Thursday, January 17, 2008

You never know what is important

After my adventures last year speaking at conferences with famous authors, I've been daydreaming of ways I can continue to help the world without burning myself out as many before me have done. I've taken a LOT of time to let my mind wander and look at possibilities. I dream of a life where I help share heavenly wisdom with the world in a way that gives me an inspiring and balanced life too! As a result I've passed up numerous opportunities that just didn't feel right for me at the time they were offered. As a result of being honest with myself, I feel JOY that I'm living my life NOW, in balance and harmony with my own spirit, rather than sacrificing my joy in the present to get some mythical somewhere in the future. It has taken me a lot of internal work to get to this point, but it was well worth the effort.

As I daydreamed over the holidays I realized in my ideal life I live in a house without excess or clutter, and so I acted in alignment. I realized in my ideal life I do not eat the 'casserole of the week' as I've done for years, but rather have easy tasty gourmet meals so I got a toaster oven to cook smaller portions. I realize in my ideal life I am profoundly positive again so I've been on a mission to kill off negative thoughts by simply telling them, "Nope, that's not what I'm creating. Come into the light in my heart or leave. I am focusing on what I DO want," and then I proceed to daydream about something wonderful. I am finishing old projects, making time for hobbies, and having a life. And I'm trusting God to let me know what's next. Its SO much easier than trying to push myself, control my heart, wrack my brain for strategies, etc.

Well, God is up to something here, as I finish my cross-stitches, clean out my closets, and make healthy meals for dinner...

I just found out that the documentary I will be appearing in, although my part is very short, has been picked up by the producers of "What the Bleep" and will soon be shown in theaters nationwide, starting in Arizona, then distributed on DVD! This is HUGE! I'll give you details as they become available to me. The movie is right up my alley because it merges science and spirituality and I am so excited to be a tiny part of something so big! Whenever I do something for the love of it, love comes back. I cannot wait to see what comes of this.

There are times in our lives when we are simply floating on a raft on the river of God's love. As the angels say, we are not "paddling," but the currents of God's love are still moving beneath the surface of our lives. At these times I often find that people think they're not doing anything useful. Finishing a cross stitch project I started fourteen years ago doesn't sound earth shattering, but it is important to me. Cleaning out the closet may not have world significance... but if it frees up my time to do something better in the future when God is ready for me to act, it just may. Getting a toaster oven is so totally mundane, and yet a happy, well-fed Polish girl has a lot of energy to give others!!!

So when you don't think you're doing something important, think again. You never know what God is up to in your life. If your urges are grandiose, listen to them. If they are mundane, listen with equal reverance. Our lives are composed of many pieces of a grand puzzle - all equally important in the big picture, whether we can see that at the time we live them or not. If your urge is to clean out a drawer do it. It may be an energetic foundation for next step on your career path!