Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spiritual Cleansing

Oh Wow, that felt good! Some days I sit down to channel and just feel so inspired as the angels words flow through me. I resolved this week to start channeling the angel messages during the week rather than doing them after work on Friday nights.Although I DO love the angels, there's a million other things I'd rather do with friends or even just resting on Friday nights! So much to my surprise, after an incredibly productive weekend and office day, right before I was about to make dinner on Monday night, the urge to sit and write this hit and hit hard! Their words just flew through! I love it when I am unplugged.

I've been heeding their advice this year very strictly. After cleaning out my excess I decided I needed to finish up some tasks that have been hanging over my head for a long time - things I put off because I don't like to do them. I spent over 22 hours updating my web store this weekend so it is finally PRETTY which makes me happy and organized, which will make my life easier in the future as I add new products (which weren't going to happen till I got organized)! The weekend turned out to be a lovely cold and rainy affair and after the web was done, I woke up Monday on my 'office day' and ACTUALLY felt like doing my taxes, at least as much as I could do without all the paper work. I hate this task. I usually have to wait until at least late February or early March before God blesses me with the urge to get it done, but today, as it poured rain outside, I got through it in record time! I stopped to moan about how tedious and boring it was and the angels were rather no nonsense. "Then take a break!" they said. Duh! I got up, got in the car, got a coffee, and ran all my errands in the beautiful crisp cool air, then came back refreshed and ready for round two. I even got an article written for a book that I had promised another wonderful soul.

It boggles my mind how much can be accomplished when we don't let the STUFF in life bog us down. I was SO exhausted last year I couldn't get off the couch much in my spare time during the last four months of '07. Now I sit on the couch voluntarily until I'm bored and then the energy gets cooking!

A few more work items to go then my body is getting in order next! I am loving life these days. Nothing like getting rid of what does not work!