Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy 2008!

I cannot believe we are in 2008 but I was never so overjoyed to ring in a new year! I spend New Year's eve in solitude with God and my dogs. I could have been with friends or family but this year I wanted to pray and spend time in silence. I truly believe it was my best New Year's yet. I went out under the stars wrapped in a warm coat and scarf, thanked God for my life and everyone in it, and prayed for everyone, me and the earth included. At 5 till midnight the TV went on, the champagne came out, as well as a plate of doggie biscuits for my furry kids. The dogs kissed me at midnight; the angels flew in and surround me en masse; and I cried for the miracle and joy of feeling alive and feeling loved. We are ALL loved that much.

I spent most of my break resting and clearing out my house, getting oraganized for the new year, streamlining tasks, and evaluating all my work and habits to make sure everything I do supports LIFE for me next year, rather than wearing me out, or draining my energy. I looked at areas where I had complaints and began to make changes. No more excuses, no more martyrdom, no more 'maybe someday I'll change." I decided to grow up and make changes now in all areas of life. I got rid of SO much stuff and pared back to the things I wear and enjoy the most. I organized everything to make sure I could find it without hassle. I got real about what I can honestly do in a day and created some changes to my schedule in order to make time to eat, exercise, and sleep every day. I'm prioritizing my well being even more this year because I know God wants me to give more... but not from an empty cup.

Taking time for yourself is never ever selfish. It creates the energy, motivation, and sanity to give from an authentic desire, and the clarity of mind to make good decisions and to life life efficiently. Clearing out stuff isn't always easy but it is oh so freeing to your spirit. So if you can, take a little time to rest once in awhile, and a little time to declutter and you will feel brand new!

Happy New Year and as the angels say, Happy New You!