that both the angels and insiders in government agencies felt that there was a 50/50 chance of this thing either getting sucked into or severly upsetting the earth's magnetic field. I asked my crowd of angels how that could be and they showed me it was like a magnet. If one end pointed towards earth's field, there would be no effect. If the other was, it could be attracted to our magnetosphere and cause a mess. The angels said something to the effect that this group of beings was not disuaded from their intent to teach us, cthey ould steer this thing in a direction that would wreak havoc on earth.

Even the angels said they didn't know if they could negotiate on our behalf in time to change their minds. David Sereda, producer of the Voice ( reported on Coast to Coast radio that a senior scientist at Lockheed Martin risked exposure by telling him NASA was not sure they could deter it at the scientific level should it point our way, but was considering various means including some that might seem pretty far out. Thus, the angels called for our help, our prayers, and our willingness to apologize on behalf of humanity to the beings who exist on the asteroid.

And while God is certainly a higher power than any of us - human or otherwise - God does allow free will and God does allow cause and effect to teach us. Earth is after all a school, somewhat protected, but when we start trashing things outside of the school, we are allowed to suffer the effects of it for our own education.


According to studies cited in Gregg Braden's book "The Isaiah Effect" only 1% of the square root of a population is required to PRAY in order to effect change. I did the math and that means today, if 8,153 people on earth prayed sincerely we can affect the course of history.

Only eight thousand, one hundred, and fifty three people are necessary to change the fate of over six billion! That is mind boggling. The angels have always said that if a small percentage of conscious souls prayers we can override the negativity of the masses. Between this list, your lists, and the lists and outreach of friends, we reached that critical mass. There were no massive tidal waves and earthquakes along the pacific rim, no devastating electrical disturbances, and very little of the mess that could have been. A US spy satellite started falling out of its orbit and is scheduled to fall to earth late Feb/early March, but there are no reports explaining this.

All I can say is God Bless you and Thank you!! I would have shared more earlier but I had a dream that said we'd be ok if we prayed, and the angels were quite clear that I was not to inspire fear but instead only request love.
I heard from several hundred of you who reported nearly identical experiences as you prayed to God and sent love to the beings associated with the asteroid. Our prayers were part of a group of prayers that just changed what could have been one of the biggest messes in recent history. I can't thank you all enough for participating. I know if God had wanted this to occur as part of HIS teaching, it would have, however it was instead a negotiation between humanity and other beings with free will. I think we ALL learned.


(1) Our prayers, if prayed with a deep sincerity, and coupled with intense love for the person or situation we wish to heal, or create, are SO powerful.

If we can negotiate with other dimensional beings in the universe to avoid disaster on our planet, we can certainly pray as fervently for the circumstances of our own lives and our own world. We need never remain victims. The angels always advise us to send love to those who wrong us, send love to those who would want to hurt us, send love to your finances, your debts, your ex's, your crazy co-workers, your neurotic bosses, your collection agencies, your hateful relatives, to world leaders who treat us like children and lie to us and to the ignorant people that trash the earth. Send love to all situations great and small that are in need of healing becuase it is our LOVE that is the only healer, our LOVE that can change the course of comets, asteroids, consciousness, and nations. It is our LOVE that can mitigate the ills and the wars and the diseases within families. It is our LOVE and our LOVE alone that is the power of God flowing through us. I know a dear woman who sends love to her debtors. When she does so, they magically leave her alone. I know another woman who sent love to a hateful ex. He calmed down and left her alone. It must be sincere. We must be able to work deeply within ourselves to find that spark of Divine Light within us, and sometimes we must work harder to search for it in another that seeks to hurt us.

I have sent love to angry individuals and they calm down and we have good discussions. I have sent love to problems I imagine might happen in my life and they do not come to pass. Sending love to a group of beings on an asteroid this weekend was one of the most profound experiences of my life as we dialogued and I felt their newfound respect for some of humanity as well. I was humbled by the immensity of the love that flowed through all of us.

You never have to be a doormat or suffer from abuse to simply pray from a distance with love and compassion. We demonstarted that this weekend. We can do it in our own lives. And don't forget to send love to yourself... attacking yourself is as bad as attacking another. You TOO are part of God's precious creation.

(2) We can show mercy and compassion to others even if they don't show it to us.

If a group of beings whose home comet was blasted into pieces, who suffered from physical attack, can show humanity mercy and compassion, WE too can show mercy and compassion, to those who attack us, and either stand our ground in a firm peace, or go our way in peace, allowing God to teach them their own lessons in their own time.

I was also brought to tears by the willingness of these beings to learn that we are not just a messed up collective consciousness, but rather a collection of souls at various levels of our spiritual education. I was humbled by their willingness to put aside their upset and the need to 'teach' us and to 'prove a point,' and to defer to God's kinder ways of teaching us instead.And these beings said that they were inspired by the outpouring of love shown to them by many of you. I believe they see us differently. I believe the universe sees us differently now.

I hope you see yourselves differently after reading this. I know I do.

(3) We can't pretend we're small anymore.

We are souls - each of us as much a valued and powerful part of the universe as any other. We are beings made in the image and likeness of God's light and love and we have a say in the fate of our lives and the fate of humanity. We are important and special, as is every bit of creation. We cannot use unworthiness, guilt, shame, lack of validation, lack of confidence or any other excuse anymore to pretend we are not powerful in our light.

I am applying this love to all areas of my life now and things are being handled very rapidly. I have sent love to my charge cards which are beig paid off quickly. I have sent love to some aches and pains and the angels are swirling in to take them away. I sent love to someone who was mad at me and we left things in peace and greater understanding. I send love and compassion to myself, for like all of us, I am a human being who is constantly a work in progress.

As you stand powerfully in the truth of God's love watch healing energy pour through your heart and your prayers into the darker areas of life where it was previously unable to flow. We are the streams through which the ocean of God's love is allowed to pour into our universe. We are part of this current ourselves.

God bless you. I love you all.
You have inspired me beyond my ability to describe this week,
BIG hugs and many blessings,