Friday, August 24, 2007

Listen to your body

That isn't what I expected the angels to talk about today, but quite frequently the angels surprise me with the topic that starts coming through as I sit to write the newsletter.

Still the importance of paying attention to our bodies has been stressed to me time and again. When I do this, I am healthy, more balanced, calmer, and able to hear the angels for myself far more easily. "You have to have a foundation before you decorate a house," the angels often say, referring to the need for us to take care of our bodies before worrrying about fixing the imbalances in our lives, without first becoming balanced inside of ourselves.

I did pretty well in this department this week. I got up and exercised because my body wanted movement. I ate what I was craving all week which included everything from beans and veggies to chocolate chip cookies and milk. I used a lower level SPF than my brain thought I needed because that's what I kept feeling was right, and I did not burn in the sun. I took a nap during my computer time and got a lot more done than I was anticipating afterwards. I could have gotten more sleep however... and even this slight oversight made me react to people in my life with a bit more information than was necessary at times.

Being "in the body" as opposed to just living "in your mind" requires extra attention, but to me, this is the journey we have on this earth - to bring our spirit into every situation - both emotional and physical - and to fill it with God's love. I'm not perfect at self care yet, but doing better every day.

This week try to listen to your body. If you have a craving, ask if its coming from your body or your emotions and trust the answer. If its emotional, ask yourself what else you can do to comfort yourself. Ask your body to let you know when it requires time for a nap or for bed. It will. Ask your body to tell you if it needs any movement and pay attention to the urges to move within your own muscles. Living this way takes work, and attention, but we'd all be a lot more balanced and energized if we could do it all the time.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kindness in the face of hatred

This was a week when I was challenged to be kind in the face of some serious hatred, unkindness, and anger. A friend of mine was verbally attacked on a forum that debunks bad psychics. The mean spirited nature of the postings really upset me. The tone was angry and the name calling was hurtful. I wish I could say my first response was wholly loving but I could have been kinder too.

I prayed to understand what was underneath their mean spiritedness, and the upset began to melt as I saw the the souls involved. In their own way, these people were trying to do good in the world. In all likelihood they've known people who have been abused by bad psychics of frauds and want to protect others from the same. I can't say I blame them. Some of my clients have been sucked in by the worst of predators claiming to be psychic. I could see where this crowd was coming from. I just wished they hadn't been so hateful.

At the risk of being bashed myself, I owned who I was and shared both my name and some personal emails with the gentleman who owns the forum. I truly wanted to understand his perspectives. I felt a desparation in him that almost made me cry with compassion. He wants to believe in something more, but life keeps showing him the darker side. And God knows, that does exist.

After a few emails we started treating each other with more kindness, and while we likely will never agree on everything I hope he understands my heart a little bit more and I feel I understand his more too. He said one thing to me that spoke volumes. He said, "I am not a monster" and I got off the email and cried, because we do turn each other into monsters when fight and argue and I knew he was just another human being doing his best and trying to help the world in the way he felt called to do it. Its not my way but who am I to judge?

The original anger that arose in me, I realized, was really deep sadness and frustration that I can't prove or force God's love that I feel so much in my own heart, on a daily basis, on the hurting souls in this world. The anger in him seemed to be a frustration that no one could prove God or the afterlife to him. I realized in that moment we were flip sides of one coin, each seeking truth in our own very different ways.

I can honestly say after that dialogue I saw all there is to love in his soul and can honor him for his underlying motivations however they came across. After all I am not perfect either.

Our only real power is the power to love. Its not easy these days with the world in chaos, but if we CAN find the love inside ourselves even when others are not loving, if we can find compassion for others rather than taking their angry words personally and lashing back, if we can stop the arguments, and let go even when others won't, then we will have achieved a rare and beautiful level of mastery on this planet.

This does not mean you put up with or stick around abuse. It just means you choose to love the soul while choosing to turn away from hurtful behavior and create healthy boundaries.

There is too much terrorism in the world already in the form of the verbal and physical attacks - whether the hatred is aimed at oneself or another. Somewhere it has to stop. It has to stop with us. This week it stopped with me. Compassionate understanding erases pain. Choosing to love erases the ego's need to hurt back.

Try to choose love just a little bit more every day. The world is very much in need of our peaceful hearts.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Thoughts!

What a wild week! With my crazy job I get subject to a few things in a rather extreme way...

I no sooner declared freedom over old fears when all the energies and entities that used to like hanging around me when I had them, literally started a tantrum.... meaning thoughts that were not mine were popping in my head all week. I felt as if the devil was on my shoulder whispering horrid things in an attempt to make me belivee them. "That CD is so basic, why are you bothering?" "Was that twinge a heart murmer?" "My you look fat today." "Your body will never feel normal with your job." ... etc.

It was driving me nuts because I KNOW those aren't my truths nor even my thoughts. You know the difference because you believe your own stuff - these were things I didn't even believe. SO, I put my foot down. Every time one popped in my head I counteracted it with something positive. The negativity got stronger. I decided to immerse myself in LOVE and end this once and for all :)

The movie "Hook" popped in my head. In the movie, Peter Pan has grown up. Captain Hook has stolen his kids and he has to go back to Never Never Land to rescue them. He can't even remember to fly until he finds his HAPPY THOUGHT. So I decided to find my Happy Thoughts!

I sat on my couch and thought of every joyful experience I could remember in half an hour since the age of three. And guess what! The dense energies scattered like bugs running from the light. My mood returned to my joyful self. My body felt unwound, and my day started to flow magically as my days do when I am in truth and gratitude.

It seems the creepy crawlie energies are acting up as of late. My clients have been noticing it too. There is HUGE light coming into the planet now and that tends to flush out everything - everything is coming to the surface. And when you bring the light in a dark room, you may just see the things lurking in the corners!

I plan to make a "HAPPY THOUGHT" journal to turn to in just these times! I'm going to get a blank book, dig out my colored pens, and write randomly happy memories, paste in happy pictures, include happy quotes, and bright cheerful pictures. That way, when those old creepy crawly energies come around I'll just flip open the pages and immerse myself in joy.

Truth Rocks!
Love you all,

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Life is just life

Some weeks I scrounge around my mind looking for things to share and other weeks may as well be lifetimes considering the amount of spiritual growth! This was one of them. I'm in awe.

It started off with yet another home repair! I had just gotten finances back on track when the pool pump blew to the tune of $450. For just a second I felt like the universe was kicking me, but I wouldn't let that nasty thought live in my mind. I kicked it out, and went into deep meditation to see how I have created this barrage of home repairs.

The angels answered quickly, " Didn't you intend to declutter, finish all unfinished projects, handle anything around the house that had been put off, and clean up your life to make complete room, and time, for focusing on your bigger priorities??"

There was a pause and then I started nearly rolling with laughter. I DID intend that! I remember declaring that intent unto the heavens! And oh God is good! The repairs were going to happen anyway in this house that is aging a little and they just all went at once. The financial dip in my life put me in a mode where I would not allow myself to spend on anything except pure essentials - food, bills, repairs. That forced me to be more creative, gave me less opportunity to distract myself, and got me more focused on projects I've been wanting to achieve. The so-called "lack" forced me to see the REAL abundance in my life.

I felt the power of God run through me and I told Satan to pack his little bags and run fast because I was not ABOUT to give into feelings of lack now or ever. I started praising God for my abundance - the nice home, the dear friends, the faith, the angels, the good food, you name it. And the little energies that were trying to make me feel "behind" left immediately. Two angels within two days sent me two checks that pushed my finances back on track.

Every time I write about the human trials in my life there are people who think something is wrong, but if I have a point to make here - life is just life and nothing is wrong! Some things are more fun. Somethings are hard as anything, when you resist them and give your power to them... but when you turn back to faith, back to God, back to gratitude, it all turns around in miraculous fashion. God is my source. Always and forever. Money will come and go. This life and all the stuff in it will come and go. My challenges will come and go. But God remains. My heart remains. And this joy that I feel now by learning not to give my power over to human challenges is deep and real.