Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a very happy holiday and got a little rest. I know many of you are feeling restless to get on with life. In 2008 the words I heard most often from people are, "I feel stuck. I feel without direction. I feel exhausted." These comments came in from thousands of people this year. It was indeed a year of going within. It was a year of clearing out the past, learning greater faith, and conserving our energies. I have had years of experience learning to just 'be' with the moment and although I'm by no means perfect at it, it sure made this year easier. I just didn't feel like writing or teaching much so I didn't write and I didn't teach. Instead I worked full time with clients, cleaned out the house, did home repairs, and focused on my spirit. I didn't worry about "producing" or "moving forward." I focused more on enjoying each moment and remaining true to the guidance in my heart.

Sometimes you have to trust that even when you think you are getting "nowhere" the inner work you are doing is preparing you to accomplish things in the future in a much easier manner. The angels say, "When you're on a raft in the river, you're not paddling, but you're still moving."

An orange tree sits in my backyard. Every other year it has a huge crop of fruit and there there are years when it produces very little. This was one of the 'off' years. All summer I didn't see a single orange on the tree and didn't expect any fruit. However, as the seasons changed, all of the sudden several of the fruit started to turn bright and all of the sudden I could see I'd have a small crop after all. The fruit was there all along. It just wasn't ripe and I couldn't see it. Life is like that. We do a lot of growing some seasons without seeing results, and then all of the sudden God jumps in your life and everything moves in the direction you were hoping for. The harvest has been growing all along, but you just didn't see it till now. Trust, that if you have been working hard on your spirit, doing what you know to do in life, and resting when tired, then God will bring you the harvest that you have been preparing for all along as well. Be it a job, a relationship, a more meaningful life, if you do the inner work, the outer will adjust.

I look back and feel like I've learned a lot this year. I learned to have greater faith in God's ability to take care of me. I learned to live in balance and take better care of my physical body, and I learned how to love even those that hate me. That was perhaps the thing I've prayed for the most. Its easy to love the people that love you. But when that angry spirit beat me up in May and scared me to pieces, it took a lot of anger and tears before I could turn to love. We have to love ourselves first under all circumstances - there is no compromising on that one. I had to love myself through the anger and pain to find the deeper truth within - that I want all souls to know there is a kind and loving way to live. And it was when I had THAT discussion with the angry soul that he went into the light. I told him how mad I was and how frustrated and how all I wanted was to live in peace and to have him know the true and wonderful nature of his soul. I felt love for his wounded soul and in that moment of me seeing him differently, he saw himself differently and went into the light. He is now a dear friend and spirit guide to me. Doing the inner work led to a profound change in my outer world. I have a whole new level of energetic boundaries, based on love - for myself and others. I feel only love from the spirit world now and there is no longer any mischief.

I've never been happier. I want to choose love because being upset feels bad. I want to choose balance because I function more efficiently. I'm not forcing myself to do anything I do not feel like doing. It's still fairly new for me to live this way, but I love it.

I can't wait to see wha 2009 brings. I feel a lot of change coming. I'm calling it the year of FLOW because I believe we will want to give and receive as never before. We will want to allow God's love to flow into our lives in many forms and then out into the world as an act of grace and sharing. It might not be an easy time for the world, but if you rest in faith and in the understanding that you are loved, you can indeed walk in grace.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We are the lights in the world

The angels often surprise me with the messages. One morning this week, bright and early after very little sleep, my email wouldn't work. The cable wasn't behaving, and I couldn't make it work no matter how many times I tried to reboot it. So as often happens when things don't go my way, I sit quietly and ask God to show me His way. All of the sudden I felt like sitting down to channel the newsletter. I no sooner finished it when the email started working once again.

It has been like this all year. My own plans have been laid to waste time and again and so I've just surrendered, sat quietly, and prayed. "What do you want me to do God? Show me your plan for my life, or better yet today." I pray every morning for God to fill my life with grace and go before me, then I listen to my heart and honor what I find inside. It works. It gives me strength.

The world is very stirred up right now. These past few weeks my body has been tighter than a coiled spring and I can be very dense at times. I went to a healer who has always been right on target who reminded me that I was feeling so much more energy going through me and had to learn new levels of detaching from the world. This happens time and again. I get happier, feel awesome, love more, feel more, then have to learn to detach more!! I kept asking God, "What do you want me to do about this." "Rest," was the answer. Being human and having a lot of things I wanted to do for the holidays, I didn't exactly heed the message. And so, ouch!!! I hurt more. Finally I surrendered. Ok, God, got it! I realized that in my heart of hearts I love the world so much, I want everyone to feel loved, especially at this time of year. I want everyone to know that no matter how much or little they have, they are cared for. The angels reminded me once again that I am not personally responsible for carrying that message :) They may have to remind me of that my whole life. As I was resting, the energy started to flow through my body once again. And as the energy flows through me, they remind me, the energy flows more smoothly through the rest of the universe. I know its true. I just need constant reminders.

As you take care of yourself, and listen to your heart, and surrender to God, you truly open up to receive the love and the lessons that are there. And even lessons lead to greater love and a more joyful life. One soul will thank God for the roof over their head and the soup on the table and feel God's love, while another cries that can't buy the latest cell phone and feels only lack. Its all in our perspective. When my email didn't work, although its a simple thing, I assumed that God loved me and had other plans. When I get hit with a big unexpected bill, I still assume God loves me and is teaching me faith so I can share it with others. When I get hit with physical pain, I understand God is telling me to slow down. The adversities in life are not there because we messed up or aren't loved. They're there so we can start to surrender more to the life God wants us to live, so we CAN learn we are loved and cared for.

We are the light in this world. We are the hands, the eyes, the mouth of God, the angels remind us. We are the ones who, by taking care of ourselves, and then sharing from a full cup, can remind others that God's love is very much alive and well in spite of the circumstances we see around us.

The holidays are a time of giving whatever you do have, be it a smile, a dollar, or a heartfelt prayer. When I gave a tiny tin of cookies and a card to the folks at the postal store, you would have thought I gave them gold. No one thinks to thank them during this busy season. The holidays are also a time of receiving. When a man I would have run from in my past held the door at the gas station, and gave me a compliment the other day, I smiled back and thanked him as if he had given me gold. And he had - because he shared what little he had to give at the time, but is God's love ever little... ? Not really. So give what you have to give, and receive when love is shown to you. This is living with the true spirit of the season. Intentions are fine, but then surrender and allow God to work his magic. Expectations cause pain, whereas a joyful surrender to what life hands us, knowing that it is all love, makes for a true holiday spirit.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gifts from the hear

I love the holidays. I feel like I come alive in a whole new way since I love sharing, baking, giving, the lights, and children's movies. I have to curb my desire to give because I'd go nuts if I didn't. It feels SO good. This year I've tried to focus more on what the angels say - gifts of myself. A friend referred me to a website called '' where people can post wishes and total strangers can answer them. And while you have to beware of people asking for stuff and money and use extreme discernment - so many people are asking for simple cards for their kids, or letters of encouragement. And so I've been writing a letter a week, and for 42 cents a week, been able to share inspiration anonymously with total strangers. How fun is that?! Its like playing angel and it feels good.

I also did what the angels suggested last year and asked for suggestions for a gift for my mom and I heard 'lemons - send her lemons'. Now that sounds like a crazy gift but my mother loves lemons. They help with her health. She loves the smell and taste and so when I sent the lemons I might as well have sent her a box of gold bars she was so happy! It was better in fact. This year, I offered a friend who has been through hardship, a day of coming over and helping her unpack and get organized in her new house. We'll have a lot of fun together and she'll receive some help with an unpleasant and overwhelming task.

I know many people are lonely at the holidays but the quickest cure for that is giving to others. Volunteer somewhere for a few hours, or write a card to someone in need. Bake cookies for the clerks who serve you at local postal places and grocery stores, or give away dollar store candy canes to strangers with a smile. If you start to give a little, just a teeny tiny little bit, even if its just a note of appreciation to people who get overlooked, you get so much back. I'm going to give a little thank you card to the ladies at the local postal store who are always smiling. They make my life happier :)

When I have extra love and energy I share it. When I don't I surrender and receive it. To be in this flow of giving and receiving is what makes you feel the grace of God. I have friends who can't give anything this year and I've begged them to just please receive my love and help. I don't have excess to give much materially this year so I share my cooking, my time, and my heart. Don't overdo it these holidays. Don't feel the pressure to give more than you truly have. Instead, get clever and give from areas in your life and your heart that are full. And if you don't feel full, maybe its time to be honest with others and say, "I don't have much to give this year except my love." THAT is the greatest gift of all and truly the gift of the original Christmas and Hanukkah where in different ways God miraculously brought light into this world.

Monday, December 08, 2008

I know most of us are on a budget this year. Well the angels always
say that giving of yourself is the best. So if you want to gift
friends and family with say hugs, or a gift of your time or help,
I made up fun little gift checks that you can print and fill out.

They would be great stocking stuffers!

Click here to view and print the pdf file.

Its a pdf file so you can print right off the web, or download
to your computer if you know how to do that.

Happy Holidays,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Don't wait to share love

In past years my friends have called me 'Anta Claus.' I love to give and makes wishes and dreams come true. When I was a kid and my family finished opening presents, I would run to the basement and wrap up anything I could find so I could give more to the familiy - even a bag of dried beans one year. I'm sure my folks thought I was nuts but the joy of giving has never left me. As time has gone by however, my friends and family and I have realized that the greatest gifts are the simple ones. When my parents had a hallmark birthday this year, the best thing I could give them was a letter from the heart sharing how much I honored and respected them and the journey we had taken together. There was no material 'thing' that could have meant more than that. They don't need stuff. But like all of us, they need love and to be appreciated. I take the time at Thanksgiving to do the same and express gratitude for those closest in my life. I try to let people know what I'm feeling when I see them.

Too often, in my work talking to those on the other side, I hear someone who has passed remark that the kindness shown to them during their own funeral was mind blowing. Many souls don't even know how much they've affected others' lives. What if we didn't wait until people were dead to say the kind things we could say? What if we told them how special and precious they were when they were alive? What if, even if they were difficult, we could say, "You know we disagree on everything, I know you think I'm a pain and frankly I feel the same about you at times, but I love you anyway." People sense what you feel about them. That would be more honest :) I've done it.

I do believe the angels are right - don't wait to share love with the people in your life. Give the compliment that is on the tip of your tongue to a stranger and don't worry about what they'll think. Call someone out of the blue if they're on your mind and you want to talk to them. Send a letter or email to someone who has been estranged, just simply asking for peace and completion. And if you don't want to send it in person, write it at home and read it out loud to their spirit. Some souls hear better than some personalities :) You CAN express love in some form, and I know from personal experience, the kind words are some of the most healing and uplifting gifts that any soul can give or receive.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A little holiday inspiration!

When I was a little child, we received Advent Calendars on
December 1st. Each day leading up to Christmas, we opened a
little door which had a surprise behind it.

I thought it would be fun to share this with you so I've created
one online. Each day you click on the door corresponding to
the number of the day (1 on the 1st; 2 on the 2nd, etc.) where
you'll find a thought and prayer for each day - definitely
angel inspired.

The calendar is here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The million eyes of God

A few weeks ago I was in a group meditation. Usually I just go into a deep and relaxing space of no thoughts, and just floating around in the oneness. Every now and then I'm treated to a new experience. This time Jesus showed up in front of me. "Look into My eyes," I heard God say as I stared into Jesus's eyes. Then all of the sudden a thousand faces whirled around me and thousands of voices, ALL GOD's voice, but expressed through each of these people said, "Look into my eyes."

God was saying this - Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes in the form of a black woman, a native american man, a Chinese child, the boyfriend who was hard on you, your mother, your father, your dog, the pigeons in the yard... it just went on and on. And as I looked into the eyes of each soul in this vision, I saw God in His many different forms appearing to me. I saw how every day we look into the eyes of God both in souls who realize they are part of His creation, and in so many who are not aware of the fact. I saw again that there is no lack of God's light in anyone - some soul's just forget. I tried to anchor this feeling, this phrase, and this understanding in my awareness so I could carry it forward into my life.

What would our lives be like if we truly took the time and made the effort to see God's light in the eyes of everyone we ran into? What if WE knew each soul to be an expression of God's creation, whether the other person did or not? I think it would be an amazing world. People wouldn't rush each other in traffic, growl at store clerks during the holidays, or dread seeing family members who were unaware. People would just look at each other and even see the cantankerous ones as the ones who just forgot - innocent but ignorant.

This is my latest endeavor - to practice this and to try to see God in everyone's eyes. It isn't always easy but it sure is fun. It reminds me of my first grade friend's little brother. He asked her, "Is God Everywhere?" "Yes," my friend replied. "Is he even in this here water of mine," the little guy asked. "Yes," again came the reply. The little guy put his hand over the water glass, like you would do if you caught a bug, and said in a very loud voice, "I GOT YOU GOD!"

When you try to see God in everyone, you DO have fun because you feel like a child saying, "Oh there you are God," and "There you are again." "There You are are all around me." Sometimes the greatest blessings are too obvious to see.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Give thanks for it all

Its easy to give thanks for the wonderful and delightful things in life, but the true test is when we can give thanks even for the hard stuff. I knew something was up when my stomach started acting nuts earlier last week and I passed a car with the license plate 4GIVEN. "Yes! I said, I'm for giving! I like to give!!" I heard the angels laughing... "It says FORGIVEN Ann," they said gently helping me understand the message. "You have forgiven everyone in your past who hurt you - inclucing yourself. You did it!" I was on top of the world, but still knew something was up. My stomach felt odd and my body never lies.

Sure enough a few hours later I ran into a former boyfriend who had been the most difficult person I ever spent time with. I helped him trigger and release his childhood anger as the angels promised I would, and in return I finally learned to let go of trying to 'save' or 'fix' another. I learned not to take things personally. I truly HAD forgiven both of us. And although we still don't mix any better than oil and water, we're on friendly terms. And best of all, I am able to look back and find gratitude for that relationship as well as the other challenging souls who have been on my path. I am who I am because of it all. Both the light and dark, the joy and pain, have shaped me as surely as the sun and the storms shape our beautiful planet earth. And just like stones polished by sand and sea, I'm strong, but much softer around the edges now.

The energy is extremely intense these days. It is like draino - there is so much fear that if you have a little you get sucked in. There is so much love that if you focus on that you can create miracles. There is such a desire for change, the anxiety and anticipation are like opposite sides of a sine wave, oscillating in our hearts. It is dredging up all that has lain dormant within people - both the secret dreams, and the old upsets, the talents and gifts we didn't know we had, and our deepest fears. And so, it is very important to take time to SLOW down, maintain our spirits and focus on all the good there is.

If fear grabs you remember what you DO have. Give thanks for the simplest miracles. A bright yellow dandelion growing out of a crack in the sidewalk reminds us that joy can be found in spite of all obstacles. A feather in our path reminds us we are surrounded by angels. A penny on the pavement is God's way of reminding us He is watching over us. I give thanks all day every day. I give thanks for my food, for the home I live in, for the ability to help others, for the people on TV who inspire and uplift me, for the clients who are working so hard in their own lives, for my family, friends, and even the difficult souls who have helped me learn to love myself and others more.

And I want to give thanks for all of you this Thanksgiving week. You inspire me, give me reason to keep going at times when its hard, and make me want to always grow and better myself so I can share some inspiration back. We are all one in this journey here upon the earth. Every single one of us experiences the same lessons in different ways, the same emotions at different times, and the same hopes and dreams for our earth. You are the abundance in my life and I am blessed to be connected with you all. It is because of people like you that I believe our world is heading towards a grand and glorious existence in the future.

God bless you. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and have a lovely week.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Give thank, have faith

As many of you know I've been feeling pretty good lately. But life is still life. I've had an inordinately crazy string of unexpected maintenance items this month and have been handling them very well. However, before 10am on Monday, after two more repairs and a need for a third, I had a moment of freak-out as I watched the money roll out the door. Truly, I'm human. The heart was pounding, the insanity was setting in... but I realized quickly that was nuts. This didn't feel good!

So I did what I always do when I get spiritually insane. I sit, breathe and ask God to remind me of truth. As I breathed slowly and deeply I prayed. "God you've always taken care of me and you always will. Get these mutant thoughts out of my head." And little by little humor returned, truth came back, and I realized that what the angels said to one client applies to all of us - There is no limit on the miracles God has in store for us when we get out of the way!

We are all human! We all have our moments of getting sucked into fear and the financial fear on this planet right now is like a black hole that is all too easy to step into. I refuse to do it. Feeling faithful feels too good. Getting sucked into fear feels miserable. And the results with faith are much better.

So give thanks for what you have and I for one give thanks for all of you, the beauty of the leaves this year, and the fact that Arizona has cooled down and feels like Fall :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

You matter

Election day seemed so peaceful. There were so many worries about what was to come, whether or not people would get ugly in line, etc. and yet, instead people lined up so peacefully for the most part, that CNN wrote a whole article about it, stating that people united in a 'we' mentality rather than a 'me' perspective. I think it is because when we have such passion to express ourselves we once again feel the country we started out to be. We feel a bit like Americans again because our voice counts. And your voice does count - whether it be in an election or just the kind word you share with a stranger. Your expression when voiced with love is God's expression in the world.

YOU matter to God.

Instead of fearing what changes might come in our world, realize that we'll handle them when we get there. Instead of trying to second guess the future, and 'protect' yourself, live in the present and you'll know what to do and when. Instead of putting faith in others to rule your destiny, put your faith in God's ability to care for you no matter what. This is what the angels have taught me and it works, in all things from finances, to health, to getting good parking spaces.

As long as we look to the outside world, or to others for our happiness, its a gamble. And while it is in our nature to grow and evolve, I think the trick to enjoying life is to be present, here and now, giving thanks for what we do have, taking responsibility for what we can, and giving the rest of our future hopes and dreams over to God. He'll let you know when its time to take action. If you pray for it, you won't miss the signals when God says its time to act.

For example, I've been praying the last four years to feel good in my body. After my foot fiasco in 2004 (never do kung fu moves your instructor tells you not to do!), one side of my body has been stronger than the other. This has led to almost constant physical pain that I just got accustomed to having. I have not woken up one day in the past four years without stiffness and yet I've been profoundly grateful for the fact that my foot healed, the nerve damage was not permanent, and I'm generally healthy. I was enjoying each day and certainly wanted even more health.

The guidance first addressed the emotional issues that had me get off balance to begin with. While the broken foot taught me to DO less and BE more, I had to reinforce those patterns of balance over and over again. I got really serious about taking care of myself in August when I discovered some rather large lymphatic lumps growing where lumps shouldn't be. The lumps went away within a week after I got the message, but the lesson was drilled into my brain 100% - no more neglecting my own well being. Got it! God sometimes uses rather drastic measures to get our attention. The broken foot happened because I wasn't listening to all the warning signs. This time I was.

At the beginning of October I got really serious about wanting to get rid of this pain. I decided to stop focusing on the pain and start focusing on feeling healthy and fit. I prayed and started to envision perfect well being. The urge to stretch became very strong so I started getting up 20 minutes early to stretch in the mornings. I started craving what I call "the Dr. Peebles cocktail* that balances your pH and sends healthy oils deep into the tissues. I started to get the urge to sit and breathe deeply in the evenings for several minutes at a time to release the static I pick up as a result of my job. I got some guidance to take certain other concoctions that work for me. And the urge to hike returned as well so every few weeks I'm getting out to do that. I feel GREAT! I have no pain, no stiffness. I am getting strong and flexible again and as a side benefit I've started losing a little excess weight. Its just miraculous, but when you get serious and intentional and committed to your own well being and your own dreams, you find yourself swimming in a universal flow that supports them. As long as I was focused on the pain and whining, I was in that flow - not such a great current to be swimming around in!

So this week, truly embrace the changes you want to see in your life. Own them as if the universe is yours to command and at your service because the angels ARE at your service if the desires are sincere. And act when the urges and impulses come. Change CAN be fun. It might be a challenge, or a bit of work, but when you're working on your own goals and dreams, its worth the effort.

And as for the global changes, don't fear them. You only have to focus on your life, your family, your own expression of spirit, and your own well being. If you DO that your cup will be full and you'll be able to assist others and be an anchor of peace in the world. The outside world will always shift and change, but if you find your center in God, then you'll weather the changes with grace.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Joy from the inside out

I have been turning the news off a lot lately. However the other day I turned it on only to witness total mayhem in the newsroom as the news anchor got really riled up about the economic downturn, the decline of the stock market, etc. Instead of being drawn into the drama, I felt excited and still very happy. Those weren't the emotions I expected to feel. I sat down and meditated and asked the angels what was up with that! I had just payed off one bill and got surprised with several more over the span of three days for unexpected maintenance items. My retirement account from my old engineering days is bottoming out along with everyone else's - but still, I felt JOY. My brain didn't get it.

So, out of curiosity, I sat down and asked my angels where this euphoria was coming from. They answered immediately. "You are embracing truth, and your soul is very excited about that fact. God is your source and supply, and you are not worshipping false Gods. This is real freedom. This is what it means to be in the world but not of it." I felt exhilirated.

To not get sucked into the world's chaos IS freedom. To trust in God is real security. To know that surrendering my life to God also means that all is in right order is wonderful. I've run into a lot of people who have done their spiritual homework lately who are going through the same thing. They tell me that they're not worried, but think they SHOULD be. They ask me if they are living in the clouds or in denial, but to the ones that have worked on faith, live with prayer, been responsible in the physical world, aren't beating themselves up, and believe higher power cares, the angels say again and again, "You are living in truth."

It is possible to be in the world but not of it. It is possible to care and yet know that everyone is where God needs them to be according to the design of their life and the lessons required. It is possible to love deeply and yet not get enmeshed in drama. It takes a lot of practice and I'm certainly not perfect at it, but every day lived with the understanding that God loves us all very deeply, is a very good day.

This week, assume the BEST for your life, not the worst. Assume God does care about your needs. Assume you are loved... and see what shifts, both inside and out.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Relax and ask for help

The angels make me laugh. I know how many people write in to say these messages help them but frequenly I feel as if the angels are reminding me as well. I was in the middle of a very busy office day on Monday. My graphics card in the computer broke down last week, the lawn was seeded with winter grass and the pooches were tracking in dirt all week, I have a need for air conditioning repair, unexpected car maintenance, and a whole long list of errands today.

Nonetheless I felt pretty good and decided to escape and take a good long walk in the woods on Sunday. About two miles in, the angels lovingly suggested I turn around and cut the hike short and go home. I didn't want to but their voices were so loving that I listened and did so. I realized as soon as I turned around, that my body was pooped from a long week and that by going back I would feel good instead of exhausted. My heart really did want to go back - it was my head that tried to talk me into pushing things. And luckily I got back home early because I realized that the 'spill' I thought was water on the rug was instead a gift from my dogs. All night the smell got worse! I love my dogs, but I couldn't stand it. I stopped, prayed and asked for guidance. Drag it outside, hose it off, use enzyme, then douse it with vinegar I heard. And so there I was in my pajamas at 4:00 am dragging one very heavy stinky rug out of my family room and draping it over my metal patio furniture to be cleaned. Inside again, I disinfected everything including ME then got back in bed and slept a little.

Surprisingly I'm in a good mood as I write this. Its amazing how the guidance can come, frustrations can be soothed, and prayers can be answered when we just stop and sit still and ask for a little help. God has better things to do than help me clean house, but God is God - the great all-that-is, and so He's got time for my little problems (big to me that night!) as well as the world's grand messes.

So don't hesistate to ask for help on all things great and small. There is no need to solve any problem on your own. I don't anymore. I don't even worry about being worthy, 'bothering' God, or whether or toughing it out. I sit still and ask for help, and then I go about my business trusting that help will come.

God really does care but you can only receive the help if you are willing to believe it is there, take the time to receive it, and trust that the answers will come in right timing.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two sides to all stories

So many people have asked me who is going to win the election and the angels say that it is up to the free will of the human beings voting up to the last minute. Sometimes they say "God will win" because in all cases, God is in charge, no matter what mankind thinks. God allows us our free will to learn our lessons but ultimately love wins. If we could stand above space and time I t hink we'd see the same classes repeated over and over and over again in world history. Generations come and go, but those who raise their vibration evolve into the higher realms in heaven at the end of their lives. Those who engage in greed, manipulation, dishonesty, etc. regret their decisions to push God away at the end of their lives. They see what they have lost. The worlds gains and losses are temporary - the spiritual gains and losses are much more important.

The angels have repeated time and again, "Vote for the candidate you are willing to pray for, no matter what." I suspect the next several years are going to be times of intense upheaval and change, in terms of both civil affairs and earth changes and so we must pray for whoever gets in office and we must stand in our own integrity. As Ghandi said, "Be the change that you seek."

I hear so many people slamming both politicians for being critical of one another and yet their criticism is more scathing. I hear people fearing for the country if one or the other candidate gets in office, and yet is is our own behaviors that most directly affect our own lives. I see people paying more attention to their stocks and possessions than their families, and yet I know others who have little materially but have all the love in the world.

I see people sighing in despair about the state of the world and yet I hear the angels singing that it is high time that things changed, greed got exposed, and people remembered good old fashioned core values. When there is a devastating earth change, we mourn those who are lost while they celebrate their return home to heaven.

Many people ask me how I can be happy when the world is such a mess and I answer - I work at it. I maintain my spirit by constantly praying. I invite God into my day in the morning and ask Him to raise my vibration and awareness at night. I choose to be around positive and uplifting people and I use my recreational time to either be in nature or watch programs that restore my faith in the human spirit (Extreme Home Makeover is a latest favorite - where thousands of people in a community donate a week of their time to build a house for a family in need). I read and reread inspiration books, and I take time, if only a little, to be still. I get up early to do a little stretching so my body can stand the energies moving through it. I try to remember to breathe. These things don't take much time but they have huge return. These days we can't afford to neglect our bodies or spirits. We have to listen to them.

There are always two sides to every coin. The glass is always half full and half empty at the same time - our choice how we choose to look at it. I choose to look at the fact that God is bringing all the issues to the surface so we can really see where we stand. Its time for clarity now in our own hearts. Take heart, fill your self with positive energy in any way you can and know that God is still in charge.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life happens one moment at a time

I could not think of a single story to share with you all when I sat down to write. So finally I asked the angels what to write, and they said, share that and talk about how you feel these days. I'm wildly happy for no external reason. I still have bills to pay. My expenses have gone up along with everyone elses. There is total nonsense on the news. But I feel the love of God in my heart and there is just nothing like that. I have been working very hard this year with some tough spiritual lessons of my own, but with a lot of prayer and constantly trying to make more loving choices, I've been able to choose love under some circumtances that would have driven me into the pits for months in my past. I've chosen love when people attacked my character, when an angry spirit beat me up last summer, when people I cared about were upset. I've chosen love when people refused to take responsibility for their own lives, and I've worked hard to choose love even watching the insanity on the news. It feels better to choose love. I ask and pray for the strength to do this every day. Sometimes it is easier than others, but without fail it makes me feel SO good.

I've been having random gratitude attacks too. All of the sudden I'll think of someone and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the contributions they've made to my life - even ex-boyfriends who were hurtful and difficult are now seen as individuals who taught me to stand in my power. The stocks in my retirement account leftover from my engineering days are taking a nose dive and I feel nothing but exhiliration for the fact that I'm able to place my security in God and not get sucked into the panic that is running amuck.

The simple pleasures have sustained my soul this year rather than large projects. Making a meal can be an act of grace if you take time to see, touch, taste, and smell the ingredients and to think about where all the food comes from and the huge web of humanity that contributes to just one bite of a dish prepared with love. Trimming my yard, no matter how challenging physically can be an act of grace when I thank God for the bounty of life and flowers. Cleaning my house can be joyful when I focus on the gratitude for having a home. I remember when I had to do it on crutches and give thanks that my two feet work now.

Life happens every single moment and we can either miss it by thinking about the past or fearing the future, or we can live it by immersing ourselves fully in each moment and choosing to give thanks.

I don't know if I'll be able to do this all the time because I'm human. I certainly hope and pray I can, but for now I'm enjoying the small moments of grace that add up to a whole lot of joy. I hope you have a week filled with many tiny magic moments.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mystical experience in the airport

I just came home from a trip back east to attend my brother's wedding and spend time with family members I have not seen in ages. While I was there we were too busy to watch television or read the news and so while the world was in turmoil over the economy, I was blissfully ignorant of the chaos. Instead I enjoyed the cool weather and gentle rains, the tall oak trees and the lush green growth all around. I enjoyed the humor of my aunt and uncles whom I hadn't seen in ages, and the joy of my brother and his new wife. And I celebrated the fact that my parents and I, who have had our share of difficult times over the years, have now found that there is nothing left but love.

In Chicago O'Hare International airport waiting for a connecting flight I suddenly slipped into a trance like state and saw the phenomenal growth my parents and I have shared, the lessons we set up for ourselves before we incarnated, the great love it took to know how difficult it would be, and the sense of accomplishment we share as a soul group for finding the love between us. We are three very different people and yet we have found common ground. We've worked hard to communicate more kindly, listen more intently, and learn more tolerance. We're not always perfect, but the fact that we now seek to love instead of wanting to 'be right' feels like heaven.

And as I had that feeling, the angels came into my heart and illuminated it so brightly I felts God's love possess me and in a brilliantly beautiful vision, saw His light burst outward in all directions as He wove a frequency of love around the planet. I saw tendrils of light, like roots weaving in and out amongst the masses, seeking human hearts who were softened and ready to receive this love. Sadly this light had to go around those who did not believe in this love and were not willing to receive it. I felt the light in those who were willing to receive God's love spread outward in similar fashion until the light became very bright and I felt the hopefullness and celebration of the angels who know that in the end, God's love will seek out every human heart who is willing to receive it, and wait patiently for those who are not. I woke up rather surprised to be sitting on the floor of the airport in front of my gate, just in time to hear the gate had changed... I quickly came back to this reality as I walked briskly with a few hundred other passengers to the new gate.

To be a loving person and to feel God's love in our lives is the bottom line of everything we seek. When I have these intense moments of feeling God's love, there is nothing I could ever want for. There is no lack, no loneliness, no difficulty in dealing with others. In the midst of a chaotic airport, among hundreds of stressed out and tired souls, I felt peace and joy.

It IS possible to be in the world but not of it. We have to work at it. It doesn't come easy. I pray like crazy every day to feel God's love and to share it. I pray to experience God's peace and to help others find it as well. We CAN feel abundant no matter what the bills or the world's problems if we know God's love. This is the abundance that never goes away, the peace that surpasses all understanding, the love that is without condition. I don't feel it all the time either, but I do know that when we pray with a sincere heart, and make room for the possibility that we can feel it, somehow, suddenly, when you least expect it, God will burst inside of you and suddenly you'll know the truth - that this love is all we could ever ask for, and yet it is also the seed for all we could ever dream of having on this earth.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

God knows what he's doing

I went up to Flagstaff with a friend this weekend. I've been really wanting to drive up north, and finally got a day to escape. Coincidentally while cleaning my desk out last week I found a gift certificate for breakfast at a sweet little Inn in Sedona. A friend and I took off and headed for an early breakfast by the creek. We surrendered the day to God intending magic and miracles and leaving our expectations behind. The breakfast was a delicious gourmet buffet by the creek at Briar Patch Inn ( which, we discovered, is truly a place that might just be heaven on earth. I thought I died and went to heaven! The canopy of trees swayed in the wind, the creek gurgled by, and the coffee was better than any I've ever tasted. I need to thank Alba who is a fantastic massage therapist at the Inn, and also a mystical artist whose portraits turn into angels and fairies, for the experience. You can see her art here (

We continued our drive up the creek and all the way to Flagstaff for a walk in the aspen forests. I've been craving the still majesty of the aspens for months now. In the summer, the grasses grow a foot tall under towering trees with white bark and leaves that rustle at the slightest breeze. Blue Lupine flowers were giving us their last show of the year, and the squirrels were busy stashing pine cones that dropped in abundance from the ancient conifers interspersed with the aspens. We saw mud wasps building a hive in the ground, getting ready for winter, a horny toad, butterflies, hawks, finches, and even some deer! It was pure magic. At the end of the day we were breathing easier, totally relaxed, and feeling energized once again. Needless to say we've both been amazingly productive since then.

The angels always remind us that "God knows what he's doing." And while we laugh, and say, "Of course" it is a trick here on earth to constantly remind ourselves of the truth of that statement. I think that is why getting out in nature is healing for the soul, because nature is so beautiful and in such amazing balance it reminds us in a way beyond words, that we are connected with all of life.

When I look back at my life, every problem I've ever had has been solved. Everything I've ever feared has been handled. Things I thought were insurmountable obstacles are gone. Like nature, all things have their season and when we look back, spring always follows winter, and good times always follow tough ones.

This year has been tough for a lot of people. But for those truly surrendering to the moment and their own hearts, miracles are happening. There is timing to everything and if we surrender our need to control how and when things happen, God has a way of making sure they happen in perfect timing. I had a lot of work I should have/could have done instead of going out doors, but the work got done more quickly because I was happy and energized.

Listen to your hearts, even if they don't always make sense. If you feel you MUST get something done, and it isn't truly urgent, and your heart isn't in it, sit still and ask your heart what it DOES want to do. Then do it soon as you can. God really does support all the things we want and all the things we must do, but there is a timing that makes everything easier if you listen :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Building faith takes work

I got an email on Wednesday asking me how the economic downturn was affecting me, and talking about the AIG bank failure. I flipped on the news to hear Donald Trump talking doom and gloom, while other economists talked about what this all means. And I witnessed for the umpteenth time the human tendancy to make what is happening today mean something all too certain about the future. We've all done it. If we things are going well, we feel more certain about our future. If we feel bad we project that out in front of us as well. If we are unsure how to pay a bill today we can easily slip into fear of not having enough in the future, and if we have a buffer we may develop a false sense of security. I turned the news off. Gloom and doom is not the reality I choose to tune into.

The truth is, life can change on a dime. Look at the thousands of people affected by Hurricane Ike. One day your life is normal and the next the floodwaters claim your home. Or conversely, one day you are swept into the ocean when your house collapses, tossed about by 25 foot waves and whipped by 100mph winds, convinced you are going to die, and the next day you sit in the sunshine at a picnic bench expressing gratitude that you are alive. The things we call our security don't really provide security. The leaders, banks, walls of our homes, etc. don't provide true security. God provides security and that's the only security you can truly count on. We do our best to be prudent and wise in the ways of the world, and we should, but until we put our faith and trust in God we never really truly have the security we are seeking.

Being self employed, my income is never guaranteed. Even though I have enough clients to book a full schedule, there are people who don't show up and don't call to let me know, people who can't afford a session and need discounts, and unforseen circumstances such as home repairs that necessitate flexibility and faith. And yet I have worked hard over the years to develop faith and now I know beyond doubt that God will take care of everything I need in a timing that is often better than my own.

You can't develop faith by simply saying, "I have faith." Building faith is like building musle. It is an inner workout that definitely makes outer circumstances run more smoothly. Faith comes by choosing one thought at time. We either indulge fear or profess faith, but we can't do both at the same time. Faith comes when you face your fears and see them for the lies that they are, affirming God's truth. Faith come when you decide you've had enough worry.

So rather than puttting your well being in the hands of economies or political leaders, or circumstances around you, remember, if you rest your faith in God, then nothing external in the world is more powerful.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

No rushing

When I sat to write this message I was in a hurry as usual before work. I wanted to get the newsletter done in the morning so I could rest after work. As I sat to channel the angels' messages I had to laugh. Once again they caught me 'rushing so I could relax.' Its a common problem in our society. We want to get our to do lists done so we can then reward ourselves with a moment or two of relaxation. We work like crazy to take a vacation. We rush and ignore friends and family so we can 'spend more time' with them. And yet the angels constantly remind us, that life occurs now, now, and now again - in each moment.

I've worked very hard to become more present. For years the angels told me to 'slow down' and over time I've realized that they didn't mean that I should get less done, but rather that I should become more present and immersed in the moment. I should slow my FOCUS down and bring my mind back from the future, up from the past and into the moment in which I was living at this time. When I do that, amazingly I get a lot done and I feel less hurried than ever before. When I forget, and focus on the past or the future, I am scattered, accomplished less and feel more tired.

As I write this now I am focusing on every word, not at all worried about clients later today, or stuff I didn't do yesterday. I am all here, all with you. And when I do this I feel the energy of God flowing through me, like a prayer to and for all of you. How beautiful! When I live this way, I feel God's flow through the universe, because I am all here, open to receiving and open to sharing. And suddenly writing the newsletter is not a chore but a blessings, a great joy because I receive as I give. If I focus on 'getting it done' I miss the gift and the blessing it offers.

The same goes for washing the dishes, taking care of the dogs or the kids, the house, the job. We can slow our focus down to be where we are at, with the people in front of us, and suddenly we see clearly, feel God's love and are able to share it in each situation in which we find ourselves. People transform in that light. Difficult souls get kinder or leave when we are focused on truly BEing with them rather than getting away or getting something from them.

Try this week, and I will too, to be fully present as much as possible in each moment. Your body will feel better, your mind will be calmer, and suprisingly, you'll get a lot accomplished as well!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Love includes me and you too!

I love to love. It just feels good. Smiling and saying hi to strangers and watching them light up feels like being a fairy godmother. Being kind to a clerk who just dealt with the cranky person in front of me and watching them breathe a sigh of relief reminds me that we can be angels to one another. Holding the hand of a friend in need or touching my dogs helps me feel the spiritual energies flowing through me. It feels good to be kind to other people. The real journey has been learning to be more and more loving to myself.

Over the years as I moved further out into the public eye I've been given opportunities to love more and more. I've been attacked by skeptics, harranged by zealots, and in very nasty emails told I was mentally unstable, unfit to assist others, not courageous enough to kill myself, filled with egotistical fluff, and the list goes on! I used to respond lovingly and kindly to these attacks which was a huge improvement over the stewing and steaming I would have done in my younger years. It just felt better. I thought I was doing well to respond so kindly, and I was, but the angels suggested there was an even more loving way to handle unkind behavior - ignore it. They told me I was being kind to the unkind which was good but if I were to include myself in this equation, the truth was I didn't want to give other's negativity ANY energy of my own.

So now, when a person says something sarcastic or unkind, I remain silent and turn away. When I receive an angry email, I simply bless the person in prayer and delete it. When something unpleasant must be handled (like a computer problem!) I do it with as much patience and love as possible after praying for God to bless the situation and everyone involved.

Everyone on earth is entitled to their opinions, and as the saying goes, "Life happens," but when we bring love into even the so-called negative situations, whether or not the situation is transformed, we will be transformed by our own love. And that is what our journey is all about :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The little everyday miracles

We look for God's love in the grandiose things in our life, the big relief we get when we solve a problem or work through an issue, the reward we take after working hard, the appreciation of others, and yet the angels have taught me to see God's love in the smallest of ways. A bee buzzing around a flower is a miracule if you consider the delicacy of the wings, the intricate colors, the mechanics of his little legs, and the way he gathers nectar. The flower is a miracle too with its papery petals, and glorious textures. And how about the sun that shines down on both of them? And the rain that waters them? The angels say we take so much for granted, and yet miracles are all around us. Scientists don't even know all the wonders of the human body yet! And yet we walk around in one every day.

Ask and you shall receive we are told. It is true. Every day I wake up and as the angels have instructed me, add to my prayers, "God I am ready to receive your love. Go before me and make my day smooth. Bring me joy and miracles, and wonderful surprises." When I remember that prayer with sincerity the days are full of unexpected surprises if I listen to my heart, rest when needed, and take time to do my work and chores consciously.

Miracles can even be the unexpected answer to a question. I turned the news on the other night and as always it was rather dismal. I prayed for the world, then asked God if it would ever get better. Forgetting the question I went out back to do a little yard work, just in time to see a beautiful rainbow forming in the heavens... God's promise of dry land after Noah's flood - and in modern days, a promise that light is always present in its glorious spectrum, even amidst the storms. I LOVE it when heaven puts on a display like that.

So ask for your miraculous experessions of God's love and expect the unexpected answers. Life can be magical if we honor the little things - not just the answers to our big prayers, but the wonderful ways in which God's love is always present for us to know.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cultivating your dreams

I like to garden. I have a very, very tiny strip of soil on one side of my house. I don't have much time to tend it. Its not an ideal spot regarding light and shade, and the soil had to be augmented with a great deal of sand to avoid flooding when we get our monsoon rains. Nonetheless, things grow there. I don't follow any rules whatsoever, but what I do manage is to listen to my intuition about when to plant, water, weed, and love the tiny plants after I put them in. This spring, even with the arizona soil, I got enough tomatoes to keep me from buying any for months and a few stragglers are still coming in, in spite of the heat. My basil crop promises to provide me with pesto to last the winter months, and an adorable little eggplant is currently forming for my dinging pleasure. I get just enough jalapenos to supply my salsa craving and enough other herbs to make tea and spice up my dinners.

Gardening is a lot like manifestation. When you put a seed in the ground, its like planting your intention. You do it in the dark soil of life. You don't have a clue how your manifestation will grow or when it will pop up to the surface. You water it with love, weed out your beliefs, and wait. If you keep taking God's pulse to see if He heard you its like digging up the seeds to see if they're growing! Doubt delays the process. If you pick the fruits or veggies too soon, its like settling for less than what you want rather than waiting for your manifestation to arrive in its ripe full glory. So gardening, like manifesting, takes just a bit of work, and a lot of patience. The more you water and nourish your veggies, the riper they will grow. The more you water and nourish your dreams with faith, the riper they will grow too. The more you weed the more space the plants have to grow. The more you weed out your negative beliefs, the more ways in which God can make your dreams come true.

So during this time on earth when truly so many feel stuck, plant the seeds of your dreams with intent, water them with faith, weed out the beliefs, and wait for your dreams to come pushing into the light!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Big faith and trust

Hope you are having a fantastic week. After a rather lengthy round of growth I have come back to center and am feeling absolutely blissfully fantastic. In May I asked to be a conduit of love for three million listeners of a radio show I was on. Oprah once said that when she prayed to have more courage and compassion, God gave her opportunities to be that. Likewise, when I prayed to funnel amazing amounts of love to the planet, I was given opportunities! These rounds of growth are not always easy. Over the course of the last two months I've been asked to love a spirit that hated me and beat me up (I got him into the light); to open to greater love (from the whales) than I've ever felt going through my body; to surrender to a higher will and learn more deeply that I am not in control of the fate of any of God's creatures, and to scour out the depths of my spirit and release some pretty deep seated old unconscious beliefs. Needless to say I've been busy in my spare time.

Spiritual growth is not for the faint of heart. When we ask for a direct experience of God's love, we are opening ourselve up first to being cleansed of all our darkness, illusions, fears, angers, etc. A dear soul whom I greatly respect said recently, "Those who dare throw open darkened doorways are rewarded with great light."

We don't always know we've thrown those doorways open. We pray to God to illuminate our lives and bring us greater manifestation. But before we can have these prayers answered whatever lies inside of us that resists or blocks God's love, concsiously or otherwise must be let go. A example would be when someone prayers for money but believes they must burn themselves out to earn it, rather than allowing God to provide a better solution. Yes, you must do what you know to do, but prayer, faith, and allowing God to guide you will put you in partnership with God rather than operating independent of this love.

God's love is constant but our deep seated subconsious beliefs limit how much of it we can experience. We might be put through lessons to develop greater faith in order to have what we want. We might have to get rid of old sadness, anger, wrong thinking, etc. We might have to cultivate patience and trust. Whatever it is inside of us that blocks the flow of God's love will be revealed so we can receive the manifestations we are asking for. I often hear the angels say to people, when you pray for more, trust that EVERYTHING that happens after your prayer is part of the answer to that prayer.

That is some kind of big faith and trust and yet it IS possible. Two weeks ago, in the throes of emotional turmoil and chaos, the observer in me knew that this routing out of the old was necessary to bring even more light into my life and to help me learn to be stable in that new flow. Its easy to wade in a slow flowing stream. Its harder to be stable in a fast current. That is why, as we go farther along our spiritual path, staying in impeccable integrity with our own hearts is required in order to stay in balance. The greater the flow, the greater the effect of each thought, word, and deed.

The spritual path is not for the faint of heart. It is often misunderstood. The peace, love, light, and joy DOES come if you do your homework, but if you ask for more light, there will always be times of digging deeper, looking inside of self and scouring out all that does not believe in the eternity of life, the support of the creator, and the immsense love around us at all times. Letting go of our human illusions of separation is not easy, and yet it is worth every tear shed, every difficult but honest moment of self-reflection, and every tough lesson learned. To help others deal with their own fears, I must embrace my own. To help others surrender to God's plan I must surrender to my own lessons. In order to assist others who are angry, sad, or feeling ashamed, I have had to look at these things without judgment inside of myself. As we release judgment against ourselves, we release others from judgment as well. As we surrender more deeply to what is in front of us and inside of us, we find a greater appreciation of God's plan unfolding in our lives. It is a time on earth for releasing old illusions and accepting greater light. God does not cause pain. Our illusions do. And they can be pretty tough to get past at times, but we can get past them.

The angels remind me that God has a much bigger perspective than any of us do. They once said that we can, at times, be like children screaming because we can't have a cookie, and yet God is like a mother who is busy preparing our favorite meal - an experience that would be ruined if we got our cookie first. We don't always see the good coming after a difficult lesson. We don't always understand the bigger picture of a trial we undergo. And yet if you can trust that when you are ready to learn it, God will reveal it, and trust that all in life is part of the lessons we came to embrace on this school called earth - then, and only then, will peace return quickly, and eventually prevail. When you become serious about manifesting your dreams, you may face some big challenges to get rid of some big blocks to receiving and sharing God's love. But why not? That is, after all, why we are here!

I'm feeling amazing - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually blissful once again. And you will too if you can surrender to what is in front of you, confront your own fears, illusions, sadness, anger, and see them as the lies they truly are. God loves you. That's the truth underlying all our lessons. Receive it, bask in it, and be blessed by it :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Slow down, grow fast

I can vouch for the fact that slowing down helps you grow faster. A few weeks ago after my whale experience I prayed for God to incorporate more of their joy, play, and passion into my life, and prayed for God to remove anything getting in the way of that. I forgot to ask for the growth to be joyful and gentle...oops.

This past weekend I made time in my schedule to 'do nothing' - meaning I had no plans except to sit, read, rest, and contemplate life Saturday morning. I was SO excited, but as often happens when we do something positive, any old patterns inside of us that don't agree come to the surface. And so the first few hours of my weekend off were very blissful but slowly as I started wondering if I shouldn't do something more productive, unbeknownst to me I was damming up a very beautiful flow of energy through my body and my life. As a result my neck slipped off kilter putting me in the most unbelievable pain. This is the same thing that happened to me a few weeks ago. I had a blissful experience with the whales, somehow stopped the incredible flow and my body just hurt! When you ask a river to run through you, its best not to put up the walls of unworthiness!

So there I was in total and complete self pity because I hadn't yet gotten the lesson. I wailed because it hurt so much, crying to the universe that I was JUST starting to do what I wanted with getting more relaxation and now THIS! In total self pity I felt the universe was the one pushing me back everytime I took a step towards relaxation (It has been a pattern!) Of course I knew better, but some tantrum-throwing part of me needed its release first. Then anger came up from within. A mighty rage flew through me as I thought of all the time I spent hurting physically this lifetime. After that ran its course, I realized that some part of ME was angry at ME for putting up with it and creating it by not listening to my spirit. I asked God to get that old anger and old unforgiveness out of me NOW, and all of the sudden my back popped into place, the neck released a bit and I felt better. I realized that deep down within me I had some subconscious old belief that God cared about me spiritual growth but not my happiness as a physical human being. Well as usual when you feel something about God, you can substitute the word "I" and see the truth of it... I was the one who hadn't cared about myself as much at the human level. It wasn't God's fault. I felt better.

The lessons on spirit and flesh were not over yet. The pigeon died this weekend. I had a premonition that he had a destiny for a short life. As I sobbed again, I asked to see his soul, and this white ball of light appeared in front of me and flew straight into my heart where it burst into the most glorious and grateful love. More tears - this time happy ones. The angel that was the little birdie's soul kept coming back to me, this time to nurse ME t hrough my own lessons the next few days. He talked to me about how I had not felt that God cared about my well being in the past and yet look at him - a simple pigeon, considered a vermin by so many, who received so much love in this lifetime. He was mirroring me, and showing me that love and care were always there if you trust God, as all creatures except for mankind, do. He told me that while he knew going out into the yard was a risk of death, it was fun for him, glorious freedom and his life was richer for the experience even if it was shorter. He told me I could stay in my comfort zone constantly working and helping others, or I could take more down time and daydream more about what I wanted in life, not just as a spiritual teacher, but as a human being. He did, while he was alive, begin the process. I sat with him for at least an hour a day at various times, just being silent. I learned to get up earlier and go to bed earlier, something I've not been able to do my entire life. I learned to enjoy simple quiet moments with another being instead of always doing something for them. And while I've done this to a degree for the last many years, this bird really taught me to just 'be' in a deeper way.

I'm embracing more joy as a result. I'm spending a lot less time at the computer which gives me more time to swim and exercise. That makes me feel a LOT better of course. I'm spending time just being instead of running around all the time. I'm able to give more in less time and it feels GOOD. The whale energy is still working with me and I'm waiting to see what comes of being present to such an uplifting and loving consciousness. I'm swimming with them in my sleep feeling their power and grace, and exuberance for life. And my body is feeling a LOT better.

Its amazing what can happen when we sit still! Most of the time we run around fulfilling obligations and such but in our quiet moments God can really work His magic, routing out the old and making room for the new. Growth is not always easy. A the angels were telling a client today, pulling out the roots of old beliefs is hard, and yet... so worth the work! Joy always follows one of these growth episodes - more freedom, and definitely a renewed sense of childlike wonder. As the whales at Sea World teach... Anything is Possible :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mystical experience with the Whales

I am discovering new levels of choice in my life, and new experiences as a result. A dear, dear client gave me airline buddy passes that she couldn't use and two weeks ago the urge to go to Sea World was so strong I called a friend, and rearranged my weekend to fly out to San Diego and honor the urging. As we stood above the whales in between shows, I silently asked the whale if she could merge with my energy. She swam beneath the two of us, turned belly up and began to transmit an energy so breathtakingly blissful and beautiful I can barely put it into words. My friend felt it as well. Energy shot up our spines, adjusted our necks in tandem and as I shut my eyes I was privvy to beautiful visions of what the whales are accomplishing with the work at the park. I melted into oneness and felt such incredible love. A few hours later my body went into such pain I couldn't descsribe that either!! The angels told me I asked for a lot of love to come in and then jammed it up by subconsciously feeling it was too much good for too long. I can't relate with my mind to that but I believe them based on the experience. The angels, through my friend Summer, advised me to imagine breathing through a blowhole on the top of my head. Immediately the pain in my body was gone, I found I had a new motion when I hiked (like a flipper moving in my body!!), and I am breathing better and more deeply than ever before.

The merging experience didn't end there. For a week following the experience I barely felt human. When I was driving, I felt as if I was swimming through the air. I craved fish. I wanted to be swimming in all my spare time. I longed to fly through the air and splash in the water. I even went through a deep and serious craving to quit my entire life as I know it, and start over in order to work with whales - and I mean I LONGED for this, as much as a soul longs for God or a person longs for a long lost love. I even looked into the requirements and figured out that by the time I met the commitments and did the training I could be the first whale trainer to start flying off the whales in my mid fifties. I haven't felt the kind of passion that would turn a life upside down for years - since I first felt Reiki. If I hadn't had my house and dogs, I might have moved already and been enrolled in marine biology classes, and working with a swim trainer. My brain was ticking fast... All I'd have to do is get lasik, overcome my discomfort in cold water, go back to school, move, get in incredible shape, do readings nights and weekends while volunteering with wildlife. It all seemed SO possible. My friends, who are accustomed to my weirdness just waited to see what would come of this.

I know better than to turn my life upside down after an extreme mystical experience. I always wait it out a bit to see what emerges. In time I felt mostly human again and while I long for the feeling of swimming and leaping through the water, and although I know it WOULD be fun to work with whales, I realized I crave the intense and deep experience of oneness, flow, passion, joy, abanadon, and purpose that these magnificent creatures experience as their reality. I thought I had life figured out pretty well - now a whole new window of possibility for joy has been opened up in my awareness.

In the legends it is said that angels from the star system Sirius incarnate in the form of enlightened whales and dolphins to teach us. I can't prove it but I did feel the whales urging us as a human race to BELIEVE that we can be more, that earth can be a paradise again, that if we focus on the good, anything is indeed possible. Merging with them marked a turning point in my inner life. I have known play must be an essential ingredient in my life, now it is not optional. I have known we are always to focus on the solutions we want rather than the problems - now it is easier. I am picturing peace on earth. I am picturing the economy turning around. I feel such JOY in my heart. I feel like their energy has woven into my awareness and has become part of me.

And although I love my work, doing anything day in and day out for thirteen years can become normal. I was praying for renewed inspiration in my life, and it is so much fun to be exploring a whole new world of frequencies in a deeper way than I ever understood it before. I feel like I'm in kindergarten again. I love NOT knowing things, opening up to new experiences, and learning again.

Within two days my entire hard drive on my computer crashed, and had to be wiped and rebuilt - what a metaphor!!! I think my brain's hard drive was erased and rebuilt lately! As the Sea World show Believe says... "There are moments in our lives when we are changed forever - when we stop wondering and start to Believe." This experience has helped me believe how God can create new inspiration and wonder in our lives in just a moment. If you intend, choose, focus, and BELIEVE in God's abundant universe you can indeed tap into any energy you choose. Why not pick the ones you'd love?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

All are in God's hands

I've done a good job at trusting God to take care of me and my needs over the years. He has proved to me time and again that when I need the miracle it arrives, but in spite of thinking I had learned to trust completely God showed me areas where I am still learning to let go of control, and trust that God is in charge.

My lesson the past few weeks has come in the form of a pigeon who was injured in my backyard when the dogs bit him above the tail feathers. I found the poor little guy in my garden bleeding and in shock, so I gently put my hands around him and sent loads of healing energy. At first he was scared but as the heat started to flow, he settled into my hands. We stopped the bleeding and when I gently pulled my hands away to see if he needed to move, he leaned back into them. This little creature was so trusting and I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to take care of him.

I prayed hard asking God what to do since he couldn't fly and needed healing. I clearly heard God say, "Leave him outside for now. I will take care of him. Give him food and water and the rest is up to me." And so I put some food and water out and sent him remote healing and left him alone, aside from little visits where I checked in. I kept praying, "God if I'm hearing you right, let me know. I want to make sure I do the right thing for this little guy." That night I was on a radio show where the host mentioned that people have to trust more. "For example," he said, "Birds trust that they'll get their food. They don't worry." I felt a wave of God's love wash through me, as if to say, "See, you are hearing me correctly."

Later in the week a monsoon storm was predicted and on my busy office day I got the strong sense that I had to find shelter for the little guy. I told God I needed help since I had all of a half hour to spare. I was sent to the thrift store where for $2.99 I found a perfect little one bird hutch that someone else must have made (I wonder if it was sent by my favorite carpenter!). After dinner I was told to prepare a little box with shredded paper at the bottom, and I did so, just in time for the rain to hit hard. I ran out, caught the pigeon and settled him down in the box for the night. It has become our little ritual. I catch him at night, stow him safely in his box in the garage, equipped with food and water, give him a Reiki treatment,and sing to him till he looks relaxed. In the mornings I take him out again, feed him and peek around the corner where he is now strutting and talking to his buddies. He's not flying yet but I have high hopes he will. As this little bird learns to trust me, I am learning to trust even more that God takes care of all of his creatures great and small, and that I am not personally responsible for each one sent my way, but rather simply there to be the hands, the eyes, the mouth, and the human heart through which God's love flows. That is all that is asked of any of us after all.

So if you find yourself worrying about taking care of someone or some other being, just pray. God will guide you and let you know what your role is to be. The rest must be surrendered to the wisdom of the creator. There is great peace in letting go and trusting that all is according to God's plan. As the book I grew up with says: "Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will." Matthew 10:29 ... so true.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Loving an angry spirit

I have worked hard over the course of my life to master my thoughts and I still work at it. Sometimes I feel so strong and loving and feel God's truth flowing through me in ways I never thought I could, and at other times, I have to remember truth, choose it, as surely as if I am a person learning to walk again, choosing each step with deliberation, care, and precision. I did have to learn to walk again in 2004 after an injury and it takes patience, dedication, and a willingness not to give up. Working on your thoughts in difficult circumstances is very similar!

After my run in with the angry spirit, I worked very hard to tap into positive thinking again and loving thoughts. I grew up Catholic and one of the quotes that always sticks in my head is "Love your Enemies." And while, at the soul level, no one is an enemy, at the level of personality there are those who, according to the dictionary match the definition of "enemy" - "one who feels hatred toward, intends injury to, or opposes the interests of another." So, I've worked hard, as I know many of you have to love those who hate me, to love those who hurt me, and to love those who oppose my interests.

I've had to learn a new definition of love than the one I was raised with. Love is not always a warm fuzzy feeling, but as St. Paul said, "Love is patient," and "Love is Kind." When people or spirits come at me, of course I'm human and may have moments of defensive anger, but underneath that is a sadness... "Why can't we all love," and an admission of truth, "I can't control who chooses to be loving and who does not, “and then a deeper truth from the angels,” and that is not your failure to get them to love." Peace comes when we can finally understand that we are angry with others at times because we are frustrated, because we want to love and be loved. We want others to love and when they do not feel loving to us, in the way we expect them to be, we are made. We want them to 'get it' and when we can't make them love us, or receive our love, we get frustrated. Mastery is learning to accept the fact that not everyone will love us, not everyone will receive our love, and if we can truly get that this is not OUR failure, but rather simply the choice another makes, then we can love them, accept their choices, and move on into kinder realities. I used to stay in difficult relationships far past the point of productivity simply because I wanted to 'make' the other one get how much I loved, and therefore love me back. This spirit that attacked me wanted to 'make' me get how hurt he was when I left him behind in a past life. Yet underneath all of this nonsense, is LOVE!

A higher and more evolved version of love is to accept our own desires to love and be loved at deeper and kinder levels, and at the same time let every other human being in our lives decide for themselves how much love they will accept and how much they will give. I've done well with humans - I'm learning to deal with spirits more, and its an ongoing lesson to allow others to be themselves, while at the same time, allowing me to be me. Love is much more easy when we accept people as they are (or spirits in my case!). It’s nearly impossible when we want someone else to change.

So this past week, I sent this angry spirit tons of love. I told him I understood his pain and wished peace for him but if he didn't want peace, yet he had to leave my space completely because I do want peace, and nothing less than that. I was firm, not at all guilty or fearful, and kind. I stopped focusing on being a victim and tapped in once again to God’s grace. INSTANTLY, my life started becoming magical again. I had a wonderful time with friends last weekend, my life got organized, caught up with office work, and I felt my heart again.

Choosing love isn’t always easy, but don't give up. It is infinitely rewarding. It doesn't make you a doormat, or 'weak'. It doesn't mean you put up with bad behaviors, because you have to choose to include yourself too. It simply means you find the positive in the negative, learn to allow others to be who they are, and honor your own needs and desires as well. This takes creativity, prayer, and deliberation, but just like learning to walk again, with each step you gain strength, and it becomes easier and easier to do :)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

A new kind of freedom

The angels have been imploring people lately to watch their thoughts. The energy is so strong, that when we align with faith, trust, and honor our hearts, miracles are happening. When we fall into gulit, shame, fear, and victimization, its not so fun.

I was in a hugely positive space until I underwent my toughest spiritual challenge to date. After my Coast to Coast interview and hundreds of emails, I got a letter in the mail. Something felt weird about it. I hadn't given my address to the person who wrote me and I felt a little creepy about that. I didn't feel like even opening it. But I felt a tinge of guilt since I am so committed to helping all who come my way when I have the ability and energy to do it and so I opened the letter. I stuck my toe into a stream of guilt, and got sucked into a current of negativity.

In that moment, I got attacked by a spirit so violently I have never seen the likes of it. I got punched in the stomach so hard lost my breath. This thing jumped in me, started choking me from the inside out and I began to gag and cough. It got pretty unpleasant. With great resolve, I cast it out. It left me alone when I was with clients or on the radio, but every night for weeks this angry spirit came back again, causing me a great deal of physical discomfort. My body just hurt. I finally talked to the angels through my friend Summer Bacon because I could not get perspective on my own. The angels told me that this soul was a man from a past life who once loved me. I had apparently turned away from him and not given him his goodbye hug and he let his anger turn to rage and his rage turn into a desire to kill me. The angels escorted him out of me and I got to talk to him through Summer who channeled him for me. After screaming at me and telling me how much he hated me, he finally broke down and sounded like a little boy. "You didn't hug me," he said. "Well let me come on over and do it now, if you'll agree to leave me alone," I said. I flew to him in spirit and hugged him and sent him tons of love, whereby he apologized and left me at long last. The angels have always said that demons are like hurt little children. I saw it first-hand. I think we both healed.

Nonetheless, although I was fine for a few days, my mind couldn't leave it alone. I started fuming. I couldn't shake my feelings of anger and victimization. I felt victimized, unproteced, and seething mad that God allowed for this. I fumed at God, fumed at the angels, fumed at this spirit. POOR me. How DARE this soul from hundreds of years ago attack me. I'm this little 5'3" tall woman and this big male spirit socked me. Its one thing to know the concepts about why God allows pain but when I was the one getting hit and choked, I wanted answers.

And the answers came back - The angels said that of course, I had never caused this spirit's actions, nor had I deserved them, but that I had carried guilt in my heart about turning people away even when I knew it was the right thing to do. And my guilt acted like a magnet for this soul's anger - kind of like a lock and key fit each other perfectly. Martyrdom opens you up to sociopaths. Guilt and shame open one up to anger and abuse. We live in a world of polarities where certain vibrations fit into one another like a hand and glove. As much as I hated to admit it, I knew the angels were right. I've never quite felt safe turning people away because I've had a lot of people who I've kindly and lovingly turned away, attack me with their angry words and energy. "Its time you let go of the fear and find greater faith in God Ann," they told me.

For several days I strove to embrace my role in allowing this. I kept trying to own my part in it, and yet the anger kept coming up again and again. I would choose a good thought and a negative one would try to reassert itself. One night when I was particularly exhausted from my mental weight lifting exercises I just collapsed and cried like a baby. "God heal my heart. Heal my head. Take away my anger. Take away my victimization. Let me forgive this spirit now...please." And then from the depths of my heart of hearts came a cry... "I want kindness. I want a hug... I want a hug." The angels came in droves, hugging me and holding me, and sending me so much love that in that instant my heart melted and I felt God's love again. In that moment I was able to see my part in it, to own it, and to release it. In that moment I understood that I loved this soul but just didn't want to be around him due to bad behavior. In that moment I felt how deeply God cares no matter what I experience. It was one of those life altering ah ha's... Yes God loves me in spite of my upset. Yes I am safe. Yes I used to be willing to be kicked and punched if it would help another work out their own feelings and heal... but not any longer. And the anger is gone completely.

There are times when, in spite of your best intentions, fear, anger, or other negativity seems to grip you. We have to do our part by constantly choosing better thoughts but we can also pray for the help from the depths of innocence within us, and then, be willing, like a child, to put aside doubt and mistrust and receive the love that comes.

We are on earth. It is a school. It is not always easy. My adventures are admittedly, much weirder than most (job hazard!). We all have our trials and we all have our tough classes, and yet God is always with us, encouraging us to love ourselves more so we can feel more of His love. The angels remind me frequently that as we learn to love and care for ourselves we can believe in and experience God's love and care in ever-expanding ways. As we pray for our fears to be removed, we make space to trust and experience more love.

So let's celebrate a new kind of independence - freedom from negativity so we can really receive the embrace of the love all around us :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Making room for magic

I loved this week's angel message! They kept showing me pictures as I channeled of the light in our hearts trying to inch its way to the surface of our skins and our lives through all these clouds of disbelief. The angels have asked us to watch our words and our thoughts lately, to be very clear that God is with us and to trust in that more than we ever have before. I continue to receive hundreds of emails from people feeling like they want more but don't know what to do next, people with anxiousness and weird physical feelings and people that feel stuck. It seems to be going around! Yet I know movement is coming for all of us, so we may as well do what they suggest, which is rest up, go within, and trust that God really does care about your needs.

If you want to know what God wants you to do, sit still, breathe deeply, and check in with your own heart... "What do you want me to do now, at this minute, God?” I ask this all the time. And the answer might be a growl in my stomach, which says, eat dinner, a heaviness in the eyelids that says sleep, the desire for support that has me reach out to a friend, or an urge to sit and write one good sentence for a future book. The desire might be to put aside a project I've been struggling with, or to sit quietly, have a good cry and ask the angels for comfort. Whatever small urges arise within my heart, I ask for them to be satisfied and I take the actions I know to take. I know God will give me the next step.

I had a nice long hike with a friend on Saturday. It was like life. We set out with a general idea of our destination but allowed room for spontaneity. As a result, we hiked leisurely and yet covered seven miles. We started out late because we stopped first for lunch, but as 'luck' would have it, if we had arrived earlier, there would have been no parking. Instead, we pulled right into a front row spot. We rested in the creek for a long time, walked slowly in the water, decided to turn back and then changed our minds and went further. We were truly in the moment. That is where the magic happens, not only on nice long walks in nature, but in life itself. If you push yourself, force yourself to make decisions before you feel completely ready, or force life to fit what you want in that moment, it leads to no good. If instead, you know somewhat where you want to go (joy, abundance, love, expression, etc) and you just begin with one step at a time, life has a way of working with you.

Patience is required because you may not get what you want when you want it, but when you do, it'll be better. Faith is required because God doesn't always offer proof that he's working in your life. Surrender is required, because there will be times when in spite of your best efforts, nothing seems to be changing. You may have to wait, or go through a circumstance that doesn't look like you thought it would. However, if you truly place your faith in God and take one step at time, guided by the heart, you'll have miracles that will appear in your life. The angels often say you can do things according to the way of the world (plan, struggle, effort), or you can do things God's way, in God's time, with faith in God. The second one is harder in our own minds, but easier in reality... and a whole lot more fun.

Make room for a little magic. Practice with small stuff. Ask God for something small that you want and trust every movement of your heart and see what happens. You'll develop more faith along the way. This week it was a long leisurely hike in a shorter amount of time than usual for me. And my spirit is full and I am able to serve more because I listened to my longing without giving up on it. Don't give up on your dreams. Just be a little patient as they are brewing.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Surrender to self, surrender to God

I tried to force the newsletter to come early, but the angels wouldn't budge as I stayed up late trying to hear them earlier in the week. So when I got to Thursday night, and nothing was coming, I surrendered to what I really wanted to do. I ate a leisurely dinner, baked a dish I'd been wanting to try, and then sat with a half glass of wine and watched the news, then finished off the evening by talking to some friends. Bingo - all of the sudden the angels were there and their message spilled onto the page. I am constantly reminded that God wants us all to honor our hearts - in all things, big and small. The angels want me to include myself in their directives to rest and relax more, and to refill my own cup so I can spill God's love over to the world.

I have never ever received so many correspondences from people feeling exhausted, purposeless, directionless, and unable to think clearly. Not everyone is in that space, but SO many are. The angels say that earth is readying itself for more change and that we are feeling that tension that builds up before changes. We are not really stuck, but so many feel that way. I think many people are feeling like a woman who is seven month's pregnant - change is coming but there's nothing we can do to rush the energy to move. All things in God's time. The angels said we must stand in truth. I know from years of experience that my security rests in God, because without faith in that, I'd have a mess in my life. He always comes through. When I have a bill, I give it to God. When I have a problem, I give it to God. When I have a concern, I give it to God. And I know that He hears me and answers, if only I believe without doubt that he will. And when I doubt, I am getting in God's way. I'm still working on that at times... we all are.

God is not only loving creator but the all-that-is. He has access to all of creation. When something seems impossible for me, it is merely because I have tunnel vision. He knows 6.4 billion people, and all possible interactions between them. He knows all opportunities, and He also knows the deepest recesses of our individual hearts as well because He is all that. As we continue to surrender our cares, and act as guided, life flows.

You wouldn't think guidance would involve wanting something as simple as eating a meal, baking a dish, and chatting on the phone with friends, but it DOES. God wants first to help you feel filled and happy so that you can share this with others. Guidance is as simple as going to bed early, or getting out of bed at 3am when you wake up to journal a bit. Guidance is calling someone who pops in your mind, or checking out an opportunity that attracts you. Guidance is simple and easy because you will know that what you are guided to do feels right, attractive, or inspiring. Chopping potatoes inspired me. I needed to be human after a day of helping people through their lives. I needed to feel like an earthy simple female instead of a spiritual leader. As the Buddhists say, chop wood, carry water, get enlightened, chop wood, carry water. Simple guidance leads to profound changes. I can write now. And I feel the energy flowing out of me to all of you as I write. Earlier I was empty. Now I am full.

Try to listen to the simplest urges of your heart rather than what you think you should or must do at all hours of night and day. True, many of us have to work to earn a living but even that is honoring your desire to pay bills. True, you may have family to attend to that is not always easy but deeply you desire to be a loving and caring soul even when others aren't. Its not easy, but it feels better when we can achieve that mindset. I work at it constantly. Being human, in a changing world, it doesn't always come easily but the more you exercise the mental muscle of faith and the emotional muscle of surrender, the more easily they support you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Deeper levels of integrity

It seems to have been a wild week in the global energy field. The angels said there were forces clashing on the planet and within us - desire for change and resistance of change, and they were talking more about undercurrents in the energy that out pictured in various ways. The tornadoes were a clashing of weather fronts. The flooding represents the torrents of emotions being washed up from the depths, and the earth continues to shake and quake in various locations. It is not a time for fear they say, but rather a time to be still and rest.

Rest - that word is one I used to be afraid of but not have come to love. In my earlier days, I could not sit still. And so after saying I needed to rest the last two weeks (but not doing it) my body decided it was mandatory. Saturday I woke up out of the blue fighting a case of laryngitis. Not cool. I had two radio shows scheduled Sunday and Monday and was looking forward to them. Moreover, I had a to do list that was a mile long. Nonetheless, when my body speaks, I listen because I know it wouldn't be acting up if I had listened earlier. So, I ditched the to-do list, meditated, and got the hint to go get ginger and make ginger tea. As I was driving to the store, a car with the license plate GINGER pulled in front of me! The tea worked, as did copious amounts of sleep, Reiki, and prayers from friends, and I was better quickly, with a voice intact. I had to go inside and really examine why of all things I created laryngitis because there were many ways the body could insist on rest. It wasn't rocket science - I've been speaking up a lot more lately and more strongly and that has opened me up to both praise and some incredibly nasty criticism. My skin isn't totally thick yet and it still hurts when someone lambastes me as a result of their own pain. And so, some part of me that wanted to shy away from such public exposure almost shut down my voice! Thankfully the angels talked sense into me :)

Integrity happens on so many levels. There is the obvious level - being truthful with others. Two plumbers did hard labor in my yard for an entire day in the heat last month and the bill was steep and therefore ended up on my charge card. However, when the MasterCard statement arrived I was undercharged by $1000. Integrity demanded that I call the plumbing company, point out their error, and pay the balance. If I had not done so, my bank account would have been better off, but I would have been putting my faith in lack instead of God's economy and ability to pay my bills. As is, the split bill gave me a little more time to pay it off, so the universe still gave me a gift. I treat others the way I would like to be treated.

Then there is the integrity of the heart that involves being truthful with yourself. I'm usually good at this one, but I do slip up from time to time. When your heart demands something and you listen, you are in integrity. I was out of integrity by not resting when I knew my body needed rest. I would have been out of integrity with my soul if I let fear of attack keep me from speaking in public. If we are honest with ourselves and take actions consistent with our hearts, life is magical. As soon as I got back on track, life started working wonderfully well again. I reached out to friends and risked 'bothering' them because I wanted some support. I got my ginger tea. I dropped all the chores and did Reiki on myself. And magically what could have turned into a nasty cold that lingered for weeks was gone, and I got my rest.

Watch yourself closely this week and strive to be in integrity - by simply being honest with others and with yourself. And watch how much easier life flows!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tend to the garden of your life

I had an amazing experience last Monday. I was asked to be included in an upcomging film entitled, "Gifted Children of the World." My heart sang with this because I adore the children coming into the world. They are amazing angels bringing hope, inspiration, and wisdom, and they teach us who we are capable of becoming. I've had the privilege of seeing many of them and their parents over the years and I love to do what little I can to help them blossom. Filming was funny because the angels took over and tied my tongue whenever I tried to speak on my own! At one point I just surrendered, the words poured through me and I watched the entire room fill with white light and the faces of the people around me turn to pure gold light. It was like stepping into the heavenly dimensions temporarily and I was filled with great passion and joy.

I had the privilege of watching the next segments of filming in which Shannon Lee Simpson was interviewed. She is a child and family counselor whose life changed when she met Pablo. Pablo is now a thirteen year old boy who was originally diagnosed with all sorts of mental disorders and drugged. Shannon diagnosed him with seeing spirits and helped him learn how to dialogue with them. The purity and beauty of this gentle boy was beyond words. He talks to spirits who teach him how they fold the fabric of space and time, teach him how to be centered in his heart, and talk about chakras now. His 'issues' are gone. And in a very touching moment he told us about his encounters with Archangel Gabriel. I was humbled and awed by his grace, and by his family's commitment to understand and support him. His mother is now writing a book about his journey. Shannon is working on a book to help parents discern if their kids are intuitive and how to assist them. And the angels started dumping another book through me the same night. I couldn't stop the flow.

I've been resting for months, other than radio shows and hundreds of emails, dinking away on nearly ten books I've started but not finished but the fire has been lit in my soul and I now have direction again. There have been many times in my life when I've been without direction. There have been many times in the past that I've struggled to find it, but over the years the angels have taught me to do what I know to do, then rest, wait, and trust when I didn't know what to do next. And then it never fails! Inspiration comes when you least expect it. Purposes get clarified in a moment. You get awakened out of bed to jot down an idea and it changes your life.

I think of our growth like tending to a garden. You stir up the soil of your old entrenched belief. You weed out the ones that don't work for you and inhibit your joy. You wait while the seeds that God planted in your heart begin to grow and then you tend to them and enjoy the harvest.

So if you are in a phase in life where you don't know what to do next, do what little you do know and wait for further instructions from God - because when God and the angels want you to know something they will not quit until you get the message. You won't miss God's direction in your life. Its not subtle when He's ready to talk!

Have a blessed week, filled with rest until it is time to create movement,

For those of you who are interested Shannon's website will be available soon:Intuitive Kids.

Pablo's site is Strength by Love if you'd like to learn more about this remarkable young man.