Saturday, January 26, 2008

Listen and Trust

I've really been in integrity lately with my own heart and it has been impossible to ignore the urgings within. A few weeks ago I got off work on a Friday and felt the usual sense of need to go to the bank to make my deposits before running my usual errands. This was my pattern. However, that particular Friday I had NO urge whatsoever to leave my house. It was dark and cold out and instead, I had a desire to be cozy, fix a nice dinner, and rest. I listened to myself and stayed at home. The next day at the bank's ATM I overheard a conversation. Apparently someone was held up at gunpoint there the night before. I looked at the older gentleman who was repeating the news and told him I usually go there on Friday nights. He looked at me intensely with that look people have when God is speaking through them to me and said VERY strongly, "Young lady, you better never come here at night alone!!" I took his advice, changed my schedule and avoided what could have been a horrible situation.

God watches out for us on all things great and small. I was ready to run errands again just the other day, when I got a huge craving for a cookie, right before leaving the house. Having learned to listen to everything, even the smallest details, I stopped, put down the purse and keys, grabbed a cookie and some milk, then left a few minutes later. I passed a traffic accident that had just occurred. My cookie craving saved me from what could have been a big headache or least an upsetting too-close-for-comfort occurance.

You never know what God is up to when you get an urge to do something differently. Try it, just listen to your own heart, and trust.