Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heaven in the diversity

Every year I look forward to the Tuscon Gem and Mineral show with great anticipation. Its one of the hugest gatherings of rock, gem, and mineral vendors from all over the world, and only a short two hour drive from my home. There are people from all over the world, crystals bigger than I am, and thousands of happy people milling about in awe of Mother Nature's great and amazing splendors. There are men from Africa selling beads and drums, gentlemen from Pakistan selling green onyx vases and dishes, fossil vendors from Madagascar, Brazilians marketing their country's breathtaking crystals, Chinese and Indian vendors selling a host of beautiful beads, natives of Tibet selling bowls, and pendants, Egyptian vendors selling belly dance jewelry, Russians and Poles selling amber, and souls who travel the globe at the first news of a meteor shower, selling rocks from outer space!

There are more handicrafts from all over the world than I have ever seen in one place. The show is a delight to the senses - tastes from around the world, textues and textiles, sounds of music, and oh the sights of those giant rocks and minerals! However, the greatest wonder about this show is that there are people from all different countries and all corners of the globe, all gathered in one place - each of them somehow communicating with the others and with their customers in spite of the language barriers. They smile, wave, hugs, and greet each other with the universal language of love. Sure its business, but I've rarely seen so much joy when so much business is being conducted. Most people here seems to genuinely love what they do. Who wouldn't when surrounded with such beauty and great energy :)

Events like these help me imagine what heaven on earth would be like. A gentleman from India smiles gently at a Chinese woman who says in broken English, "Look around. Compare prices. Maybe be back." A Brazilian guy smiles at me and makes gestures to tell me I must be strong as I attempt to pick up one of the big rocks. We communicate without words. One year, a Pakistani gentleman gave me a dollar from his country - to rememer him next year, he tells me. I can't forget. Ed, the wonderful man selling amethyst gave me a big hug this year, and remembered my name from last year.

I pray that we can create such warmth and kindness and loving allowance for each. I make it a point to smile and share the love I am feeling in my heart with everyone I can lately. I take time to refill my spirit every day - telling God I am ready to receive all the love he wants to pour into my life. I feel warmth, tingling, and joy pouring in my being. My heart feels so huge it could burst. I have my human moments to be sure. Always have and always will, but the more I open to receive, the more wonder and magic I find all around me. ETs have been showing up in my living room giving me free chiropractic adjustments. Flashes of color and light are showing up more often, and I find such JOY in the smallest things in life - stringing beads to make a necklace, playing with the dogs, cooking a meal. I can't even describe lately how nothing has changed on the outside but something deep and wonderful is clicking into place on the inside. I'm learning to surrender to my heart in each moment, to live now and trust the future to work itself out, to love NOW, and give rather than waiting to receive, and in giving I do receive. I am learning to just find the bliss in BEing rather than always having to produce something. And as a result, I have more love to give.

Open to receive every day. Mean it and know you're worthy of it. Then prepare for miracle of joy in the moments of your life.