Saturday, January 26, 2008

Special request for prayers

I debated and debated about sending this email but I finally decided to do so because I believe our prayers can affect change in ways we can't even imagine. If it does not resonate with you, please just delete it. The regular newsletter will be sent on schedule :)

As you know my personal focus in life is sharing the angel's wisdom in ways that affect our practical day to day lives - relationships, purpose, etc... however, everynow and then guidance comes to pray for something that could affect many on our planet and so I am reaching out and asking you to join me in prayer. This is certainly not intended to inspire fear; our prayers are powerful.

The pieces of a puzzle started coming to me over a year ago. I was guided to read a rather lengthy and boring book on how comets and asteroids affected our ancient civilizations. Six months ago I couldn't sleep and was told to turn on the tv and there was a special show on how asteroids and comets affected our planet. Two weeks ago I was dreaming of tidal waves. One week ago a friend mentioned a comet and asteroid that were flying nearby earth next week, and just two days ago it came together when another friend shared some information about TU24, an asteroid that is scheduled to bypass the earth at rather close range - about one and a half times as far away as the moon.

It is not scheduled to impact us but the angels say there is a 50/50 chance that it could cause mass disturbance and destruction. They did not elaborate. When I googled to read up on how this could be, there are controversial websites describing how the thing could be like a magnet, which, if lined up right would cause a lot of electromagnetic disturbance, to say the least. It passes the closest to earth at 12:33am pacific time on Tuesday morning 1/29.

SO, the angels suggest with love that w pray for it to pass by us without effect.

So (and I don't talk about this stuff much) I went into a deep shamanic semi-trance like prayer last night and flew out of body to have a chat with the consciousness of TU24. Whoever or whatever that is - it was very mad at humanity. It views humanity as an irresponsible collection of beings trashing their planet and sending destructive forces out irresponsibly into the universe (our scientists DID blast comet Tempel 1 a few years ago 'to see what it was made of'). It did not seem to understand our individual human consciousness very well. It sees us as "one" responsible group. It wanted an apology for the pain we are causing on our planet and at times, in the solar system. So I apologized on behalf of humanity, sang my prayers, and asked it to consider that there are many good people here too.

If you are inclined, please pray this passes without effect, and if you are as weird as I am and willing, see if you can connect with the consciousness that propels this asteroid on its path and apologize for the behavior of humanity. Share your heart and tell it there are good people upon the earth who care about the environment and not trashing space. I know this sounds odd but if you are inclined, I know the angels would be grateful. We have free will and there are certain things they are not allowed to intervene with unless we pray. Then God can direct them to act on our behalf.

Thanks for listening. If this does not resonate with you just delete it. I hear a lot of these things and ignore them but my dreams have been intense as of late, and now with my friends coming to me over and over I felt it was time to exercise our right to choose with our prayers :)